the story is about Rin who after an accident becomes a half ghoul. He struggles with the fact that he can now only eat human flesh and hangs onto the belief that he is still human. but is he?


2. Hunger

Kiba had left a message on my phone. 


Your favourite author is signing books down at the books store. thought you should know


All i wanted to do was to get as far away from the tv and my house as i possibly could. I wanted to forget everything that had happened. i stood up, put my jacket on and walked out of the door. The book store was just down the road and it only took about 5 min to get there. i walked up to the glass door but to my disappointment a sign was taped to the door that read “book signing from 15:00-17:00” over that sign was another smaller sign that red “book signing over”. I looked at my watch. it was 19:21. Time had never gone by this fast before. I don't even remember what i thought about while walking or what roads i had been on. It was dark and the street lights were turned on. There wasn't a lot of people in the streets. I decided to walk home again. My stomach began to rumble and suddenly the air smelled quite nice. The further i walked the stronger the scent became. I decided to follow it. It smelled like moms home cooking. It smelled like something even i could eat. The scent led me down a small ally. It was quiet here. The scent became stronger and stronger and i began drooling. I turned around a corner and a man was sitting on the ground bending over something. A body. A person. My heart skipped a beat once again and i gasped. He must have heard me because he turned around and looked at me. 

“i haven't eaten in a while  so i cant share too much but you can have this” he said and ripped the corpse’s arm off and threw it to me. I looked scared at him and he looked confused at me. Then another younger guy jumped down from one of the roofs and kicked the other guy in the head. He fell down. Is he dead?

“dont go plundering my feeding grounds” he said to the other ghoul he just kicked. He looked up at me

“i’ve never seen you before. Why is only one of your eyes red? Thats nasty”. He walked towards me, grabbed my neck and pushed me up against the wall behind me.

“you know what you get for looting someones territory right?”. He looked at me as if i had killed his family.

“i-i wasn’t… i didn't k-know” i choked. i was shaking like a small dog in the winter. but i wasn't cold.

“as punishment for trespassing on my feeding grounds i’ll-

“whoose feeding grounds did you say” said a female voice “since when were these your feeding grounds Jake?”. the girl was standing behind Jake. it was Kira. the girl from the coffee shop. 

“Kira” he mumbled. He let go of my neck and i could finally breathe again. “i know she’s dead. The binge eating woman” he said

“and that makes these your feeding grounds? the task of distributing the feeding grounds Cara stole to the weaker ghouls in the 20’th ward belongs to those of us at anteiku”. Kira’s eyes turned red.

“huh? A bunch of fence sitters like anteiku have no right to go picking over every little thing! this was my feeding ground in the first place, before Cara came-“ 

“because you were too weak”. Kira interrupted. Jake started walking towards Kira. his eyes turned  red too

“being insulted by a smart mouthed punk younger than myself, is something that really pisses me off” he said sharply. Both Kira and Jake jumped and hit each other with a big, loud crack. Jake fell down. He was shaking.

“you have to hit me harder than that!” he said but fell to the ground seconds after the words had come out of his mouth

“is that so?”.Jake growled but turned around an ran off. Suddenly i remembered the sweet scent again. My eyes fell down and i looked at the corpse. i started to breath hevily. My stomach started rumbeling. I hadn't eaten anything for days and the corpse didn't look as awful as it did before. Kira looked at me. She grabbed the ripped off arm and presented it to me. She faked a smile and said

“you want this?”. Without noticing it i had reached out for the arm. NO! i screamed to my self. I grabbed my arm with my other arm and pulled it back.

“you’re not eating?” she asked and looked confused at me. I started to hyperventilate and tears rolled down my cheeks. 

“then again, only one of your eyes are different” she said. “wait! you’re the one who was with Cara!? why weren't you eaten? then again… your eye”. She looked confused and scared at me.

“please help me” i whispered while sobbing “i know you may not believe this, but I'm human! And yet…”. I tried so hard to hold my tears back but it just made it worse. “i want to eat that so bad” i reached out for the arm again. “i cant help it!. but if i do… i wont be human anymore!”

“if your in that much pain then eat” she said calmly. No, i can’t! but I'm so hungry i-i must eat something. i-i. i ripped the arm out of her hands. 

“NO WAY! NO WAY, NO WAY, NO WAY! i shouted. “there is no way i can eat something like that…right? Whats happening to me? Killing people… Killing each other… I'm not like that! i’m… Human!

“this is ridiculous" she said and looked angry at me “why not just give in already? If you don't have the nerve to eat-“ she bended over the body and ripped off a piece of muscle “then i’l give you a hand!”. She ran towards me and smashed her hand into my mouth. It was still worm. It tasted so good. I swallowed it and  a worm sensation spread across my body. My hunger was completely gone but i still craved more. But… But its human flesh!? I cant eat this! She let go of me. I quickly jabbed my fingers into my mouth to puke it up again.

“why would you do that to me!? There is no way i can eat human flesh! I'm human, I'm not like you monsters!” i could hear her footsteps getting closer. She kicked me right in the stomach and punched me in the face, surprisingly it didn't hurt much. 

“well if I'm a monster, what does that make you?” She was pissed. i instantly regret calling her a monster.

“im begging you. Please tell me what I'm supposed to do” i sobbed. “everything as sucked since that day”

“sucked huh? i wish you could tell me something. What does cake actually taste like? Every time i see it i have to puke so i cant tell. but its something humans like to eat right? What is it like to live a peaceful life? one where you don't have to live in fear of the CCG or other ghouls? I stood up. She was right.

“everything has sucked huh? does that mean that my life has been pointless all along?”

“Kira. i think thats quite enough” said a male voice. Kira turned and i looked behind her to see who the voice was coming from. A tall old man with grey hair was standing a few meters away from us. he was wearing the coffee shop’s uniform.

“it must be hard on you” he said. “follow me” he turned around and started walking.

“ but sir! why?” Kira shouted after him.

“Kira. its our policy to help out our fellow ghouls!”

Kira opened her mouth as if she was about to say something. Instead of speaking up she started walking after the old man. I followed


CCG= commission of counter ghoul. an organisation that kill ghouls.


We walked back to the coffee shop. Kira and i sat down and the old guy started making coffee. When he was done he found a cup and pored coffee into it.

“thank you for waiting” he said and gave me the cup of coffee. Yet another thing i cant have anymore. 

“do you not like coffee?” he asked

“its not that but…” 

“take a good look at this coffee”. I did as he said “what do you think?” i wasn't quite sure where he was going with this but i answered truthfully

“it looks quite delicious”

“its regular coffee.”he said. I grabbed the cup and lifted it slowly. Did he really want me to drink this? Isn't it just going to taste like mud water or something like that? I took a small sip. To my surprise it actually tasted like coffee. Good coffee. I took another bigger sip.

“this is delicious!” i said relived. “but no matter what i eat it tastes awful. 

“trough the ages, coffee is the only thing that ghouls have been able to enjoy the same way humans do” he said. however, we cannot satisfy our hunger by drinking it alone. which is why-“

He reached for something in his pocket and pulled out a small package.

“when you need more, come back. do not hesitate. what is your name?”

“its Rin”

“nice to meet you Rin. My name is Arthur. This is Kira” Kira didn't seem too happy about helping me. She looked up and made a quick fake smile - again. Guess i must have made a bad impression.  


My stomach was rumbling  again. This time it was even worse that before. I was so hungry. I was starving! I need to eat something. Flesh? It tasted so good and it stopped my hunger immediately! My head hurt too. every muscle in my body was screaming for food. For human flesh. Then i heard a voice. It was Cara’s cute voice.

“Enjoy being half-and-half. That delicious flesh is waiting for you” i looked over at the package on my table that Arthur gave me.

“once you start eating it you wont be able to stop” she said with a sharper voice. “ it will put any steak to shame!”. I couldn't take it anymore! I had to eat something. i don't care if its human or cow i just want to eat something that doesn't taste like trash! I bend over the package. But then again… no i have to-

My phone rang. It was Kiba.

“ARGH” i screamed and threw the package to the floor.

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