This story is about witches and is designed for 13 to 16 years of age. It is a funny little tale about two witches that are nether good nor bad, there just wicked. Unravel the meaning of magic and understand pure witch craft as we go on a journey with Florence.


2. Mr Blackfryer

The next morning in the grave yard the gravedigger was scratching his head. As he found half of his graves empty.

'Its happening all over again.' he mumbles to himself

bloody witches, its not bad enough that they lived in my last parish but they have to come to this one. today of all days if I have not got enough to do. What with the funeral tomorrow and the....... wheres my sod-cutter. never mind I will have to fetch the dead later there is no time now. He continues to mumble to himself as two young youths pass by.

John and Trever fond the gravedigger to be the best fun in the village they tormented him daily

'Hello Mr Blackfryer hows your dead people today, buried anybody nice lately. What a crap job you have, I would not want it would you Trever.'

'Ill have you now.' the gravedigger shouted back. 'That Abraham Lincoln, one of the presidents of the united states worked as a sexton in a churchyard in Spencer county Indiana years before he governed America. So think before you speak young men he said as he got back to his digging. They are just like a fly in my ear he told himself after every thing he had been through as a witch hunter there irritation could never compete. The day rolled on as usual with very little happening. it was a very sleep village which is why Mr Blackfryer had come to live here. the other town he had lived in had been beset with noisy teenagers and raving mad witches. which was not a good combination. He had been very busy saving the young people there and to be honest he was tired of it. Not saying it did not pay well. No the vicars were more than happy to spend hundreds to ride the town of witches. that was not the problem. No Mr Blackfryer could not cope with the unpredictability of the witches. they were gruesome. once he had nearly been turned into a black cat. When out of his own cunning plan he managed to find his small mirror and deflect the magic back. that witch would be on all fours for the rest of her natural life he though with a smile on his face. the day started to lead in to the night and Mr blackfryer readied himself for fetching the dead. He mumbled to himself as he parked his bag well.

Orange candle, check.

Box of matches, check

Wooden cross, check.

Joint of meat, check.

Live chickens, check.

Last but not least a silver knife, check.

He threw the bag over his shoulder and headed out of the door humming to himself as he made his way to the forest. deep inside he could here the crows coring up in the tops of the trees. It was very dark and he could only see just in front of his face. A forest was no place for a touch unfortunately he had to use his own eyes. The witches would see him coming so he scrambled about in the undergrowth searching for a small cottage. he did not now what it was with witches but they always lived in small cottages. he walked for what seemed to him to be a good mile into the forest until he heard a somebody crying.

'who's there.'he asked

'its me.' the voice replied

he moved toward the sound of her voice and found somebody tied to a tree. her arms lashed to the tree trunk.

'Florence.' he said 'is that you.'

'yes' she replied 'get me down.'

just then a wolf slipped around the tree, it had bright red eyes and big white fangs. It  growled at him. Mr Blackfryer jumped backwards. the wolf tried to get close to him but its chain was rapped around the tree.

'Don't worry Florence I will have you out of there in a jiffy. Its just the witches familiar. it wont hurt you or me if i can help it.....now where did I put the joint of meat. I was saving this for the witches but I guess this chap can have it, they can have the chickens. There it is.' he said as he threw it on the ground in front of Florence. The wolf jumped forward and started munching happily.

'Right.' he said 'lets get you untied.'

There came a mewing sound from up in the tree and Florence new it was Binky.

whats that he said is it the witches cat because I will have to kill it.

no Florence said its mine, its only Binky.

'Its your, you say o.k lets not worry about him then he can get his own way home. lets get you free.'

'My mothers in there.' she said 'but I don't now how this could have happened because she has been dead for three years.'

I know honey its confusing isn't it, well witched are like that you see. they are nothing like us they are more like animals than people. Just watch what happens when I let these chickens go then you will understand.

Mr Blackfryer opened his bag again and took out the live wriggling chickens and he threw them close to the cottage door.

'Take this.' he said to Florence 'and read it out to me nice and clearly now. Im just going to light this candle. there we go.' he said as he lite a large orange candle.

'Honey look into the flame with me and say the words, ready?'

'Yes.' she said.

'OK here we go then, don't forget to keep repeating it,'

'Orange candle black,'

'Flame white,'

'Bring them back tonight.'

as they continued to chant the words the door of the cottage opened and two young ladies came running out. they started chasing the chickens all over the forest. as they chased the poultry the door was left agar. Florence watched as her mother came through the open door and walked towards her.

'Don't worry keep chanting Florence, you mother will stop just in front of you and the others will follow. they now nothing. when they are in this state they just do what they are told to do. just follow my lead.' he said as he stood up and faced the corpse.

'This way everybody, this way and follow me.'

Florence stopped chanting and watched in awe as the dead followed his every word.

'Follow me everybody, this way now.' he said as Florence took up the rear of the line.

it was not long before they reached the graveyard and the corpses past Mr Blackfryer and headed for there graves. one by one they entered them and the soil closed over them. the last corpse hovered on the grave side and Mr Blackfryer went to investigate.

'Its my mom.' Florence said 'let me look.'

she ran over to see a amulet around her mothers neck containing a red sapphire that was glowing. Just then the chain broke and the amulet fell on to the grass. her mother slipped with ease into the grave and the soil gobbled her up.

Mr Blackfryer picked up the amulet and handed it to her,

'She must have wanted you to have this Florence honey, here you take it now and take good care of it.'

Florence held the amulet tight and thanked Mr Blackfryer for all his help, then as she turned to leave Binky appeared beside her. at last everything felt right again apart from the fact that Graves End now had witches Florence thought as she walked home to tell dad the tale.

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