This story is about witches and is designed for 13 to 16 years of age. It is a funny little tale about two witches that are nether good nor bad, there just wicked. Unravel the meaning of magic and understand pure witch craft as we go on a journey with Florence.


4. The Vamps

It was two thirty in the afternoon and Florence was upstairs listening to music on her phone. A day never went by with out her thinking about the witches sitting in the bottles on her dresser. Her dad had been preparing her for there release. both her and her dad had decided to set them free in the forest under one condition and that was that Florence could control them first. just in case they came back again. they had both decided it was cruel to keep them in bottles. As she was thinking about there release she just happened to look out of her window. A plane flew just over the roof and she pulled out her ear phones and immediately heard a load crashing noise. she ran down to the front door and out into the street. there was fire every where and the plane was on its side. the door seemed to be jammed shut she thought to herself as the pilot pointed to it. She ran back inside and called the police. The ringing tone continued for some time then there was a reply, Florence explained the situation and the police officer said they would be there in about an hour. Florence put down the phone and looked out the window, they could not wait any longer. The fire was all over the plane and she was no expert but they always blew up in films. O.k she thought this is it, its the chance to try out the witches. I must be mad she thought, but there was no other chose. Up stairs she ran to get the two bottles. She held her breath and opened them both. Smoke filled the air and formed into two pretty witches. Bronhilda stretched, brushed back her silky black hair and yawned loudly. Ethal looked sleepily at Florence.

'What time is it?' she asked.

'Don't worry about that know.' Florence said there is a disaster in Graves End and its our job to fix it.'

'Our job.' Ethal said.

'Whats a job?'Bronhilda said as she yawned again.

'Never mind that can you save some people from a plane, that is the question?'

'Maybe if we knew what a plane was.' Bronhilda said as her nose started to twitch. She started to walk around the room with her nose pointing towards the door.

'I smell something nice.' she said 'very nice indeed Ethal.'

'Shall we go.' Bronhilda said.

'After you.' Ethal said and Florence walked on into the street. she was not sure what the witches were up to but that was where she wanted them any way.

'Oh the precious dead.' Ethal shouted 'this mean contraption nearly flattened them.' With that her eyes turned red and the plane started to rise up from the ground.

'Stop.' Florence shouted 'stop that at once Ethal.'

Ethal turned to face Florence and the plane landed again with a bump

'Right.' Florence said 'you need to open the door of this contraption and let the people out Ethal, can you do that?'

'Is there a chicken it for me.' Ethal said as she picked at her teeth, 'I mean a big fat juicy one.' She said.

'No.' Florence said 'there will be my dad with another exorcism if you dont listen'

'No.' the witches said together 'don't burn us Florence we will do any thing for you just ask?'

'Right, off you go then and open this door and sort out this fire if you can?' Florence said

the fire was getting quiet ferocious now. everybody in the village was outside watching the commotion.

Bronhilda stood in front of the fire and sucked until the fire started  to fill her lungs. As the fire vanished from the plane it filled Bronhilda up completely. she glowed a radiant gold affect all over her body. she looked as if she had a fabulous tan Florence noticed.

Ethal walked on to the wing of the plane and actually ripped the door clean off.

'Out you come.' she said as she flicked her luscious bland hair from her face.

'Wow look at her Bradley.'James said 'she's a Bab.'

'look at that one down there with the black hair.' said  Connor, 'her tan is amazing.'

'Are we saved , because I really want to get out of here.' Tristan said.

The pilot pressed a button on the dash board and a inflatable slide appeared down to the floor.

'Great.' Tristan said 'we can get out now, you can see why I dont like flying.' he said out load as he jumped onto the slide and down to the ground. the others followed.

'Its the Vamps.' Florence said out load, 'I can not believe it they are really here. what do I say, what do I done?.........'No it can not be, its Bradley coming out of the plane, I have got to think of something good to say. Oh I am such a fan of yours.' she rehearsed to herself

As they landed on the ground a small dog was under Bradley's arm. Bronhilda sniffed at the dog and asked to hold it.

'Here you are.' Bradley said 'take good care of her'

As Bradley turned to face Florence Bronhilda opened her mouth really wide and downed the dog in one. all that was left was a waging tail trailing from her mouth.

'No!' Florence shouted 'let it go.'

But it was to late the tail vanished down her throat and there was no sign of the dog left.

'Sorry.' the lads said 'were you talking to use.'

Gone was the good opening line now, all Florence could think of was,

'I am your best fan!!'

'O.k' Tristan said 'can we go inside for a bit to wait for our manager.'

'Yes, yes of course.' Florence said 'help yourselves.'

She felt such a fool, she had the opportunity to say one good thing and she shouted No, let it go......what was she thinking.

'Whats wrong.' Ethal asked as they walked inside.

'They are my favorite band and i just talked rubbish to them.'Florence said as she moped inside the house.

'They are your favorite I prefer a big red animal with yellow eyes and red horns, he's scrummy.'

'Do you mean the devil.' Florence asked 'hoping for her to say no.'

'Whats is he.' she said instead.

'Never mind.' Florence said 'I can not believe it Bradley himself is sitting in my house I must have dyed and gone to heaven.'

'No' Ethal shreaked' hell is better....hes dreamy with his red horns.'

'SHOUT UP.' Florence shouted 'don't use that tone of speech in my house.'

'O.k.' Ethal said 'I will go and speak to the vamps then shall I.' and off she went humming to her self as she sat down on the sofa with James.

Florence stormed into the kitchen and fetched the two bottles. she called the witches into the kitchen and as they walked in she pulled the stoppers out. they formed into a viperous mist and slipped into the bottles.

'Night night girls.' Florence said as she put them on the shelf

'Now to tidy up this mess I have made.' she said to herself.

'Hay Ethal our manager is here see you again maybe, come and see us in concert some time, bye.'

'Wait!' Florence shouted 'what for me, I want to talk to you.'

Florence heard the door bang shut and she new her chance was over.


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