THANTOPHOBIA (n.) The phobia of losing someone you love....................

A Michael Clifford fanfic.


4. day 50

Diana's Po

"Bye dad by guys" i said crying and giving them all hugs. Today is the day i leave to my  moms and her husband to america! School is over so i'm going for the summer  i woke up from my comma, about about 2 weeks ago and met my mom! It was sad but i noticed how much she loved me and wanted to make up for it so now i'm going to california and i got an iphone 6s. I was kinda scared because i don't know anybody there  but my mom says she has a step daughter my age so `we should get along.  My dad dropped me off at the airport and hen i got on i met this boy he looked familiar but i couldn't ask him if he knew me that would be weird. I guess he noticed me staring and sat next to me and said "hi my names Ashton Irwin" 

"HI my names Diana".

"so why are you going to california"? he asked.

"oh because i'm living with my mom for summer what about you"?

"oh i'm going to see my friend while i'm  on break" he said.

"oh cool" i said.

"ya so want to be my friend"? said ashton

Wow this guy gets straight to the point.

"sure why not" i said 

He gave me the goofiest smile. 

"wait how old are you" i asked because i noticed some of his tattoos.

"oh i'm 20 how about you"?

"im 17" i said.

"you know i think i know someone that would like you " he said.

"oh really who"?

"his name is Michael he's eighteen but you two would be cute"he said. '


"i love you diana you're the best" 

"I love you too Michael".

"Hey diana promise me something"?

"okay what is is"?i said.

"That you'll never forget about me"! 

"I promise but you have to promise you'll never forget about me"

"I promise Diana"

Flashback over'


Diana are you okay? Ashton asked 

"oh yeah i was just thinking about someone"  i said.

"who" he asked.

"His name was Michael Clifford" i said.

Ashtons Pov (oh snap)

I saw this really cute girl on the plane and my seat was next to hers so i decided to talk to her,I don't think she knows who i am because she hasn't asked for a picture or an autograph, but she looks really familiar she kinda reminds me of michael i don't know why. 

She looked sad when i said she would be cute with Michael it was like she knew him.

Diana are you okay?i asked 

"oh yeah i was just thinking about someone"  she said.

"who" he asked.

"His name was Michael Clifford" i said.

so she knew him.

"what happened"?

"He said he'd never leave me but he did and he was my only friend in school and he was my best friend he helped me through a lot of things then once he became famous with his band he didn't answer any of my texts,calls or facetimes,I went to the hospital  and was in a comma for like 4 weeks and he forwarded all my family's calls even his moms, so i hate him and when you said his name i had a flashback" she said.

Omg michael talked about her and he was always sad but now he's a douche to girls and he uses them, i can't tell her i know him though, she won't talk to me anymore. 

"hello passengers we have landed please grab your luggage and you  can get off"

"well i guess this is it bye ashton" she said with a sad face.

"wait can i have your phone number"i asked?

"sure" she said.

with that she gave me her phone i typed it in and i messed myself so i had hers.

"we should hangout soon diana"i said 

she just nodded and waved goodbye.


I had to change the ages to match the story sorry. i know how old they are but i had to make them younger. 

Ashton tattoos btw






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