the story is about Rin who after an accident becomes a half ghoul. He struggles with the fact that he can now only eat human flesh and hangs onto the belief that he is still human. but is he?


1. tragedy

“Several unidentified bodies were discovered early this morning near the mall in the 20’th ward. What is assumed to be ghoul salvia was retrieved from the bodies. The incident is currently being investigated as a criminal ghoul offence.” 

“Haha!” laughed Kiba. I looked away from the tv 

“Is that actually funny to you?”

“Lets be real here. You cant be serious about going to the book store on your first date”

“Why not. she might like it”

“Thats never going to happen. Period”

“Fine then. What about taking her to burger king”

“Hahaha” kiba laughed on

“Im actually serious here! where would you go then Kiba”

“You have to pick a place that exites the girl”

“Right, such as?”

“Huh? Such as…”

“You don't even know?”

“If i did, i wouldn't be wasting my time here having a date with you”

“I suppose thats true”

“So! Who’s the lucky girl? Is it her?”

Kiba pointed descretly towards one of the female waitresses.

“No. Its not her”

“Excuse me!” Kiba shouted “Could i get a large cappochino please”

The waitress walked towards our table and started writing on a piece of paper while whispering cappochino. She was actually quite beautiful. She had short black hair that covered her right eye and grey eyes.

“What’s your name”


“Um, its Kira” she said nervously.

“Kira! Are you seeing anyone?”

“Kiba you idiot, stop it!” Kira started blushing and ran off. Then a girl walked into the coffee shop. She had beautiful long blonde hair and blue eyes behind a pair of glasses. She was wearing a white dress and a pair of heels. It was Cara.  she had just started at Kamii’ s university just like Kiba and i. She walked past us and sat down at a table in the corner of the coffee shop.

“its her” i said looking at her without blinking. I could feel my cheeks turning red

“don’t even go there, she’s way out of your league”. i looked at Kiba angrily

“well, think its time for me to head off. See you later Rin”

“bye Kiba”

i looked towards her again. She had pulled out a book.Ii instantly recognized the cover. i was reading that book too!. i quickly found my bag and pulled the black and white book out of it. I opened the book and looked at her again. She slowly moved her eyes up and we looked at each other straight into each other’s eyes. I blushed again and quickly looked down in my book. She did the same. i need to go talk to her. ask her out!. i took a deep breath and stood up. I walked towards her and stopped right next to her chair. 

“hi cara” i said


“i was wondering if you were doing something this weekend”

“not really”

she had the cutest voice in the whole world

“would you like to… um… do something together then?”

“sure. Do you have anything in mind?”

“well, i thought about getting something to eat. Do you know any good places?”

“i know this grill not so far from here. we could go there?”

“sounds great! we can meet at 6 o’clock on saturday if thats fine with you”

“that sounds good”

“okay, see you then”

“bye” she said and smiled. I smiled back


“Kiba guess what” i had grabbed my phone and called him as soon as i got out of the coffee shop.

“what” Kiba said while chewing on some food.

“i did it. I asked her out”

“really? what did she say”

“we will meat on saturday!”

“wow. really? she said yes?”

“yes Kiba. thanks for beleving in me”

“sorry Rin. I'm happy for you” 


Normally i loved school, but the last couple of days could not go by any slower, than they already did. But saturday finally came and i was getting ready for my date with Cara. I didn't want to dress up too much, but i put on some of my newer clothes. I grabbed my bike and began cycling towards the grill. The grill wasn't too far away from my apartment, and i usually took my bike everywere. 10 min later i stood in front of the grill. I was just about to go inside when i heard a voice calling.

“Rin! wait up”

Cara was running towards me

“hey Cara”


“shall we go inside”

she giggled and smiled. I took that as a yes.

“so” she said after we had ordered some food “ tell me something about yourself

“well i love reading books and-“

“me too! i saw you were reading “Reckless” too”

“yeah its a really good book so far. I just hope the ending is good too”

“agree. if the ending isn't good, the book isn't good”

“exactly!” i said a bit too exited. so which classes are you taking?

“im studying human anatomy. you?”

“oh, I'm studying literature” i said.

A moment of akward silence fell upon us. I started looking around while trying to think about stuff to talk about. Then i noticed she almost hadn't eaten anything.

“are you not hungry?” i asked

she looked confused at me

“oh. I'm on a diet. Excuse me for a moment, i have to go to the bathroom”

she stood up turned around and walked towards the restrooms. A couple of minutes later she came back.

“i have to go now I'm sorry”

“no its fine” i said disappointed. I got up and we walked outside together. It was already getting dark. “ could you walk me home?” Cara asked “alot of ghoul attacks has been happening around where i live and I'm too scared to walk home alone”

“sure” i said.

“thank you. its this way” she said and pointed down the road. It was getting a bit chilly. Walking really helped making conversation and we quicky started talking again.

“so what was it that sparked your interest for books?” she asked while we were walking

“my dad left a lot of his books behind. he died before i could barely walk. i enjoy the books he left behind though. i used to spend a lot of my days reading while i was waiting for my mother to come home. then, ever since she passed away… you know, Kiba is the only one I've ever told this to”

“is that right” she said

Cara stopped. its this way she said again and pointed down a dark ally. I didn't think too much of it and followed her. We walked underneath a small tunnel. I could hear and feel a train passing by right above us. I stopped

“Cara if you don't mind could we go out again?”

“well, we do have a lot in common and we share the same age”

My stomach was twisting and i was blushing again.

“Rin the truth is-“ she walked towards me and grabbed my jacket

“you caught my eye. I've never met someone quite like you before”. she was now hugging me. she smelled so nice. i wished she would never let go. suddenly, the air wasn’t chilly anymore. it felt like the sun was shining bright, even though it was no where to be found. my heart was beating faster.

“does that mean-“

“i too, have fallen head over heels for you”

my body stopped working. It felt like the world had stopped moving. She likes me? Am i not the luckiest man in the world? She’s perfect and she-

My happiness didn't last too long. Suddenly i felt a sharp pain in my shoulder. I could feel the worm blood running down my arm. she’s a ghoul. I couldn't move. I wanted to run far away from here but my legs were stuck to the ground. Cara started laughing but this time it wasn't her cute laugh. It was the scariest and most evil laughter i have ever heard. 

“delightfull” she said. She let go of my jacket and i fell to the ground.

“do you know what’s even better than reading? Eating human flesh is the best thing you could ever imagine” she laughed again. i grabbed my shoulder tight to stop the bleeding. I have to run! I have to get as far as i can away from here!”. Before i even had a chance to get up she threw me into the wall. I got up and ran as fast as i could. this cant be happening, this cant be happening!. She grabbed my legs, pulled me back and threw me into the wall again. She lifted me up and ran her kagune trough my stomach. The pain was unbearable. Why am i so naive? She kept throwing me around like some toy. But then i heard a loud noise coming from above and before we realised what was happening steal beams fell down and landed ontop of Crara and i. Everything was black after that. 


“His abdominal organs are severely ruptured. We’ll commence operation emedietly! Begin preparations for an organ transplant”.

“without constant from his family!?”

“i will accept full responsibility! transfer her organs into him at once!”


The next time i opened my eyes i was laying in a hospital bed. Neither my shoulder nor my stomach hurt anymore. weird. i sat up. What happened? After staring at the floor for a couple of seconds i lifted my green hospital t-shirt up and saw a huge scar across my belly. 

“you’re awake” said a nurse. i let go of my shirt. For how long she had been standing there in the door opening? I didn't answer her

“you have to rest. Your body has been trough a lot of stress”. Oh yeah. Cara. I gulped. 

i did as the nurse said and despite everything fell asleep quick.


The next time i woke up Kiba had left a letter on the table next to my bed. i sat up and opened it.


hey Rin


Hope you’re feeling better. I went by again today to check on you but as always you were sleeping. Don't mind it though. just promise you'll get better. the doctors said you were up yesterday. Thats why i left the note. call me when you're home again. 




A new and younger nurse walked inside my room with some food.

“hope you like it” she said and left

I grabbed the plate and cut out a little piece of meat and put it in my mouth, but to my surprise it tasted like ash. i quickly coughed it up and put the plate back down again. that was odd.  An older doctor walked inside my room.

“how are you feeling?”

“okay” i said

After doing some testing on me he asked me if i felt any pain anywhere.

“no but my taste buds are acting weird” i said

“the nurse said you haven't been eating anything. Is that why? Its probably nothing to be worried about.

I looked down at the plate

“take all the time you need to heal. There is no rush. I'll be back later to check up on you” he said and left

"nothing particularly wrong huh" i whispered to myself


I was allowed to go home on wednesday. Kiba had left a bag of food and a letter outside my door




congratulations on your discharge! presenting some leftover high-quality ingredients from my place, along with your favourite hamburger. i hope you appreciate it


ps when you’re up to it, come back to school. its rough here on my own


“thanks kiba” i whispered “but I'm sorry”


I opened my eyes. Must have fallen asleep. I grabbed the remote and turned on the tv. A show about ghouls was on. 

“a ghoul doesn't have any need to eat this much in this short amount of time in the first place” the old guy said “one dead body will allow them to survive in a month or two”

“mr. hanks” another female voice said “can’t ghouls be satisfied by eating the same food as humans do?”

“no. ghouls are only able to derive their nutrition from people. Not to mention their tounges work differently than ours do” my heart started beating faster and i got a bit worried

“when they eat human food, it tastes incredibly awful to them”. No,it cant be true. I'm just thinking too much about it… right? His words repeated inside my head

“their tounges work differently” “human food tastes incredibly awful to them”

I jumped out of my bed and ran to the kitchen and opened the bag of food Kiba had given me. I took a deep breath. I grabbed my favourite burger, opened the bag it came in and held it up to my mouth. I took a deep breath again and took a bite out of it. The bread tasted like a wet sponge and everything inside of it tasted like burned coal. I ran to the bathroom and threw it up. i then ran back to the kitchen, grabbed something else from the bag and threw it in my mouth, but the result was the same. i ran back into the bathroom and threw it up. “oh no” i said to myself “this cant be happening!”. This time i grabbed a bottle of soda. i took 3 sips before it all came up again and i ran to the bathroom once more to spit it out. tears ran down my cheeks. “this cant be real”. I looked in the mirror. my right eye was black and red. my heat stopped. my mouth was gaping open. i wanted to scream but no sound came out of my mouth.

“kitchen wear such as knifes cannot hurt them” said the old guy from the tv 

I ran into the kitchen and grabbed a knife. I lifted my shirt up and put it in my mouth. i held onto the knife with both of my hands. 

“if thats true. if thats true! IF THATS TRUE!” i shouted and swung the knife into my stomach. The knife sprung out of my hand and landed on the floor. the knife had broken in two. I didn't know what to think anymore. a-am i… a ghoul? i fell down

“what am i supposed to do now?. 




hvis folk ønsker det vil jeg meget genre skive vidre på historien. Regner med at den bliver meget længere og har skrevet nogle sider mere end dette ^ 

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