I'm A Bug?!

The story of the day I turned into a butterfly
(this is a work of fiction)


1. I'm a Bug?!

     Well, it was definitely strange to wake up as a bug.

     I woke up, and everything was kind of hazy - you know, that fuzziness that envelops your brain as you’re coming to your senses. So I obviously didn’t realize at first that I had somehow transformed into a giant insect.

   Then I tried to get out of bed.

   Getting out of bed (or trying to, anyway) led to me noticing that I had more than 2 legs. In fact, I had six legs, and they were thin, fuzzy, and bent in weird places.

   I thought for sure that I was dreaming. I mean, I had to be, right? This just wasn’t possible! Not only did I have these weird, spindly legs, but my torso was fuzzy and black, and my eyes felt weird, and...there was something on my back...

  I had wings. I. Had. Wings. I kid you not, I had real, legitimate, actual, wings. They were HUGE, with black and yellow coloring, along with a bit of blue at the edges. These...wings ended in odd tapers that, while strange, were actually very elegant.


   So, eventually I figured out that it wasn’t a dream, and I turned my focus back to my previous objective( you know, the thing I was doing before I realized I was a BUG): getting my buggy little butt out of bed.

   Well, how the heck was I supposed to do that?! I had zero ideas on how to use my newly-found insect form. Seriously, zero. So, I tried rolling, but that was kind of painful, and I gave up on it. Then I tried bouncing around on my back. That made my wings practically scream out loud in pain, and I quickly stopped. I lay there, on my fuzzy, winged back, wondering “What am I supposed to do?!?!”

  Did I have a mouth??? I tried calling for help, but nothing came out...mainly because there was nothing for it to come out of except a long tube that was rolled up in the spot where my mouth would normally be. I definitely wasn’t making any noise with that thing.

  How was I supposed to get out of bed? That was the question that was once again circling my brain when my door opened with a bang.

   Oh, schist.

   My mom stood in the doorway, the hallway light behind her turning her into a dark, mom-shaped silhouette. I couldn’t see much of her due to the light-dark contrast, but I could definitely make out the expression on her face: complete shock.

    “Sky? What...?!”

    She screamed, backing away from the doorway.

    Oh, boy, I was in trouble.

    “Frank!” Mom screamed my dad’s name, and it wasn’t long before I could hear his heavy steps thudding on the hallway’s wooden floor. He popped into view next to my mom. “What?” Then he looked in my room and blinked. “Where did that thing come from? Where’s Sky?”

   My mom was still staring at me in complete shock. “I think...I think that is Sky.”

   Then they just stood there, staring at me with expressions on their faces that would have been funny in a different situation. Finally, I went back to trying to get out of bed.

   “I think she needs help.” Dad observed. He hesitated, then approached the bed and gently lifted me out of it, placing me on the floor feet-down.

   As soon as he was a safe distance away, I opened my wings with a flourish, shaking them out. Aaaahhh, that felt so much better! After several seconds, I closed them again. and slowly started to crawl towards the door. My parents hastily moved out of the way, and I was soon meandering down the hallway. Eventually, I reached the back door in the kitchen. Azzy, our cat, was watching me with wide eyes. A hand stretched over my head - Dad’s hand - and pulled the door open, forcing me to move sideways. Dad went out on the porch ahead of me to open the screen door. I squeezed through first the kitchen door, then the screen door. Finally, I was outside.


   The rest of the day was surprisingly boring. I didn’t risk flying, for fear of being attacked by scientists. I just spent the rest of the day wandering around the backyard.

   When night fell, I fell asleep quickly.

   In the morning, I woke up as a perfectly normal human being.

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