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3. Satanic swings

"I seriously love her," Tate stated to someone else in the room. He thinks I'm still sleeping but I woke up when I heard someone attempt to close the door quietly."She is a cutie, I'm mean Ta what if she was the one, you know the Mrs.Tate Langdon," a recognizable voice stated, it was Jack one of Tate's closest mates."She could be man, I would put a ring on it," Tate responded giggling. I squirmed and the room became silent. I felt a pair of soft lips leave a peck on my forehead before Tate stated," I love you, so much you'll never understand. I let a smile creep up on my face along with fluttering my eyes open for effect."I'm sure I can, I love you," I said with a blush appearing I'm sure."How much did you hear?" He said with an embarrassed look plastered on his face."Enough to know, you want to marry me," I said feeling confident and smirking."Oh well, now you know my secret," he pauses scratching the back of his neck and erupting in blush,"It's fine if you don't feel the same way or want to leave-" I cut him off."That's why I came here yesterday," I admitted."You came here to tell me you wanted to leave?," he asked smirking."Fuck off," I hissed. "I'd rather fuck on I never did yesterday," he ó matter a fact-ly stated. He leaned in to start sucking on my neck, but I lightly stopped his body with my palm."Oh, no no honey this conversation is not over," I said giggling over my begging choice of words."I love you and I love fucking you. I can also admit I want to date you and you want to date me too so? Be my sex slave. Joking. Joking. Or not but be my boo or whatever people call beautiful girlfriends at the moment?" He asked with nervous eyes. I then made a choice, I will not regret. I leaped into his arms and slammed my lips onto his, letting out moans only loud enough for him. We heard a loud throat being cleared from behind and both to see jack, who we completely forgot was there and a new visitor. Stan aka the devil aka Tate's father, he was smiling foolishly."Finally, protection kids, protection. C'mon jack," he reminded leading jack out of the room closing the door behind them both. Stan already knew we had in appropriate fun occasionally. With the snap of Tate's fingers we were both naked and ready to pounce. I grabbed condom from his nightstand and brought it over to his hard member. As I rolled it on he stared down at me biting his lip with bright blue eyes."Your eyes. They did it again," I stated with a surprised expression on my face."Doesn't matter," he said coldly. His dark facial expression scared me but I got more frightened when his eyes became red and he through me back on his bed making me hit my head on the wall. I felt heat rushing to the back of my head and felt for injury which I found, a bleeding wound caused by the love of my life Satan. I look up to see a pair of red eyes and a smirk but his facial expression drooping to become scared and disgust. He pointed to the door and yelled, "LEAVE, ITS NOT SAFE!" When I put my clothes on I stood outside the door listening to his muffled cries. I leaned my back against the door and became confused and sad, I began crying and slid down the door holding my knees as tight as a child holding their stuffed teddy bear. After awhile Tate opened the door and looked down with a huff he scooped me up in his arms and carried me to the bathroom. When we reached the bathroom he sat me on the toilet and fetched the first aid kit. After fixing me up he carried me to his bedroom kissing my forehead multiple times in the short seconds of distance form place to place. He laid me down on his bed keeping his face face close enough for me to kiss his cheek. He laid close next to me in silence for second before I broke the silence,"Are you okay? What happened?" I questioned sniffling."I'm fine don't worry about me I hurt you," he paused tearing up,"I'm Satan I have evil moments once a month," he finished."So you like a girl-" he cut my relation off."Shut up, no I'm not," he said puffing his chest."Okay," I said simply. He pulled me closer which seemed impossible in my head."I'm sorry, I ruined your time of pleasure and I was on the edge of making love to you or just giving you real hard fucking," he said looking down at my shoulder. I kissed his cheek,"Whenever you're ready again, I'll be at your call" I assured. "How can I keep away from you ever, why don't you live with me," he asked."Schooling, my family my job, dude I have a life in the world," I explained kissing his cheek."Your right, want to sleep over its not a weekday!" He asked cheerfully."Okay, boo," I mimicked him. His face became bland and then he pecked my nose.....

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