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1. intro

This is not a love story, its not meant to be heart warming, and some people may become creeped out or uncomfortable after hearing this . All my life I have wondered where do I belong?, where will I be as an adult?, will I live to know? Let's just say I was never the most normal person in the bunch, nor the most pretty, or even popular. My parents didn't ever realize how different I was until around the age of 8 when a girl pushed me down a flight of stairs and I told her she would pay. Months later she committed suicide, yes I know making an 8 year old peer kill her self is a bit harsh but I wasn't the one who did it. I just influenced as some call him, Satan, to kill her. The bitch broke the 'freaks' arm, she had it coming anyways she was one of my many bullies. I took in interest in Satan around the age of 7, he told me I was born on accident and that he could protect me. I must say he was quite handsome and I was a 7 year old interested in the Jonas brothers and rock bands, what 7 year old wouldn't agree to anything a hot ass 7 year old said. He told me that his father, the devil, couldn't bare to see him lonely 1 more day. I felt bad and nervous so I agreed that we could be best friends he was 7 and his father approved of me. They told me they're real names Satan's real name was Tate, the devil's name was Stan. I told them my name was Violet because my name is Violet. Now it's 10 years later and Tate and I are still best friends and have been through so much. It's so hard to not fall in love with your best friend when they are a hot boy the same age is you. We've never tried to date but we have done other things we took each other's virginities so we didn't lose it to random people that we didn't even know. We've fucked quite a few times actually, mostly because we were hammered but hey a fuck is a fuck. We have tried many sexual things together, some worked out better than others and some we don't even want to remember. Today is the day I will tell him how I feel, even if I don't want to tell him today he can tell when there is something on my mind and he'll be able to get it out of me. Tate is quite the sneaky bastard when it comes to getting what he wants. Sometimes with sex, food, movies, cuddles, gifts, and the occasional tickle fights. He just knows how to get to me weather I want him to or not, we have one of those relationships where people stare in awe at us when were together. Tate can be seen by anyone and touched by anyone, he's just like any other human but with magical powers. I don't understand how people don't like him he's practically a saint except for the death of that girl, he even tells me everyday that I'm his main priority and that he will take care of me forever. We tell each other everything. We are both 18 as of now 2015. Everything running through my mind tells me that I have to, need to, tell Tate that I love him. I grabbed my phone and slipped on my vans while opening my door to the portal. When I open the door the red and black colors to the underworld swirl together as normal and I breathe in jump towards the colors. I fall flat onto pavement and start my walk to Tate and Stan's house. I walk though the city about 4 blocks and then pass a school and walk for about a mile and stop at the end of a beautiful mansions patio sidewalk thing. Fuck, this is it. As I'm walking up the porch steps Tate appears from thin air and tackles me with hugs and pecks on the cheek. When he stops I'm gigiling and he's smiling profusely. " I should tell you I've been a bit frustrated today," he says looking down to his bulge. My cheeks heat up immediately before I say," I think I can help with that." He then smirks and throws me over his shoulder while running through the humongous house to his giant room. Tate pushes the door open and thrown me down onto his king sized bed, staring into my eyes for minutes before...





a/n- Should I write smut? Comment for more!! I might star one of the boys from 1D or 5SOS eventually, who should it be? Follow me on Instagram @graceanneluster I'll be sure to follow back and spam you!









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