A rant a day

Okay so everyday I come up with these rants, so now I'm putting them public.


3. Bullies

As so kindly did @Loyalty To The Night offered a suggestion, I will do today's rant about BULLIES.


Every one has that one person at their school that it is hilarious to pick on the weak. 

I was walking to an elementary school to pick up my little sister and I see the worst thing possible. A fourth grader was making fun of a first grader for wearing a Walmart brand T-shirt. I was so ashamed of humanity!

Sure everyone throws around a few things here and there, but if you know you hurt someone you fucking fix it!

Bullies are people who are to scared to look at themselves. They focus everything on everyone else to try to make themselves feel better. They are these creatures that have devolved from the human species back to the freaking homosapians 



Lexi here! Comment below tell me how you like it!





The usual!

If you have a rant that you want to see happen put it in The comments

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