Earth has been split into two parts, Normality, a place for all perfect humans, and Moriko, the home to all freaks of nature. The rulers of Moriko, Lord Edward and Lord Minstrel, plan to take over the entire world, but Team Crimson, a secret orginization against the parting, is not going to stand for it. They send a young man named Agent 05 to Normality in order to find a Savior, but he ends up captured soon. All hope seems lost for both sides, until a kind scientist named Bernard steps into the light. Is he what their looking for? Or is everyone doomed to destruction?


1. Letter from the Author

Hello, everyone!

I've finally decided to start publishing this book!

I'm really excited!!

I keep writing little stories on it, but I never got around to actually posting it, so here it is!

Sorry if it's crappy. I love the story, mostly because it's fun writing it and everything.

So, Welcome to the world of Simon, Bernard, and their friends from Team Crimson!

Hope you like the dark side.~


Warning: This book contains a lot stuff that isn't appropriate for people under the age of 14 or even 16 maybe (Unless you're mature, then you can read it.) There are references to drugs, Alcohol use, tobacco use, killing, swearing, gay love sometimes (or close to it), and scary images if I have time.



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