A rant a day

Okay so everyday I come up with these rants, so now I'm putting them public.


4. Crappy Teachers

This edition is about shitty teachers..... 



Teachers are already one of the the worst people, but when you add in the fact that they can't even teach you anything- that makes shit hella bad.

For instance my Geometry teacher... Well she don't know what the fuck she's doing.

She can't even turn on her computer with out a student helping her.

Instead of teaching us the material or giving us directions, she talks with either student or other teachers. She once had a conversation with a group of students about chairs for twenty minutes. 

Then there are teachers who gives you assignments that they don't tell you about. Then when you don't "turn them in", they give you a failing grade. Then they don't update the grades until the last possible moment.

I hate it when teacher don't teach you the material. They just give you like seven tests and you have to go through your book and find the answers, and BOOM you're supposed to be ready for the exam.

My least favorite teacher is the one that gives you the same thing to do over and over and over again, because they are too lazy to make more lesson plans.


And that is it for the shitty teachers!





The usual!

Love you



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