The Pointless Needle

Wrote this ages ago, it's a bit random but short and sweet.


1. The Pointless Needle:

There once was a needle called Bea,

And she lived with her family of three hundred and three.

They lived in a room, in a draw, in a box,

Between someone's knickers and somebody's socks.

They worked with thread to stitch up clothes,

Bobbing through fabric in straight, tidy rows.

It's tedious work but what needles do best,

Is sewing, you see it's their chosen quest.


Yet out of the needles our Bea was the runt,

The problem being she was totally blunt.

When she dove into fabric she just bounced straight off.

Weather it be linen or silk, no matter what cloth,

She'd push and she'd shove but would not fit through,

And if a needle can't sew then what can it do?

She sat in her box and said "Now I see,

I'm as utterly pointless as needles can be."

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