A rant a day

Okay so everyday I come up with these rants, so now I'm putting them public.


8. Shut up please

Hi guys in sorry its been so long since I've done one of these rants.... It's just my baby cousin has been sick and there is a huge possibility that she has cancer. So yeah on a brighter note..... The topic today is annoying testers. Aka me!


The main annoying texter is the one.

That can't say everything.

In one message.

They send like fourty.

To say maybe two sentences.

You know who I'm talking about.

Then there's that one person who always asks you what ttyl and brb and stuff like that means. Like can you please google it? Ok so yea I sound like a bitch but come on. It's not that hard.

Then there's like that older person, maybe your mom, your grandfather,or even that creepy uncle. They want you to explain to them how to text OVER TEXT. Like how the fuck am i supposed to do that. Such a struggle.

And finally the person who laughs at Every. SINGLE. Autocorrect mistake ever made. Or even correct you and expect you to thank them and worship the ground they walk on.


God I love texting lol.

Hope to see you soon.




the whole nine yards.

and I you have something that you want to see in my rants just pop it in the comments.

Baby I'm BACK!!!

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