A rant a day

Okay so everyday I come up with these rants, so now I'm putting them public.


2. Queen Bees

This is rant numero dos.

It will be about *Drum Roll*


Yes yes I know I know. I shouldn't be so rude, I can't help it....

Well here we go.......



A girl walks down the hallway with a new brand black miniskirt.

"Hey Girl, I LOVE your skirt...," Queen Bee says, girl walks away.

"She is such a whore!" Queen Bee says.
Same girl walks down the hallway.

"Hey best friend!" Queen Bee says' girl walks away.

"I hate her so much" Queen Bee says.
Girl Again walks down the hallway.

"Hey, you are amazing!" Queen Bee says, girl walks away.

"I have never seen anyone more annoying than her." Queen Bee says.
The girl knows what Queen Bee has been saying.

She had set up a camera and recorded everything Queen Bee said about her when she wasn't there.

She posted the videos everywhere, showing everyone, including college boards, how much of a fake bitch Queen Bee was.
I wish that this would really happen to all of those Queen Bees out there.

Comment what you want the next rant to be.

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