This story is about witches and is designed for 13 to 16 years of age. It is a funny little tale about two witches that are nether good nor bad, there just wicked. Unravel the meaning of magic and understand pure witch craft as we go on a journey with Florence.


1. Raising The Dead

It was an ordinary day for Ethal and Bronhilda. Ethal sang like a sky lark while brushing her blond locks and bronhilda danced merrily around the little cottage making bread, her long raven black hair turning a fluffy white in the flour dust. There little lives had not changed for one hundred and fifty years, but little did they know that that there lives were about to take on a new twist. There little home in the middle of the woods was very secret. There father, 'bless him' had warned them never to step outside of the forest. So for many, many years they had lived an idyllic life in the forest, but today was different. it was very different indeed because from outside the cottage an old man was approaching. he was walking as if he was drunk. in his hand was two small bottles. one bottle was orange and the other bottle blue. this man was wearing a feather hat and the brim of the hat covered his face completely. As he came closer he tiptoed over to the window where Ethal was singing. he opened the stopper of the orange bottle and chuckled to himself as she slowly turned into smoke and slipped into the bottle. Bronhilda screamed and ran for the door but the man opened the blue bottle and she also turned into smoke and vanished into the bottle. The old man walks and sings a ditty to himself as he makes his way out of the forest and in to the village beyond.

'Now.' he says 'my little beauties do your worse.'

out of the bottles there spirits rise until they are fully formed again.

'Happy Halloween Graves End' he said as he vanished back into the forest cackling to himself.

Ethal and Bronhilda look around and about. there eyes widen as they smell a new sent. they can not quiet place it at first. the Armour was so intoxicating that they followed it all the way past the church to a large house nestled behind it. Bronhilda is first to investigate. her nose twitches as she opens a side gate and steps into a garden. To her joy she spies two chickens in a coup.

'Ethal.' she says 'look what I have found.'

Ethal moves towards the coup and takes out the chickens. What she does then is beyond any normal person behavior. She viciously rips off there heads and sucks out there warm blood. She then wiped her mouth and glided around the garden and out of the gate singing very loudly to herself. The angelic tone filled the air and Bronhilda joined in with a little jig around her. They made there way around the little sleepy village jigging and singing there hearts out. there slender bodies moving in rhythm and there glistening hair flouting behind them. As they rounded the bend for the third time Bronhilda stops dancing as her attention was drawn to the church yard up ahead.

'Ethal.' she says 'I have never had so much fun, shall we do the unspeakable now.'

'Oh yes Bronhilda I think we should.'

They both laughed together and entered the grave yard.

'Yes, yes.' Bronhilda said 'it will be nice to have some help around the house. you start dear sister and i will finish.'

'After you dear sister.' she said. With that the sisters started chanting out load,

Black candle white,

Flame bright,

Bring them up tonight.

As they repeated the words, Ethal started to sing like a holy angel and Bronhilda skipped around the graves with grace.


from the other side of the grave yard a young girl was approaching with a bunch of flowers in her hand. her name was Florence and she was visiting her mothers grave at dusk to place her flowers there. Florence's mother had died three years ago and she missed her very much. Because of her loss she worshiped every thing dark in nature. she wore black lipstick and made her face white. she liked to paint a skeletal on her face since her favorite song was prayer in c. she had black nail varnish on and it did not stop there. she had a strange interest in everything supernatural. at home she had a ghost hunting kit. her favorite device was a rectangular box that had a needle at the top which moves up if you find a ghost. It was a clever machine that works by radio waves. As she moved towards the grave yard she noticed two women dancing and singing around her mothers grave. she stopped and hide behind a tree to watch what they were doing. she could not believe her eyes. The earth around her mothers grave started to rise up into the air and then her mother was standing in front of the two ladies. her eyes widened as other graves started to move and more corpses came up. Florence could not believe what she was seeing. The two ladies started to dance and sing there way into the forest and her mother along with the others followed them. Florence had no chose but to follow them too. she did not realist that behind was her pet cat Binky. Now Binky was a clever cat who went every where with Florence. On the eve of this day Binky found himself in the forest too.




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