toyama yukinojo x Female Badass Tomboy Reader {Lemon!!!}


1. Lemon <3

It's been 3 months since (y/n) went to live with her childhood friend Sunako and the 4 boys she was sent to become a lady(y/n) was a very competitive person so her and Kyohei are always fighting, but this time he went to far.


~(y/n) P.O.V~

'O.M.F.G. Kyohei needs to stop being a fucking slob and clean for once'. 'Once I get a hold of him I going to..'WTF, He fucking left his damn boxers on the slut of a living room lamp!!!' 'Thats it!!. "KYOHEI!" I yell from down stairs. "WHAT?!" Kyohei yells back from his room " COME AND GET YOUR FUCKING BOXERS OFF THE DAMN LIVING ROOM LAMP!!" I yell back.

Kyohei comes down the stairs and comes to the living room to get his boxers off the lamp. "Fucking slob..." I mumble as he walks by " What do you just call me you bitch?!" Kyohei said, a thretening tone in his vioce " I CALLED YOU A FUCKING SLOB, ASSHOLE!!" I yell at his face.

"SAYS THE GIRL THAT DRESSES LIKE A GUY!!" Kyohei yelled back at me "AT LEAST I KNOW HOW TO CLEAN UP AFTER MY FUCKING SELF!!!!" I yell back at his face. "Guy whats going on down here." said Takenaga trying to see what was happening in the living room. "BUTT OUT!!!" Me and Kyohei said together. Soon all the others (except Sunako) came down the stairs to what was happening.

"ASSHOLE!" I yelled at Kyohei " WHORE!" Kyohei yelled back at me "KYOHEI! You shouldn't say that to a lady!" said Ranmaru, shocked that he called me a 'whore' "LADY MY ASS SHE'S JUST A UGLY BOY WANNA BE!!" Kyohei yelled at Ranmaru.

Not many things get to me, but that hit me hard in my chest area. All the others gasped "KYOHEI!!" they yelled "WHAT?! ITS TRUE AND YOU ALL KNOW IT!!" He yelled back at them. I walked up to him and slapped him in the face. "I FUCKING HATE YOU!!" I yelled with tears in my eyes, and ran to my room to cry.

~~~~~~~~~~~End of Fashback~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

( Yuki's P.O.V)

I thought of what happened 10 minutes before as I walked down the hall to head to (y/n)'s room.


We all stood still and gasped at what Kyohei said about (y/n). 'Why did he say that about her infront of me he knows how much I love her!!!' I thought as I started to get mad. All of a sudden I saw (y/n) walk up tho Kyohei and slap him in the face "I FUCKING HATE YOU!!" She yelled with anger and a hint of saddness in her voice asnd ran up the stairs and when she turned around I saw tears in her eyes.

Kyohei stood there in shock "KYOHEI!" Takenaga yelled at him "WHY DID YOU SAY THAT ABOUT (Y/N)?!!" he yelled at Kyohei. Kyohei just went upstairs to his room.

~~~~~~~~~End Of Flashback~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Now I'm on my way to (y/n)'s room. When I go to knock on the door, I hear crying. It breaks my heart knowing the love of my life is crying. 'Kyohei, why did you do this I thought as I turned the doorknob and open thr door the sight was heart breaking (y/n) crying in to hear pillow. " (y/n)" I say as i get close to her. She lifts you her head and when she see's me, she runs to me and hugs me and cry's into my sholder. I rub her hair and pat her back as we both move to her bed and lay down( OhonOhonOhon)

Soon (y/n) stops crying says "Why can't just die, no one would care if......." I cut her of with a kiss, " You can't die." and "And why not!" she says " Because I l-love y-you." I say as I kiss her hard on the lips and and push her under me. Soon we had th break for air( Stupid oxegen) "you really love me?" (y/n) asked " Why wouldn't I" I said " Because I'm a ugly boy wanna be just like Kyohei said" (y/n) said.

" No your not your the most beautiful girl I've ever seen in my life, and I love you more than anything!" I said to her. (y/n) stared at me in shock after I said that and a few minutes later she put her hands on my cheeks and (hulk)smash our lips together and kissed me hard and passionatly.

( (y/n)'s P.O.V. )

After hearing all the words that came out hear his mouth I was in shock. 'he really does love me' I thought as I cup his cheeks and kiss him hard and passionaly. After 5 minutes of kissing things started to get heated. I felt his tongue glide on my bottom lip asking for entery and I denied. I felt him grab my boob(lol XD). I gasped and he took the chance to explore my mouth our tongues for dominance he won and explored my mouth.

I felt his hand start to unbutton my shirt as he kissed, licked,and nipped at my neck. once my shirt was off I cover my breast and bra with my arms. Yuki frowned and pulled my arms away from my cheast "You don't have to hide yourself (y/n) your the more beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life." He said as I blush a bright red and turn my head away for his in embarrassment he chuckled and moved to my right breast. I gasped as he sucked my right bud and played with the other "Y-Yuki~" I moaned his name as he swich breasts giving the other the same treatment. I felt a pain in between my legs and rub them together to get the much needed friction. Yuki took notice to this and to unbutton my pants, but I stop him.

"Its not fair that I'm half naked and your not." I said covering the button to my pants Yuki chuckles and takes his shirt and pants. I take off my pants and lay back down on the bed and Yuki crawls on top of me. He rubs me through my (panties/ Boy shorts) and I moan his name as I feel a knot form in the bottom of my stomach. It keeps getting tighter and tighter until "A-AH Y-UKI I'M GO-GOING T-TO,," "Go ahead" He said and I screamed his name "YUKI!!" I scream in pure bliss. " can't take it anymore!" Yuki said as he took his boxers off and slams in my dripping enterance. I scream in pain as he takes my innocents. He fights the feeling to fuck me senseless right then and their.

After a few minutes the pain slowly go's away " M-Move" I say as he starts in and out of my entrance over and over again. " F-Faster, H-Harder!" I say as the plessure builds up in the pit of my stomach getting tighter and tighter. "I-I"M GOING T-TO C-CUM!" I yell as I'm getting closer and closer " m-me t-to" Yuki said as he felt his climax coming close. "Y-YUKI" "(Y/N)" We both yell as we hit our climax. Yuki laid his head on your breast and pulled out his now soft member we both try to catch our breath "I love You (y/n)" Yuki said "I love You to" I say as we both fall in to a deep sleep.

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