This story is about witches and is designed for 13 to 16 years of age. It is a funny little tale about two witches that are nether good nor bad, there just wicked. Unravel the meaning of magic and understand pure witch craft as we go on a journey with Florence.


3. Her Mother's Love

Florence's father was the local vicar called Bobby Chambers. Now Bobby had been badly bullied at school to the point that he had developed a stutter. He was a very shy man by nature who chose a small parish to minister because of his nerves. Now tonight was his favorite Wednesday singing group club. he waited all week in anticipation of these little miracles of sound, as he called them. The tiny church filled up with the twelve female singers all warming there voices up in the vestry.

'Come thth.....threw ladies.' the vicar said.

'Lets expand our lungs and fff....fill the rafters tonight.'

Just then the door of the church opened and Edith Smithers scuttled in.

'Vicar on the way to church, I just passed two very strange ladies with a big red eyed dog, I think they are coming this way.' she said.

'Arr more voices for the singing group great stuff Edith, let them in then.'

The two witches glided into the church.

'Come in cccccc.....come in,sit yourselves down.'

'Thank you.' Ethal said 'we have come for our dead, have you seen them.'

'Well you have come to the right place there are a lot of dead buried here. do you have a name ppperrrrr........perhaps.'

'Name, you want a name, they are just helpers to us.'

'Well never mmmmmm...mind now lets start singing shall we, and off we go.'

The hymn began and Ethal sang so load that she broke the flower vases and Bronhilda danced so violently that she knocked the cross off the alter.

'Stop ssss......stop.' the vicar shouted 'what have you done ladies. pppppp...ull yourselves together its a singing group not a dance contest.'

Bronhilda was not happy, she flicked back her dark black locks and stared at the vicar. her eyes turned red and the vicar flew across the floor and slid up the wall. and there he hung for all to see.

Ethal started in disbelief.

'How did you do that Bronhilda can I try too.'she said.

'Help yourself.' Bronhilda said and Ethal squinted and blinked and squished her face up but nothing moved.

'Oh frogs mess.' she said 'I can not do it.'

'Don't worry sister you can enjoy tea and biscuits here look.' Bronhilda said as she munched happily on a bourbon cream.

She munched away as the vicar continued to hang from the wall and the singing group were hiding behind the curtains at the back.

Just then Florence walked in.

'Dad,dad are you here.' she stopped and jumped at the sight of the two witches.

'What is happening here.' she asked.

'Hi nice to meet you again.' the sisters said 'would you like a biscuit, we have come to fetch our dead, have you seen them?'

'Yes me and Mr Blackfryer took them back to there graves.'

'You did that.' Bronhilda said with a dribble of tea running down her chin.

'One of them was my mother.' florence said.

Oh your mother Bronhilda said as she stroked Florences hair and walked around her. 'well maybe since you took our dead we should take you instead to live and work in the forest with us.'

'No.' Florence said 'I will never go with you. you are wicked for tying me up and raising the dead, who gave you the right?'

'We did.' they said

'Together we can do what ever we like our father said so.'

'What else did your father say?'Florence said.

'Do not step outside the forest, Ethal said with a half smile on her face 'but look he was wrong there are these lovely living dead and sumptuous chickens every where.'

'No, no its not beautiful its a dangerous place for witches.'Florence shouted at them.

'Witches.' they said 'what are they?'

'Your dad told you nothing!'Florence said.

'No.' they said 'we just like what we see.'

what like Trever and John outside, you turned them in to stone and my mother, you took her away. these things are bad to do are you not sorry?'Florence shouted.

'Sorry for what eating chickens and raising the dead, no we are not sorry.'Bronhilda said as she gobbled down another biscuit.

'Well then I will give you to my dad who will banish you both to the forest for ever.Dad get down her now and say one of your special prayers quick'

'I will do it from her petal.' he said as he began the exorcism.

As he said the words out load the witches began to burn.

'STOP' they shouted 'STOP......We will go back into the forest under one condition that we can have some chickens for our own.'

'Its a deal.' Florence said.

As they stepped out into the night sky the stars twinkling Florence took the witches to the stone statues of the boys.

'Let them free then you get the chickens.' she said.

Do it yourself Bronhilda said as she pointed to Florence's amulet. It was shining red in the moon light.

Take your amulet and place it on the stone, the love it holds inside will set them free.

Florence did as they said and the stone turns back to flesh and two very confused teenage boys stood before them.

'Ok.' Florence said 'that's great now you can have as many chickens as you want on this eve but never leave the forest again.'

Just then a man appeared with a feather in his hat. He quickly put the witches into two bottles and handed them to Florence.

'I have a better idea.' he said. 'you keep the witches safe for me until I return. they will always be in the village now. they will protect it. If you call upon them at any time they will work for you Florence. you have proved yourself tonight to be strong enough to be the witch bearer.


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