Adore Me

How it feels to find out that the person you love, has been playing you.


1. Adore Me

Sweet sounds you say to me 

Sweet things that make me dream

We are happy, we are free

Inside me is a darkness that makes me scream 

Make me feel like alive


Adore me

Treasure me

Make me feel wanted 

The sights that I feel I might be haunted 


Adore me

Protect me 

From the darkness within 

In a mirror I face myself

My reflected Twin 


You touch me as if you want me 

Thats a lie 

You hurt me as if I was nothing

Lets say goodbye 

In the morning when we all awake 

Please just go, it’s the last that I can take


Adore me 

Love me 

Make me feel wanted 

I was just an item you flaunted 


Adore me 

Hate me 

Make me feel treasured 

You were only one I loved 

You used me only for pleasure 

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