Laito x reader [LEMON]


1. LEMON!!!

You have been living in the sakamaki mansion for one year now and in that time you have developed a crush on a certain Vampire Laito sakamaki but, you never expected this to happen. 

~~~ on to the story ~~~~~

You woke up tied to your bed by your hands and legs with handcuffs and rope. You saw a shadow in the corner of your right eye you turn your head only to meet a pair of bright green eyes and medium length red-orange hair with a (sexy) fedora on. you screamed only to be silenced by a ball gag “ you need to screamed bitch~chan” said laito “ I’m only going to take whats mine.” ‘ wait whats his?’ you thought. while you were lost in thought he climbed on top of you. you snapped out of your thoughts by a pain in your neck and while your world turned black you heard a voice saying “ when you wake up Bitch~chan you’ll be in for a surprise.” then the world went black.

~~~~~~ time skip ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

When you woke up you were blind folded you tried to move but, you were chained to something cold and uncomfortable. you tried to scream, but couldn’t because you still had a ball gag in your mouth.  ‘Aw come on.’ You thought ‘this can’t be happening’. Then you heard a door open and close and foot steps coming in your direction. You started to get scared. Then suddenly The blind fold and ball gag was removed only to reveal Laito with smirk on his face “W-Where a-am I-I?” you stuttered.

 “My sex dungeon.” Laito said “W-Why am I-I h-h-here?” you stuttered he chuckled ‘curse my stuttering’ you thought “ You really are forgetful Bitch~Chan” He said chuckling at the end “ Back in your room I said I was going to take whats mine~.” he cooed in your ear. ‘oh-no, this can’t be happening’ you thought. You were brought of your thoughts by Laito as he roughly fondled with your left breast while he took your right one in his mouth as he sucked the nipple. You bit your lip to prevent the moan threatening to leave your throat. 

He didn’t like that he wanted to hear you moan no, scream his name loud enough for all the others to know that you belong to him and only him. Then his hand started to stroke your sides going lower and lower until he reached the rim of your (f/c) colored panties “L-Laito” you moaned as he pushed two fingers in you and started thrusting them in and out of your dripping core. “L-LAITO!” you screamed as you climaxed on his fingers. He took his fingers out of core and seductively licked your juices off his fingers and whispered huskily in your ear “ You taste delicious Bitch~Chan”.

Just then you feel pain rush through your body. He thrusted in and out of you at a slow and steady pace increasing his speed with every thrust of his huge cock ‘OMFG, he huge!!’ you thought. This went on for seven minutes and you were close to climax “l-laito, I’m g-gonna..” “ (y/n)”.You then feel this bubble thats been forming in the bottom of the your stomach pop. “L-LAITO” “(Y/N)!” you both scream each others names as you both climax. You both lay on the sex dungeons brick floor(Yeah your in a sex dungeon...Don’t Jude Me!!!) and fall asleep.

~~~~~~~~~~~extended Scene~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Little did you both know Ayato and Kanato were outside the door the whole time you and Laito were ‘Having Fun’. Ayato was pissed the fuck off because he was suppose to be your first EVERYTHING and Kanato was shocked and hugged his teddy bear tighter to his chest.

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