Earth has been split into two parts, Normality, a place for all perfect humans, and Moriko, the home to all freaks of nature. The rulers of Moriko, Lord Edward and Lord Minstrel, plan to take over the entire world, but Team Crimson, a secret orginization against the parting, is not going to stand for it. They send a young man named Agent 05 to Normality in order to find a Savior, but he ends up captured soon. All hope seems lost for both sides, until a kind scientist named Bernard steps into the light. Is he what their looking for? Or is everyone doomed to destruction?


2. Eyes of Violet

New Washington ---- Secret HQ and Lab to World Government


    The albino laid limp on the table under the heated lamp. He face was as pale as the snow that rested outside. He was in pain, but didn't want to show it. Never could he show pain. His glasses were broken and his hair was all messed up, his face had bruises and cuts on it along with the rest of his body. Everyone had been working on him, trying to wake him up and get him to talk, but he wouldn't move at all, until he came over.


"Why won't you move for them? They'll only hurt you more..." he said softly to the Albino


    There was no reply, just a small movement, then he opened his eyes. The scientist looked over at the strange man and gasped a little. He had bright, beautiful violet eyes. Crystal clear purple.


"Can... you understand me?..."


"Of course I can. I speak English."


"But you're from Moriko."




    The scientist back away a little. The mysterious man looked over at him and watched him closely. The other man has dark brown, almost black, hair that was went to his shoulders, but was pulled back in a small pigtail. His eyes were brown too and his face looked like he had shaved about a week before, so there were some hairs on his chin and jaw.


"Who are you?..."


"I'm... Uh..."


"Do you not remember? They did beat you pretty hard..."


"Yes, I do not remember. All I remember is the words Sim-On."


"Simon? Maybe that's your name."


"Yes..." he smiled at the name "Simon sounds like a good name, but where I'm from or how I got here is strange to me still..."


"We'll find out soon. I'll take you to my house. I hate the way they're treating you."


"Thank you, Mr.Bernard!"


    How Simon knew his name was stranger. He never told him his name and no one ever mentioned it, but he didn't mind at the time. He just knew he had to help this curiously mysterious young albino. Why? That was another mystery...

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