A rant a day

Okay so everyday I come up with these rants, so now I'm putting them public.


7. Liars

    Today's topic is Liars. This one I kinda came up with on my own. And for those of you who read this, I am so sorry for not updating. I had a lot of trouble with friends and stuff. 

    Here you go...
    Again sorry...

    Liars, I cannot stand them. But at the same time it's funny to see how they respond when you point out a hole in their story. 

    Have you ever had that friend who lies all the time, and you know that they lie all the time. But the real sinker is that they know you know they are lying. And they keep lying anyway. At that point you would think that they would stop lying. But know, they go deeper and deeper into the lie. 

    I mean, I know that's it's a lie. You can stop now. Then they continue, and you can't help but think that they are hilarious when they can't figure out how the lie started.

    "I'm sorry, I meant to show up, but my dog died."

    Two days later:

    "Oh this dog? Naaaaa she isn't mine. She's ugh, she's this stray I found. I'm taking her to a shelter."

    One week later:

    "No this isn't a stray, she's my dog!..... What do you mean I said tha- Oh THAT stray, yeah that's her. Hahaha."

    One Month Later:

    "My dog never died..... Oh shit..... Your party..... See what had happened was.....-"

    Budum bum, That's all folks. (Porky the Pig reference lol.)

    Hope you liked it. I might do a continuation of it for tomorrow's. So yeah thank you for reading. 





    The usual


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