Each day Katie goes to school and gets bullied, no one knows her secrets


5. chapter 5

6 months later ...

Katie's pov

I'm woken by the screaming crys of my new born daughter,i sigh and roll out of bed and go cuddle her, I haven't talked to cal in a month we text every now and then saying "I love you" but that's it, he's sent me tickets for their last show tonight in Sydney, he doesn't know about his daughter I kept it from him, my phone starts buzzing, I see Cals name flash up, I answer

Me: hi

Cal: hi

Me: what do you want cal

Cal: are you coming tonigh

Me: I can't

Cal: please come

Me: cal

Cal: yeah

Me: I miss you

Cal: I miss you too,ill see you tonight

Me: no cal you won't, I can't

Cal: why

Me: i just,can you come by after the show

cal: yes, I'll see you then

me: bye

Cal: love you

I hang up....

Calum's pov

I just got off the phone to Katie

"How katie" luke asks

"I don't know" I sigh

"Is she coming tonight" he asks

"No" I sigh

"What why" he asks

"I don't know, she just said she can't" I sigh putting my head in my hands

"You ok" he asks

"Yeah, she wants to see me after the show" I sigh

"It'll be ok" he replies

"I don't know luke, it's been along time" I reply

"Absents makes the heart grow fonder"he replies

"thanks luke" I sigh

"For what" he ask

"For being there looking after me" I reply

"Well I am one of your best friends and I couldn't break my promise to Katie " he replies

"What promise" I ask

"She made me promise to take care of you, make sure your ok" he replies

"Your a good friend luke a brother even" I reply

"Good you listen to me when I say everything will be fine " he replies

I nod...

(After the show)

I text Katie tell her in on my way...

Katie's pov

I just got a text from cal saying he's on his way, I quickly feed lily, I just finish feeding her when there's a knock on the door, I answer It with lily in my arms,there stands cal,

"Hi" I mumble

"Hi" he replies looking at me weirdly

"How are you" I mumble

"I'm good, you" he asks

"I'm tired" I mumble

"Who's this" he says looking at lily

"This is lily" I reply

"She's cute" he replies

"She's your daughter" I reply

"She's what" he raises his voice

My eyes swell with tears, lily starts crying, I walk to the lounge , cal follows,

"I lied cal,when you asked if I was pregnant or not" I sob

"Why" he asks

"I didn't want to keep you from your dream, if I told you, you wouldn't have gone"i sob

"Your right I wouldn't have gone, I would of stayed and looked after you,i love you"he replies sitting next to me

"I couldn't let you do that,your a star now,your famous, you don't need me holding you back" I sob

"I do need you, I don't care if you lied, I want you, I want to be her dad, I can still do music" he replies hugging me

"I missed you so much" I sob

"I missed you too" he replies

"I'm sorry, I love you cal always have always will" I sob

"I love you, how old is she" he asks

"A week old" I reply

"Can we please be a family" he asks

I nod

"Do you want to hold her" I ask

He nods and I hand her to him,

"She's so tiny and cute" he mumbles

"Her names lily summer hood" I mumble

"I love it" he says as he sheds a tear

I wipe it away with my thumb

I place a soft kiss on his lips,

"do you want to stay" I ask

He nods

"Luke told me everything would be alright" he mumbles

"What do you think they will say" I reply

"They'll be shocked at first but they'll love it" he replies

"Bring her up to her cot, she'll be out for the nigh now" I say standing up

I walk to my room where her cot is for now, he places her in the cot,

I start yawning,

"Bed" he questions

I nod and lay down, he strips off and lays down and cuddles me,

"I missed this" I mumble

"So did I " he sighs

"I under stand if your mad at me cal" I reply

"I'm not mad, I could never be mad at you" he replies

"How was tour" I ask

"Tour was good" he replies

"Great" I reply

"How's rielly" he asks

"He's good, I try and see him when I can" I reply

"I love you, baby goodnight " he whispers in my ear and kisses my cheek

"I'm glad your back cal, I love you" I reply

I drift off...

Calum's pov

I wake, it's morning,i look beside me and Katie is there fast asleep, I hear lily start crying so I roll out of bed and pick her up,

She grabs my finger in her little hand,

"Hi baby girl, I'm your daddy,im gonna take care of you my princess, I love you and your mummy very much" I whisper kissing her head,

I walk out and sit on the lounge with her in my arms, I grab my phone and text the guys,

To: penguin,ash,mikey

Come to Katie's today, I nee you guys to meet someone.

I press send..

I get replies

From ash: yeah will be there around 10

From penguin: sure

From mikey: hey the fuck are you texting so early, but yes I'll be there

I chuck my phone on the table,

"Cal" I hear Katie yell

"Lounge" I yell back

She comes in rubbing her eyes

"Morning" she mumbles

"Morning, how'd you sleep" I ask

"The best I have in six months" she replies sitting next to me

"Good" I mumble

"I'll get her, her bottle"she replies

"Oh the guys are coming over around ten" I reply

She nods and walks off to the kitchen, she returns with a bottle,

"Do you want to feed her" she asks

"Yes" I say taking the bottle and feeding my little girl,

"I'm glad your here cal and you didn't run a mile last night" she sighs

"I just wish you told me" I sigh

" I know, I wanted to but I couldn't do it,cal I get it if you hate me " she sighs

"I don't hate you, I'm just sad that I wasn't here to see your big belly and the scans, you know" I reply

"I have all the scan pictures, you can keep then all, you wouldn't have wanted to see my big belly" she replies

"I would have loved your big belly, I could of rubbed it"i reply

"I know" she sighs

"Shall we go get ready, the guys will be here soon" I reply

We walk to the room and get ready...

Katie's pov

I just finished getting ready, I hear a knock on the front door,

"You go answer the door, we'll be out in a minute" cal says

I nod and walk out to answer the door, as soon as I open it luke picks me up and hugs me,

"Hey, I missed you" I say as he spins me around,

He place me on the ground

"I missed you too" he replies

mikey and ash walk in

"Mikey ,ash "I sequel and hug them

"Hey, we missed you" ash says as I ket them go

"Where's cal" luke asks

"He'll be out in a minute" I reply

I lead them into the lounge and we sit down,

"How have you been"luke asks

"Good,um I've been a bit busy lately"i reply

Cal walks into the room with Lilly in his arms,

"Hey guys" he says

"Hey" they say in unison

"Guys I want you to meet lily" he says sitting down

"Who's she belong to" mikey asks

"She's my daughter" cal replies

"What when did this happen" luke asks

"Last week" I reply

"But you didn't say anything cal" ash replies

"I didn't know until last night" cal replies

"Okay so you were pregnant when we left" mikey asks

"Yes, I was 12 weeks when you's left" u reply

"But you told cal you wasn't pregnant"luke sighs

"I lied" I sigh

"Why" ash asks

"Cause if I told him he wouldn't have left, I wanted him to live his dream and now he is" I reply

"All them Skype calls, you hid it well" luke replies

"Are you ok with this cal" mikey asks

"Yeah im fine, I just want to spend time with my little princess " he replies

"So her name lily" ash says looking at her

"Lilly summer hood" I reply

"She's beautiful" ash says

"Takes after her mummy" cal laughs

"Can I hold her" luke asks

I nod and cal gives Lilly to him,

"So you guys are hella famous now " I speak up

"You could put it that way" mikey mumbles

"How else would I put it." I ask

"Okay we're famous, but it's not how'd you expect" mikey mumbles

"Why" I ask

"Don't get me wrong I love girls, but there is so many and they scream in our faces and I dunno" mikey sighs

We just laugh at him

"We're slowly getting used to it" ash mumbles

"C'mon you guys love it, your living your dream" I reply

"Yeah it's pretty amazing" ash sighs

"So how's one direction" I ask

"Their amazing" cal blurts out

"I wish I could of met them " I sigh

"You can one day" cal replies

"Their actually really nice guys" luke says handing Lily to mikey,

"How's niall" I ask

"He's awesome, he's a really nice guy" cal replies

"Is he your favourite" ash asks

"Maybe" I hide my face in Cals shoulder

"Your so cute" cal mumbles

"How come niall" mikey asks as he hands lily to ash

" I Dunno, maybe it's his blonde hair and blue eyes, and his adorable Irish accent" I reply

"Wait I have blonde hair and blue eyes, you didn't fall for me" luke jokes

"I haven't fallen for him the only one here I have fallen for is calum, I just think he's cute, like you luke, your like my brother" I reply

"I love you baby" cal mumbles

"I love you too" I reply pecking his lips

"So does mumma hood know" mikey asks

"No" I reply

"We should probably tell her" cal replies

"Well I have to leave" ash says handing lily to cal

"It was nice to see you" I stand up and hug him

"You two if you want a ride, c'mon" he say to luke and mikey they nod and hug me good bye an leave,

"C'mon where going to see mum and Mali" cal says standing up

"Okay, I'll just change her nappy abc we can go" I reply taking lily, I quickly change her nappy,

We head to Cals mums house...

Calum's pov

I walk into mums holding lily close,

"MuM" I yell as we walk in

"Lounge room honey she yells back

We walk in the lounge room,

"Hey mumma" I say sitting down

"Hi darling, Katie how have you been love" she ask

"I've been good" Katie replies

"Who's this little one"she asks looking at Lilly

"Mum this is lily, my daughter" I reply

"Your what" she sounds shocked

"She's my daughter mum" I reply

"What how,you were gone for 6 months cal, you didn't say she was pregnant " she asks

"I know mum I didn't know" I reply

"Why didn't you tell him" she asks Katie

"If I did he wouldn't have gone, I couldn't take his dream away" Katie replies

"I understand" mum replies

"Mum I'm happy,I really am" I say

"How old is she" she asks taking lily off me

"A week old" katie replies

"She's beautiful, cal go get Mali she would want to meet her niece" mum replies

I nod and walk to Mali's room,i knock and she answers

"Hey cal pal" she says

"Hey I need you to come meet your niece" I mumble

"I don't have a neice" she replies

"You do" I sigh

"Since when" she asks

"Last week,come meet my princess" I say grabbing her arm and dragging her with me,

She walks over and sits next to mum and lily,

"She's adorable but seriously, why'd you adopt her" Mali asks

"She's not adopted, she's mine and Katie's " I reply

"But you didn't say anything" Mali says

"He didn't know" Katie replies

"How didn't he know" Mali asks

"I was 12 weeks when he left, I lied to him I said I wasn't pregnant, if I didn't he wouldn't be where he is now" Katie replies

Mali looks like she's about to slap Katie,

"Don't look at her like that Mali" I snap

"How can you be alright with this calum she lied to you for 6 months" Mali snaps

"So if she didn't I wouldn't of have gone and had a chance to live my dream" I snap

" How can you forgive her " she yells

Katie's eyes are tearing up

"Excuse me" Katie says taking lily off mum and walking out side,

"What the fuck is wrong with you" I yell

"Enough you two" mum yells

"But" Mali goes to speak but mum cuts her off

"You need to stop, Mali cal is happy an he has forgave her for lying, I understand why she did it, she made the right decision, Mali you need to respect that" mum says

Mali storms off to her room,

"Thank you mummy, sorry for yelling and swearing"i reply

"Go take care of her cal,take her home"she replies hugging me

"Bye mum" I whisper

"Love you" she says as I walk out the door,

I look around and see Katie sitting on the steps with Lilly, I sit next to her

"I'm sorry" I say

"Cal it's fine, she's right" she replies tears trickle down her cheeks

"It's not, she had no right talking to you like that" I huff

"She's your sister she's trying to protect you" she replies

"C'mon babe let's get you two home " I reply

She nods and we head home,

We walk in the house, Katie goes and lays lily down in her cot, while I go to the kitchen and make some food....

Katie's pov

I lay lily down in her cot and walk back out, I find cal in the kitchen, he's cooking something, I sit down on the stool and watch him,he yelps in pain, I jump up

"What's wrong" I ask looking at him jumping up and down

"I burnt my hand" he hisses

I quickly turn the tap on and pull his hand under the water,

"Better" i ask

"It stings, kiss it better" he replies pouting

I kiss his hand

"Better" I ask

He shakes his head and moves closer to me and crashes his lips to mine, I kiss him back, the kiss is full of passion, I break away,

"Now it's better" he chuckles

"I've missed that" I reply

"That's our first proper kiss since I've got back" he replies

"we should fix that" I say grabbing his head and crashing his lips to mine again,

"I love you" he mumbles pulling away

"I love you too" I reply pecking his lips one more time

"Don't listen to my sister ok" he mumbles

"You got to admit cal she's got a good point,i lied to you for six months" I sigh we look away

"Katie look at me" he paused as I look at him

"I don't care if you lied I get why you did it,yes I don't like that I wasn't here and didn't know,but I love you and I forgive you, im happy, that night you told me you weren't pregnant I was disappointed I wanted you to have my baby and now it's happened, I love you and our little girl that's all that matters " he replies

I hug him tight

he wraps his arms around me

"I love you,lily and rielly more than anything" I reply

"How's rielly" he asks

"He's good, he's three now, he missed you tho" I reply

"When's he coming next" he asks

"Not this week, next, first time since I've had lily " I reply

"Maybe we could do something" he asks

"Yeah sure" I reply

"Good, you hungry" he asks

"Yes" I sigh

"Good, I hope you like crispy bacon" he giggles looking at the pan

"I love it" I reply sitting down

He places a plate of bacon in front of us

As he sits down next to me, we eat it, I hear lily crying so I go and get her and come back out, I feed her her bottle,change her nappy,

Then sit down on the floor and lay her down on her blanket and lay down next to her I lean up on my elbow, cal does the same on the other side,

"How would you feel about me moving In" he asks

"Cal id love you to move In" I reply

"Really" he asks

"Yeah well before you left you practically lived here and plus you should live here with your daughter" I reply

"Great, hear that princess daddy's moving in" he says grabbing Lily's tiny hand

"We love goofy daddy don't we baby girl" I reply

"Awe I love you too" he says sarcastically

"You need to make up with your sister" I say

"I will" he replies

"You should go now" I reply

"Tommorow" he sighs

"No cal go now go make everything better,well be waiting for you when you get back, we can watch a movie" I reply

"Okay fine but I want cuddles when i get back" he replies

"You can have as many cuddles as you want" I reply

"Okay I'll be back" he says pecking my lips and kissing Lily's head before he heads out the door...

Cals been gone for about two hours now so in guessing everything is going good, I just fed lily and put her down for her sleep, I go and sit on the couch as I do cal barges in,

"Hey I brought pizza" he says walking in

" great, How did it go" I ask

"Good she said she's sorry" he says sitting down

"Great" I say grabbing a slice of pizza

"How long had she been asleep" he asks

"I just put her down an then you barged in" I reply

"Oh ok,I'll put a movie on " he replies

"No wait I want to hear about tour" I reply

He sits back down

"What do you want to know" he asks

"How many people did you play to" I ask

"Too many to count" he replies

"Did you love it on stage " I ask

"Yeah but I was nervous well until I got on stage" he replies

"Did you go out and party" I ask

"Nah not really the guys did but I didn't feel like it" he replies

"Why not" I ask

"I didn't feel like it, truth is I missed you too much, the first two months I had trouble sleeping , Luke's cuddles have nothing on yours" he replies

"Awe cal" I say hugging him tight

"It's silly but. I missed you so much" he replies

"It's not silly cal" I reply

"It's not" he asks

"No, I cried myself to sleep for a month, I felt lost with out you, i hardly led the house, everyday I thought about how you would leave me if you found out that I was pregnant" I reply

"Id never leave you even if I tried,you don't have to cry anymore im here and im not going anywhere sorry babe your stuck with me" he replies

"I'm fine with that" I say pecking his lips

"Good" he says pecking my cheek

"Movie" I ask

He nods and goes and out one in,

He comes back and cuddles me,

He pulls me so We can lay down, so we're spooning while we watch the movie, about half way through I turn around and face him

"You ok baby" he asks

"Just admiring my boyfriend" I reply

"Your so cute" he chuckles

I start poking his cheeks

"I missed doing his too"i giggle

"Having fun there baby" he asks

I nod and run my hands through his hair, I pull him down and kiss him, the kiss starts to get heated,he's now on top of me kissing me,we grind our bodies together, he rips his top off and start kissing sucking my neck

"Hmm babe cool down " I say panting

"Okay" he mumbles against my skin

"Don't get me wrong I want to, I just want to wait a little I mean I just had a baby" I reply

"I understand babe,but we can still make out right" he asks

"How bout I take care of you" I reply

"Really" he raises an eyebrow

I nod

We slowly sit up I straddle his lap,i suck down his neck and back up along his jawline to his lips, I unbutton his jeans I stand up and tug them off him, I sit back down on his lap,

"Ready baby" I ask

He nods

I start sucking his neck again traveling down to his abs, I hook my fingers in his boxers and pull them off freeing him,i grab his length with my hand I lick the tip making him moan,

I place what I could in my mouth and suck slowly,

he puts his hands in my hair

"Mmm baby" he moans, I suck harder "ah fuck babe""im gonna cum" he moans

"Ah Katie" he moans releasing in my mouth I quickly swallow the warm liquid, I sit next to him and peck his lips,

"Enjoy that did we" I ask

"I fucking love you" he replies

"Pull your boxers on baby, I want to cuddle" I reply

He pulls his boxers on and stands up,

"C'mon we're going to bed" he says picking me up

he carries me into the bed room and places me on the bed then crawls in bedside me pulling me close to his chest,

"I love you" I say kissing his check

"I love you too gorgeous, get some sleep baby" he replies

"GoodNight" I mumble

"Oh thanks for you know" he mumbles

"My pleasure baby, maybe one day you'll wake up to one" I reply

he chuckles

I snuggle into his chest and drift off ....

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