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2. love you


Tate slammed his lips into mine. My arms rapped around his neck, his tall, slim body hovering above me. Our kiss getting deeper and deeper, more sexual. We pulled apart for moment for him to pull his clothes off and mine. Just before grabbing a condom, yes even Satan can impregnate a girl, he kisses my nose and tells me to hold on tight. I already know what he means I just giggling and thought of the last time this happened, he had come to my apartment after both our schools were out, yes again even Satan has to suffer through schooling, I was annoyed and upset in one. Whenever I'm feeling anyway not cheerful or happy Tate knows how to cheer me up, he mostly uses his one profession, fucking. Lets face the facts, no 18 year old horn dog boy would pass up fucking a girl. We talked for like ten minutes before having a hot make out session and you know what on my kitchen table, just glad I live alone. I look up to see Tate smirking at my face, I looked at the clock and notice I had been in thought for ten minutes. I look at Tate and give him the come here sign with my hand. " Do you want to fore play," I said biting my lip. " Your choice babe" he said as he began sucking on my sweet spot making me moan out and my face entertain blushed cheeks." I'm gonna blow you until you cum hard and then swallow all of your cum," I said in the sexiest voice I could muster up. Now it was his turn to blush I pulled his head away from my neck to see flushed cheeks and dark brown eyes from his last shade of light blue. His eye color changes all the time sometimes a different color everyday, I start rubbing his member slowly to see how frustrated I can make him. He begins leaving love bites on my neck, as every time I give time I give him a blow job before we fuck I wonder how the fuck he is going to fit his huge dick inside me. He is about 11 inches long and about the size of the top of any iPhone 5, every time I freak out, every time. He gives me so much pleasure and makes me want to tell him. FUCK. I was supposed to tell him how I felt. I'll tell him later what's the point of ruining two peoples euphoria? His angelic moans bring me back to reality and I realize I'm pumping him so fast that he's dripping precum and his tip is about as red as a fire truck. I jet down to the floor and pumping him as much as I can before taking as much of him as I can in my mouth he let's out a sigh of relief from above me. I'm going an even pace not to fast more so slow, so he shoves my head down on his cock. I gag but keep bobbing my head he poofs music up and Halsey comes on. I giggle around his member making him moan out a high pitched moan, making me wetter than before.


'everybody wants to know if we fucked on the bathroom sink'


 Were the first lyrics of the song. I felt his dick heat up as I began speeding up my pace, bobbing my head up and down, faster and faster until he yelled fuck multiple times and came of coarse I followed my words from earlier and swallowed every drop. He then grabbed me with his strength and tossed me onto the bed, my head landing on the soft pillows. I bit my lip and giggled as he climbed up so we were face to face and kissed me so deep it hurt my heart with the fact that I didn't tell him how I felt he pulled away. " What's wrong? are you okay?" he asked concerned. " Oh, look at you," I paused kissing his cheek," I'm fine baby keep going, lets skip me I just want you" I said lying. " You're lying, I'm learning to read minds you know," he said pausing looking into my eyes with his sad eyes," I want you to feel good, I want to taste you," He said, his eyes becoming lustful again." Why do you intrigue me like this?" I said smirking. Remembering we're naked I look his body up and down and then mine blushing, he slightly pulls my body down by my hips and spreads my legs. He dips his head down in between my thighs playing with my clit with his graceful tongue. I end up moaning a little before he shoves two fingers inside me, turning my moans into whimpers. He quickly pumps his fingers in and out of me, still using his tongue to play with my clit. I knew I was on the verge of cumming, I just didn't want to come so fast. Tate was one of the best things that has ever happened to me, aside from cutting my other escape and love but that's not a thought I want to drag me from this high I'm in. I look in-between my legs to see Tate's confused as he practically eats me out. He doesn't stop because he knows I'm about to cum, he always knows when. "T-t-T-TAAATTE, F-f-FUCK," I say just before I cum, at least that's what I thought happened.      " Well, that's a first with you" He says with my liquids around his chin and running down his neck. "First what? and shut up you aren't gettin' any else," I say still staring at the ceiling. " If you saw my face or see my face you would know you just squirted and how do you know?" he says wiggling his eyebrows after I look at him and blush. " I know because you're a loser, just kidding your part ruler of the underworld" I explaining giving him a thumbs up with both hands." Can we fuck later and just cuddle for now I'm tired that took my energy," I whine holding his hands in mine. " Of corse you are my best friend, more like fuck bestie but, you prefer the other term and I prefer a whole new term but that's me and honey don't you know whining is childish?" he says the last part sounding like my grade school teachers. " Childish like your dick size or not that way? whatever. Are we cuddling or not?" I question. " You know I wanted to cuddle but now you're just bullying your dearest friend and I do have a response I 'll have you know when you're doing that little freak out thing because you're scared my dick will rip you in half I will not whisper sweet nothings in your ear," He speaks as if he's hurt in the beginning and then turns his head as if neglecting me at the end. " I sowwy. Yes you will you love me too much. Now come hewwa," I say making grabbing hands as if I was a three year old asking for apple juice. He looked back to me with a sweet, loving smile and jumped into my arms. He then snaps his fingers and I end up still cuddling with him but with his oversize tee and my panties, while he's only in a pair of boxers. We lay cuddling for sometime before we both pass out.



a/n- What do you think? Should I add anyone in, make obstacles, tragedy, comment and favorite or like! Thanks cuties, Love yous'

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