If you care

Carson Redstone is an ordinary girl, well she was an ordinary girl. Carson has been attending Hogwarts for 6 years now, but when everyone else figures out she was a death eater she got kicked out. 1 year later Draco Malfoy goes looking for Carson because Voldemort needed her to come back as a death eater, but when things start to heat up between Carson and Draco they start to fall in love.


1. Leave me alone Malfoy!

Everyone here was so annoying. I hated muggles and muggle school, I hated every thing about it. We didnt do any thing related to magic, all we did was boring things. I sat myself in the back of the class like always, and lost myself to the noise of the teacher talking.


The bell rang (thank god). "dont forget you have an assignment due next week!"the teacher said as I walk to my next class. As I walk towards the class I hear someone say "carson?" I turn around and look into the eyes of Draco Malfoy.


Draco, the name echos in my mind as I look at him. "leave me alone Malfoy!" I yell  as I storm off to my next class.

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