Each day Katie goes to school and gets bullied, no one knows her secrets


6. chapter 6

2 weeks later...

Katie's pov

The last two weeks have been amazing, I got to meet one direction, me and niall became friends, Mali and joy have been visiting a lot the same with the guys they love little lily,

Today I'm going to pick up rielly, mrs dot walks rielly our since I don't want to leave lily in the car by herself,

"We'll be back tomorrow"i say as she straps rielly In

"No problem, have fun" she replies

I wave her good bye before we drive off,

I'm nearly home when a hear a loaf crash and everything turns black...

Calum's pov

I was waiting with the guys when my phone rang,

Me: hello

S: is this calum hood

Me: yes

S: sit we need you to come to te hospital right away, Miss smith has been in a accident

Me: I'm coming

I hang up and grab my key,

"Katie's been in a accident I have to go" I tell the guys and run out the door,

Please be ok, please let my girls be ok, I say over and over in my head, I rush through the doors in the hospital,

I rush to the front desk

"Katie smith" I almost yell

"Mr hood" a voice says I turn around to see a doctor

"Where katie, where lily" I panick

he signals me to follow him,"

"We have stabilised miss smith she is doing well" he says

"What about my daughter and rielly" I ask

"I'm sorry they didn't make it" he informs me

"No" I break down

"Mr hood I'm sorry for your loss" he replies

"Where's Katie I need to see her" I sob

"Come with me" he says as we walk to her room, I walk in and she's laying there still as can be,she looks bad

"What happened" I ask

"Drunk driver, he smashed into her car, it's a miracle she made it"he replies walking out

I sit down beside Katie and break down even more, I hear a knock on the door and it opens luke walks in ,

"Hey cal" he says walking over to me

"their gone luke" I cry

"Who's gone mate" he asks

"Lily and rielly they didn't make it" I cry

"Cal" he sighs hugging me tight

" Can you call my mum, I need her" I sob

"Of course bud I'll be back in a minute ok" he replies

I rest my head on the bed holding Katie's hand,

"Cal sweetie" I hear and someone touching my shoulder

I look to see mum

"Mum" I sob she hugs me tight

"Shh baby" she hums

"Their gone" I sob

"I know baby boy, it's going to be ok " she replies rubbing my back

"It hurts" I sob

"It will for awhile" she replies

"I don't know what to do, I don't know if I can cope with this" I cry

"I know it's hard now cal but Katie is going to need you, I know it hurts but we need you to be strong it will get easier one day,you have all of us to help you through this your not alone" she replies

"Thank you mum" I sob

"Do you need me to stay" she asks

"No I'm ok, I need you to tell Mali" I sob

"We can get through this" she replies pulling away from my embrace, she walks out, I stop crying I don't think I can cry any more, I stare at the wall blankly I feel numb,

"C c cal" I look up at Katie

"Shh baby girl I'm here"i say standing up and sitting on the side of the bed,

"What happened" she asks

"You were In A accident" I reply

"Where's lily and rielly are they ok" she asks

I take a deep breath

"Baby I'm sorry, they didn't make it" I whimper

"No" she yells

She starts crying

"Shhh baby" I say holding her

"I'm sorry" she cries

"No baby shhh it wasn't your fault" I reply

"I wanna go home" she cries

"I know baby you can go home when the doctor tells you you can" I reply

"I feel empty cal" she sobs

"I know baby" I sigh

"I don't know if I can cope" she sobs

"We can get through this ok,I know it's going to be hard and it's going to hurt for awhile, I promise I'll be here for you I'll help you though" I reply

"And who going to help you, I'll try but I need to know your ok" she sobs

"I will be ok, we have the guys, mum and Mali they will help in any way they can " I reply

She nods

"Cal come cuddle me please" she asks

I climb on the bed and cuddle her into my chest

"Get some rest baby" I whisper kissing her head

Moments later we both drift off ....

Katie's pov

I wake in Calum's arms, my head is pounding, I feel numb I sit up a little and hold my head,

Cals wakes

"Babe are you alright" cal asks

"Yeah, my heads pounding from all the crying" I reply

"Mine too, I'll get the doctor, ok " he says crawling out of my hospital bed,

He returns with the doctor,

Cal sits on the edge of the bed,

"Miss smith,how you feeling" the doctor asks

"I'm ok just have a headache from the crying" I reply

"That's understandable, I'll get you some pain killers" he replies walking to a cabinet and pulling some out, he hands some to me and i take them ,

"When can I go home" I ask

"Today if you have someone to take care of you" he replies

"I'll take care of her" cal speaks up

"Ok, I'll get the release forms and then you can go" the doctor says walking out of the room, he comes back with the papers, I sing them, I get dressed quickly

"Take me home cal" I say grabbing his hand, we walkout the doors, luke is waiting for us I run and hug him, he doesn't say anything, I let go and me and cal get in the back I lay my head on his shoulder,

"Cal I don't think I can go home yet" I mumble

"I know baby it's ok, we're going to stay with the guys for a little" he replies

"Thank you " I mumble

"I thought it would be a bit harder if we went home now" he replies

"We have to face it one day" I reply

"I know we will one day but not right now" he sighs

We pull in front of the guys house, we hop out and walk inside, we are greeted by mikey an ash,

Ash gives me a quick hug,

Mikey looks like he's been crying, I hug him, he wraps his arms around me

"Hey mikey" I mumble into his chest

"I'm sorry" he sobs

"Awe mikey,come sit down with me" I say guiding him to the couch we sit down

Cal sits down beside me, mikey lays his head on my shoulder while I hug him,

"We went and got you guys some clothes" ash says sitting down

"Thank you" cal replies

"Are you ok mikey" cal asks

He doesn't answer

"Mikey I need you to be strong ok, we need you, if me and cal break down we need you, luke and ash to be there for us I'm gonna need someone other thank cal to lean on" I say grabbing his hand

"Mikey if I break down I need you to take care of her ok make sure she's ok" cal replies

"can you do that mikey" I ask

"Yes" he mumbles

"Good, guys I expect you to help him aswell" I say to luke and ash

"Yeah of course " luke replies

"Do you guy mind if I go and Shower I ask

"Not at all there's one in your room" ash replies

"Stay strong mikey" I whisper in his ear

"I'll show you the room babe, I need to get changed" cal says holding his hand out, I take it and he leads me into out room and shuts the door, I let out a deep sigh, calum wraps me in his arms

"I'm ok cal" I mumble into his chest

"No your not ok ,I'm not ok,its ok not to me ok ok" he replies

"Your right I'm not ok but I'm going to be strong, I'll take it one day at a time, but right now cal I need a shower" I reply

"Okay,I'll wait for you" he replies

He sits on the bed with his head in his hands, I kiss his head and walk off to the bathroom, I start the shower and get in, I can't hold it back anymore I cry I sit down on the shower floor pull my legs to my chest and let the water run over me as I cry,

"Babe" I hear I look up and see calum, he comes and sits in the shower fully clothed next to me,

"I'm ok , I'm ok" I cry

He wraps his arms around me and pulls me into his lap, I cry into his chest

"Shh baby I got you" he say rocking us

He reaches up and turns off the shower,

I stand up he wraps a towel around me, he strips all his wet clothes off and wraps him self in a towel, he walks me out to the bedroom and sits me on the end of the bed, he throws on some boxers , he walks over to me with my panties and bra he bends down to put them on me

"I can do it cal" I say pulling them on

"I'll be back in a minute" he say standing up and walking out,

I put my bra on and grab one of Cals tops to wear and curl up on the bed,

Cal returns with a sandwich and some water,

"I brought you food" he says sitting it on the side table

"Thanks cal but I'm not hungry" I mumble

"Babe you haven't eaten all day" he replies

"I'm not hungry I'll eat later" I reply

He crawls on the bed and cuddles me,

"Get some rest baby" he says rubbing my back

"I love you cal" I mumble

"I love you too" he replies

I drift off in his arms...

Calum's pov

I wake to Katie screaming,

"No please, come back, don't take them, why" she scream

"Katie wake up" I say shaking her

"Cal" she cries

"I'm here baby, it ok shh" I say pulling her into my chest

She calms down

"What's the time" she asks

"Midnight" I reply

"Sorry I woke you" she mumbles

"No it's ok you can wake me anytime" I reply

"Cal" she mumbles

"Yes baby" I reply

"I'm hungry" she mumbles

"Hold on to me" I reply

"Why" she ask

I pick her up and get out if bed

"We're getting you food" I reply

I carry her out to the kitchen and sit her on the bench

"What do you feel like" I ask

"Toast" she replies

I put some bread in the toaster,

"What do you want on it" I ask

"Butter and vegemite please "she replies

The toast pops so I spread it with butter and vegemite,

"Here babe" I say handing her the plate of toast

I stand in between her legs

"Do you want some" she says holding the toast to my mouth, I bite it

"Eat up baby" I reply

"Want some more" she asks

"No thanks baby" I say walking to the freezer

"What are you looking for" she asks

"This" I say pulling a tub of ice cream out

"You can't eat Luke's Ice cream" she replies

"Yes we can he gave me permission earlier" I reply grabbing a spoon

I stand back between her legs

"Are you gonna share this time, last time you ate the whole tub yourself" she chuckles

"If I have to" I sigh

"You have to" she replies

We sit there sharing ice cream,

"Do you want some more" I ask holding the spoon up

"No I'm full" she replies

I pack the ice cream away.

Katie's pov

Cal is packing the Ice cream away,

He comes and stands in between my legs again,

"Cal I need a distraction" I mumble

"A distraction" he questions

I crash my lips to his, he kisses back,

"Please cal I need you" I say breaking the kiss

"You sure" he asks

I nod and kiss him again, he picks me up from the bench and carries me to the bedroom, he lays me down on the bed, I rio his top off and mine he kisses and sucks down my neck,

"No teasing cal I want you now" I say bringing his lips to mine,he tips down my panties and his own, he hovers over me connecting our lips again,

"Condom" he asks

"No baby I'm in the pill" I reply

He connects our lips again, before I know it he slams into me,he moves slowly

"Faster cal" I whimper

He starts thrusting harder and faster hitting my g spot everytime,

"Mmm cal,im gonna" I moan

"Cum baby" he replies

My walls collapse around him, he thrusts again reaching his own high

I moan out his name, he collapses on top of me,

"Hmm I needed that" i say catching my breath

"Me too" he sighs

"Are you gonna pull out or do you wanna go again" I tease

He doesn't say anything he just starts moving,

"So round two it is" I say bringing his lips to mine

He starts thrusting harder,

i can feel it building again,

We reach our highs together,

"Argh Katie" he moans

He thrusts a few more time to ride out our highs,he collapses on top of me again, he pulls out and pulls on his boxers I pull on my panties, he pulls me into his chest,

"Now I'm tired and a little sore" I say nuzzling my head into his chest

"Go to sleep baby" he replies kissing my head

"Thanks for distracting me " I reply

"My pleasure" he chuckled

Moments later I drift off....

I wake and stare at calum who's still asleep,i run my thumb over his cheeks, his eyes flutter open,

"Morning" he yawns

"Morning" I reply

"How you feeling" he asks

"Honestly I don't know cal" I sigh

"Same here" he replies hugging me

"Cal I think I'm gonna stay in bed all day" I sigh

"That's ok with me, in just gonna have a shower ok" he replies

I nod, he kisses me on the head and goes off to have a shower, I hear a knock on our bed room door,

"Come in" I yell

Mikey comes in with a plate of pancakes,

"I brought you guys breakfast" he mumbles walking In

"Thanks mikey,you can put the plate on the side table I'm sure cal will eat them" I reply

"Are you ok" he asks

I shake my head

"I've been better" I reply

"I'm sorry about breaking down yesterday, I shouldn't have" he sighs

"No mikey it's fine,you had a right to cry too, I know you become attached to her" I reply

"How could you not,she was a beautiful baby girl ,she was family " he replies

tears form in my eyes

"Come cuddle me mikey" I ask

He climbs on the bed and cuddles me I cry into his chest

"I didn't mean to make you cry" he replies

"You didnt" I cry

He rubs circles on my back trying to calm me

"Cal" mikey yells , cal comes out of the bathroom and sees me crying on mikeys chest, I feel the bed doop down and two arms wrap around me

"Baby, let mikey go I'm here now" cal whispers in my ear

I didn't notice I had mikeys shirt clenched in my hands, I slowly let go and dive into Cals arms, I hear the door shut indicating mikey left the room,cal rubs my back and calms me down

"He made you breakfast" I sob

"Mmm good pancakes" he replies

"I'm sorry" I sob

"Shh babe it's ok" he sighs

"But it's not, nothing is ok, one way or another everyone leaves me,no one cares,no one stays it's a wonder you have" I sob

"It's not true I care and I'm not going to leave you, no matter how hard it gets I need you to remember I love you and I'll always love you, I know your hurting and I'm hurting too, we need to help each other through this baby, I know I can't do it with out you" he replies

I look up to see tears streaming out of his eyes and down his cheeks

I lean up and cup his face with my hands wiping his tears away leaning my forehead on his,

"I love you cal so much" I sob

I place a soft kiss in his lips

"Your not alone in this" he mumbles

"I know neither are you" I reply

"I think you should have a nap" he mumbles

I nod

I lay down he pulls me close so I can cuddle into him,

Moments later I drift off......

Calum's pov

Katie has just gone to sleep again, I climb off the bed without waking her and head out to the kitchen to get a drink,

I sit down at the bench drinking a glass of water,

I put my head in my hands,

"Hey cal" I hear Luke's voice

"HEy" I sigh

"How are you going" he asks

"Honestly not good" I sigh

"How's katie" he asks

"She's worse, I don't know what to do" I sob

"No one does know what to do in these situations mate,but you know you have me ash and mikey to help get you two through this" he says patting and rubbing my back

"I do thanks" I mumble

"Did you eat mikeys pancakes" he asks

"Umm no, I got distracted" I reply

"Good cause they were horrible, but shh don't tell him that" he replies

"I need your help with some thing" I sigh

"Anything" he replies

"Lily's and rielly funereal" I sigh

"Ash is already on it ,he thought you might need some help" he replies

"That's great cause I have no idea what to do" I reply

"Don't worry about a thing we've got it covered" he replies

"Thanks" I mumble

"Really cal how are you feeling" he asks

"I feel a mix if emotions, I'm angry and upset I feel numb, I feel like I'm going to break down any second, I miss my little girl and rielly and it kills me there's nothing I can do to bring them back" I reply

"I've got a idea,go out on some sweat pants and joggers" he replies

"I can't leave katie"i sigh

"It will be good, Katie will be ok mikey will take are of her until we get back "he replies

"I don't know"i sigh

"Mikey" luke yells

"Yes" he says running into the kitchen

"We need you to look after Katie for a little I'm taking cal out for some therapy" luke replies

"Yeah that's fine,what if she has another break down" mikey replies

"She won't but if she does hold her close rock her and rub her back and Hum and call me " I reply

"Okay that's settled now go hey changed" luke replies

I nod and go to the bedroom to get changed,

I pull on a pair of sweats and a hoodie, I lean over and kiss Katie's forehead before heading out the door,

"He's waiting in the car for you" mikey says as I walk into the lounge where he's sitting

"Thanks, take good care of her" I reply

"I will" he replies as I walk out the door

I hop in the car with luke he's drives until we're front of a gym,

"A gym really" I ask

"Yes" he replies as we get out of the car

"Why" I ask

"You need to hit something" he replies

Katie's pov

I wake to an empty bed, I throw on a pair if bed shorts under the Cals top I am wearing, I head out to the lounge in search for cal but the only one there is mikey,

"Hey mikey where's cal" I ask as I walk in

"Hey,um luke has dragged him out for something" he replies

"Oh" I sigh

"Are you ok " he asks

"Yes and no" I reply I sit down on the couch next to him

"Are you hungry" he asks

"No I don't feel like eating" I reply

"How bout a movie" he asks

"That would be good" I reply

He gets up and puts a movie in,

ten minutes in I came to the realisation that we were watching riellys favourite movie, I think about how everytime we watched it he would run around pretending to be Spider-Man, I feel tears running down my cheeks,

"Hey are you ok" I hear mikey ask snapping me out of my thoughts

"Ah yeah it's just that this was riellys favourite movie" I reply

"Oh shit sorry I wasn't thinking" he replies

"No it's fine it makes me think of happy memories of him" I reply

"Do you want me to turn it off" he asks

I shake my head

"No I have to get used to it" I reply

Tears still trickling down my cheeks

"Yeah but you don't have to do it right now it's only been a couple of days" he replies

That's when I break down into sobs again, mikey pulls me close and I sob into his chest he rocks me and rubs my back calming me down,

Ash comes barging in,

"Hey" he sighs bending down in front of us staring at my teary eyes

"Hi" I whimper

"How bout I make you a cup of tea" ash asks

I nod slowly,he walks off to the kitchen,

"How bout I go get you a blanket" mikey asks

"Mhm" I sigh

I slowly sit up so he can get up,

Ash comes back with a cup of tea and hands it to me, I take a sip and sit it on the table, ash sits down next to me I lay down and lay my head on his thigh I stare blankly at the tv not paying attention I jump a little when I feel mikey place a blanket over me,

"Shh it's ok "mikey says brushing my hair out of my face before he sits down,

I lay there in silence not saying a word zoned out staring blankly at the tv,

I must be laying there awhile I don't even realise cal and luke walk in,

"Katie" I hear Cals voice echo through my head, I break out of my trance when he kneels down infront of me,

"Hi" I mumble

"Are you ok" he asks

I slowly shake my head

"How bout we get you a pillow so ash can have his leg back" he says

I nod and slowly get up,ash gets up and gets me a pillow and I lay back down,

"Do you guys want some food" luke asks

"Babe food" cal asks

"Not hungry" I mumble

"Mikey has she eaten since we left" cal asks him

"No" mikey replies

"Babe you have to eat" cal replies

"I'll eat later, I'm not hungry" I mumble

"No thanks luke" cal mumbles

He runs his thumb over my cheek

"You should go eat cal I'm ok" I mumble

"No baby your not and I'll eat when you eat ok" he replies

"Where did you go" I ask

"Luke took me to the gym he said I needed to hit something it actually helped a lot" he replies

"Good" I sigh

"I love you baby girl" he mumbles kissing my forehead

"Hmm cal" I sigh

"Yes baby" he replies

"I want pizza" I reply

"Okay I'll order us pizza "he chuckles

"And cal I love you too" I mumble

He smiles and kisses my forehead again he stand up and grabs his phone, the guys come back into the room

"I'm ordering pizza you guys want sone" cal asks

"Yes" luke shouts

"Umm I'm just gonna go have a shower" I mumble sitting up then standing

"Yeah I need one too"cal sighs

"Come in when your ready" I mumble walking off

I walk in the bedroom and into the bathroom, I turn the shower on and strip off and jump in, I let the water rush over me, I jump when I feel two arms wrap around my waist,

"It's ok baby it's just me" cal voice rings throung my ears

"I didn't hear you come in" I say numbly

"Sorry I scared you" he says turning me round and hugging me tight, I lean up and kiss him soft and slow, I break the kiss

"Cal I need you" I mumble against his lips

"Distraction" he mumbles

I nod

He reconnects our lips

He lifts me so my back is pressed against the wall and my legs wrapped around his back, before I know it he slams into me taking me by surprise he slams in and out of me,

"I love you" he whispers in my ear

"Hmm cal, ah I love you" I moan

He quickens his pace burying his face in my neck, I can feel it my oragasm takes over

"Ahhh cal" I moan.

He keeps thrusting moment later he cums

"Fuck" he moans

We stay in the same position leaning our foreheads together catching our breath, he pecks my lips a few times,

"Your the best distraction" I say as he sets me down on my feet

"Glad I can help" he replies"

"Your the only one keeping me sane at the moment cal , I love you " I reply

"Together we can get through this I love you" he replies as he turns off the water

We get out and wrap towels around our selves and dry off, I throw my underwear on and sigh,

"Cal" I sigh

"Yes baby" he replies pulling his trackie on

"What about the funereal we have to organise it" I sigh years well in my eyes

He pulls me to his chest and hugs me

"Ash is organising it for us" he replies

"They have done so much for us " I reply

I shiver

"You cold" he asks

"Little bit " I whisper

"Put your shorts on and I'll get you one of my hoodies" he replies

He walks out to the bedroom

I slip my shorts on and walk out to the bedroom cal hands me his hoodie

"Thanks" I mumble

I go to slip it on but my head gets stuck cal helps me to get it on,

"There you are" he says brushing my hair out of my face

"Thanks" I mumble looking down at the ground

"Let's go see if our pizzas here" he says tilting my head up to look at him, he place a soft kiss on my lips, he pulls me into his side as we walk out to the lounge, mikey and ash are sitting on the floor eating pizza while luke is on the couch, me and cal sit down on the couch next to luke me in the middle of course,

"It just got here" luke says as we sit down

I lean back on the couch

Cal grabs a slice of pizza and turns to me

"Bite this" he says holding it up to my mouth

"I'm not hungry" I mumble pushing his hand away

"C'mon babe please, you wanted pizza" he replies

"Cause I know you can't resist pizza" I mumble

"Smart but in not eating until you do" he replies

"Cal" I sigh

"Babe please just one bite" he begs

"Fine" I sigh biting the slice what's in his hand

"Good girl" he says smirking biting the slice himself

"Cause good girls are bad girls that haven't been caught" mikey sings

"That's our new song" ash shouts

"What good girls " mikey asks

"Yep that's the title " ash replies

"I'm gonna go write something" mikey replies

"I'm coming" ash says following him

"Movie" luke asks

I nod

"Yeah sure, Katie bite this again please" cal says holding the pizza up to my mouth again, I bite it, he smirks

"I'll eat a whole slice if we can watch despicable me " I mumble

"Deal, luke we're watching despicable me" cal replies

Luke quickly puts it on

"I love this "movie luke says sitting back down next to me

"Here you go baby" cal says handing me a slice of pizza

"Great" I sigh taking it off him

"You have to eat it all" he replies

I quickly eat it,

"Happy" I huff

"No but I'm glad you ate it " he replies kissing my cheek

He leans back on the couch I lay down my head on his lap, I look at luke he looks uncomfortable

"Come here luke you can lay on me" I say holding my arms out, he accepts and lays down in between my legs with his head in my belly he cuddles me

"Cal you girlfriends really comfortable" luke joke

"Hands off my girl luke" cal replies

"Don't worry penguin you can cuddle me all you want" I reply

"Good cause I'm not moving" luke replies

cal shifts awkwardly

"Don't worry baby I'm all yours" I whisper bringing his head down to meet mine I plant a soft kiss on his lips

"I know " he mumbles breaking away

I turn my attention back to the tv,

We lay there until it finishes,

"Cal I think he's gone to sleep and I think he's dribbling on my belly" I say pointing to luke

"luke wake up" cal shakes Him

"Don't wake him" I sigh

"What do you want me to do then leave you stuck under him"he replies

"No, just get up and lift him so I can wiggle out from under him " I reply leaning as far as I can up, cal stands up, he tries to lift him up but he won't budge

"How the hell is he so heavy" cal sighs

"Lukey, luke " I say tugging his hair

"I thought we weren't waking him" cal laughs

"Yeah but I need to pee so" I reply

"Luke wake up " cal yells

"What what im up" luke says jerking his head up

"About time " I sigh

"Luke get off her mate she needs to pee" cal laughs

"Ah sorry" luke says getting up

I stand up

"You dribbled all over my girlfriend " cal laughs

"Sorry" luke yawns

"Its fine luke, go to bed Hun" I reply walking off to go pee,

I finish peeing and wash my hands and quickly brush my teeth,

I walk back out to the lounge but cal isn't there , I find him in the kitchen with ash and mikey,

I go and sit next to cal at the bench,

"How are you doing little lady" ash asks

"She ate " cal replies

"Good girl" mikey replies

"Im sorry about earlier, especially you mikey" I mumble

"Nah it's fine my leg survived "ash chuckles

"Yeah it fine, you can cry on me anytime punch me even I don't care as long as it helps "mikey replies

"Thank you, did luke go to bed" I reply

"Yeah" cal replies

"I think I'm gonna go to bed too and change this dribble jumper" I reply

"Okay I'll be in soon " cal replies

"Night" mikey and ash say in unison

I walk to the bedroom and get changed and jump in bed ...

Calum's pov

"Thanks for looking after her today" I mumble

"Anytime" mikey replies

"Cal the funerals in two days " ash replies

"Thanks for organising it" I reply

"No problem, all you need to worry about is taking care of your girl" ash replies

"I'll try" I reply

"Niall is coming " ash replies

"Yeah maybe he can help her " I reply

"The only one that can help her is you" mikey replies

"I feel like I'm gonna break down any second guys she'll need someone to help her if I do"i reply

"We'll all be here, no matter how hard it gets we'll be here" ash replies

"Thanks guys, I better get to bed, night guys "I reply

"Night" mikey mumbles

"Night cal " ash replies

I walk into the bedroom and climb in bed and wrap my arms round Katie,

"It was nice to see you laughing tonight cal" she mumbles

"Was I " I ask , I didn't notice that I have laughed tonight

"Yes it was good to hear" she replies

"I didn't even realise I was doing it" I sigh laying flat on my back letting her go, she rolls over and tugs my face so I look at her,

"Cal don't be upset for laughing I love it when you laugh it makes things better,that's what I need cal, I need to feel better,i need you to feel better, I need my happiness back cal, your my happiness, I know we're in a bad situation and the last couple of days have been hell but we need to help each other an you laughing helps me cal it makes me feel a bit better, yeah maybe it's not a lot but it does help" she replies

"I don't know if I can" I sob

"Cal what can I do to help you"she asks

"Just hold me please" I sob

She hold me tight while I sob into her belly

"Shhh baby I've got you, let it all out" she replies

"I love you" I whimper

"I love you too" she replies

We lay down and drift off ....

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