I ain't no perfect girl

Sooo I'm Cassia Panye a Victoria secret model, who's in a band called KCCM, whose dated Ashton Irwin, Harry Styles and many more. Literally my life as Cassia is my YouTube- super cool ehhh!


1. Chapter 1

Cassia's POV

"Cassia, Cassia" screamed Macaylee. " coming Cayls" I scream back. I quickly stick on my makeup and my fav grey short sleeved tank top and high waisted shorts and converse. I sprinted down the stairs to Cayls but when I got to the bottom I saw two bodies, Cayls and someone elses.

"Oh my God, is that Carlee Irwin!" I screamed. " Babes, I haven't seen you in sooo long, Ashton's really missing you!" She said. " Come on Carls, he broke up with me and any way I'm very happy in my relationship with Harry Styles, have you met him yet?" " actually I haven't met him, but I'm having a party and I was wondering if you guys would like to come, and babes of cause you can bring Harry" she said, as she was staring at me accusingly like I'm the worst human on the earth.

Carls left in her Mercedes Benz and my phone then beeped and I had gotten a text from Hazza.

From Hazza (;

Hiya ßæ, tell Cayls that Liam and I are coming over (: start getting sexy * : I'm in the car

Luv ya

" Cayls, my brother and my boyfriend are coming over" I screamed and yeah I'm Cassia Panye, related to Liam Panye of one direction, my best friend Macaylee is dating my brother and we are both Victoria Secret models. We are also in a band called KCCM with Kendall Hemmings and Carlee Irwin. Yes, as you have worked out I used to date Ashton Irwin but one night at an after party I was walking back up to my room and I went to say good night to Ashton and I walked in on him having sex with Selena Gomez.

If you thought she used to cheat on Justin that was sooo true, it hurt but it must have hurt Justin even more because they were married, yeah were married but obviously got a divorce after that. Carls and I still get along great but as you could predict all of us now think that Selena is a real slut. Which is sooo true.

The door bell then rang, I went to go and check and it was my ßæ and my brother, I went and opened it Hazza kissed me, but I still don't feel the same spark that I had when Ashton kissed me.

" Cass, Simon said that I must tell you that you girls have a show tomorrow to release you're new song Girl power" Liam said, I think he did that to interrupt the kiss, thank you so to heaven and back for doing that Liam.

" guys, we're going to a party at the Irwins tonight do you want to come?" Cayls asked the boys. " baby, of course we're coming Ashton's already invited us" Liam said, then him and Cayls started making out.

I pulled Hazza aside and said " ßæ you seem very quite, what's up?" Hazza replied" I can't put this off any longer, I've being having sex with Alexia Manners for 2 months and now she's pregnant" great all I need is to have another boyfriend who had sex with other girls while dating me, I can't help that I'm a Virgin and I'm not quite ready to change that status yet, but what bothers me even more is that is Selena Gomez's best friend, why do those two hate me so much.

Harry's POV

She doesn't look like she has taken the news very well, but dayum she looks smokin, anyway she probably isn't my girlfriend anymore after that. Lexi is smokin too and let's me have sex with her, but Lexi still isn't as hot as Cassia of course though cause Cassia is a Victoria secret model. The main thing I'm worried about is LIAM he's gonna kill me for hurting his lil sis.

"Hazza, umm I mean Harry, you know how many times I've been hurt because of this so, I think the best thing to do is to say goodbye to us. It's not you, actually it's all you, gee you have a minute to get out of my face before I call the cops on you, for sexually assaulting Alexia Manners".

Woah that was harsh, I sprinted out of that house, Liam and Macaylee looked like they were about to have sex. Because Liam was in his boxers and Macaylee in her bra and underwear but that's the usual she's a Victoria secret model.

Macaylee's POV

I can't believe Harry hurt her like that, Li's in the middle of beating him up now because he's a total dickhead.

I'm with Cass in her room, watching love actually, it's my fave movie for when one of us break up with someone.

" Cass, you know we don't have to go to Carls party tonight" I said, " I know, we don't have to go but I think it's a good way to get over Harry" she said. " Cass, you know that Ashton's gonna be there" she interrupted me before I could carry on and she said "I bloody well know he is gonna be there but I really don't care and I just wanna party, so for heavens sake lets get ready and party" " kk, cool" I replied.

She pulled out five different dress the first one was super sexy, and would just cover my but and was gold and black, the second one was a boob tube long dress that was white immediately after seeing that dress I said " I call dibs on that one" the other three dress Cass and I didn't like so Cass went with the gold and black sexy one.

Cassia's POV

I pulled on my gold and black dress with beautiful gold heels, I put on my normal makeup and grabbed my gold clutch and went to the living room where I saw Cayls she was in my white dress with white flats and s black clutch, we then waited for Liam it felt like we were waiting foreva but he came out soon and we hope in the car, blasting my fav song whip nae nae.

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