Will to Survive

In a competition to the death, 10 people must compete to survive as long as possible in the wild. Who will fall in love? Who will live? Who will die? Who will betray the others? All will be revealed.


3. Lona's POV

My roles were Hunter and Gatherer. I guess they aren't bad; they could be worse. The next morning was hectic as my roommate, Ana, helped me pack. "I can't believe you get to go to Costa Rica and be on television! That's so cool!" she squealed, shoving on last shirt into my already stuffed suitcase. "It's not that great. Slim said it would be dangerous," I pointed out, closing the clasps. "Well you'll be famous, anyway," she said, dismissing my comment with a wave of her hand. I sighed and got up to leave. "Also, did you see that guy Jaden? He is such a dreamboat," she said dreamily. I wrinkled my nose in disgust. "I don't go for younger guys," I said, rolling my eyes. "Well, I better get going! Don't forget to write!" I called as I left the room.

Slim stuffed all ten of us into a tiny, yellow school bus. I got stuck to a guy who introduced himself as Gavin. He had dirty blonde hair and his blue eyes were dull. He didn't say a word the entire ride. He just stared out the window, his eyes narrowed into a glare. We arrived at the airport and Slim led us to the 'private' section. A jet the size of a building loomed overhead. I craned my neck so I could see it. It was a glossy, off-white color. It looked like a regular jet, except for one thing. It had no windows. Now, I've never been in a private jet before, but I'm pretty sure they have windows.

As if reading my thoughts, the guy next to me raised an eyebrow at Slim and asked, "No windows? What's up with that?" Slim rolled his eyes (He seems to do that a lot). "Not all planes have windows, Mr....?" "Weider. Jaden Weider," he said, giving Slim a cocky smile. I raised an eyebrow at him. So, this was Anna's dreamboat-boy. I guess I could see where she was coming from. He was well built, with blonde hair and green eyes. Other people might've thought his glasses looked out of place, but they actually went with him quite well. I tilted my head slightly and smiled. 

We finally boarded the plane. My eyes widened as I saw the interior of the jet. The sides were lined with silver and blue couches. A sliver platform resided in the center. Snacks and treats rested on small tables. One of the other girls, a blondy with a jumpy nature, whistled. "This thing is huge!" she exclaimed, her eyes absorbing every little detail. The guy next to her, who I presumed was her boyfriend, laughed and put his arm around her waist.

"Follow me to your rooms," Slim said, gesturing towards us. He led us to a part of the plane that was lined with ten doors. Each door had a name on it. Mine was in between Gavin and a girl named Vriska's rooms. Vriska shot me a weird look before she disappeared into her bedroom. I shrugged and went into my room. It was themed in the same way as the rest of the plane, blue and silver. A twin sized bed with silver covers and blue pillows rested in the middle. Next to it was a nightstand with a TV remote and a bowl filled with chocolates sitting on top. A flat screen TV was attached to the wall facing the front of the bed.

I flopped onto the bed and sighed with content. "This must be what people mean when they say 'sleeping on a cloud'," I murmured to myself. I sat up and turned the TV on with the remote. I surfed through the channels until I found one I liked. Settling back onto the pillows, I unwrapped a chocolate and popped it into my mouth. I chewed contentedly and turned my focus back to the TV. This was going to be great.

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