Each day Katie goes to school and gets bullied, no one knows her secrets


4. chapter 4

3 months later...

Katie's pov

So a few days ago I went to the doctors, I had blood tests done,

"Have you heard yet" cal asks

"No not yet, have you packed everything" I reply

"Yes" he sighs

"Good" I reply

"Movie" he asks

I nod

We sit on the couch and watch a movie halfway through my phone rings, I walk up to the room and shut the door and answer it,

Me: hello

Dr: hi I have your results

Me: and

Dr: your 12 weeks pregnant

Me: ok thank you

I hang up quickly

A tear escapes my eye, I quickly wipe it away, I can't tell him, not now,

I walk back out to the lounge,

"Was that the doctor" cal asks

"Yeah" I sigh

"So" he asks

"No, I'm not pregnant" I lie

"Oh ok" he sounds disappointed

"Now you can leave for your with no regrets " I reply

"I guess so" he mumbles

"Babe it's ok" I reply

"I know I'm just tired"he sighs

"You have a big day tomorrow,lets have a early night" I reply

"Okay, but I have something I want to give you" he says picking me up and carrying me to our room,

"Really cal again"i mumble as he puts me down

"Yes but no that's not what I want to give you, but it is, but I have something else first" he mumbles

"Ok what is it baby" I ask as he sits on the bed next to me, he pulls out a box and hands it to me, I open it,

"It's a promise ring" he says

"It's beautiful cal" I reply

"Do you like it" he asks

"I love it" I reply

a huge smile is plasters on his face,

he places the ring in my finge,

"I promise to come back to you,i will always love you, you are the only one for me, your my everything" he replies

"I love you" I mumble as I kiss him

"Now you can have your other present" he smirks kissing me,

He pulls all my clothes off and his own, he slams into me, thrusting making me moan, he thrusts into me again my oragasm takes over,we ride our highs, he collapses on top if me, panting,

"I'm gonna miss this, I'm gonna miss you so much" I mumble rubbing his head

"I'm gonna miss you too" he mumbles

"You should sleep" I mumble

"Hmmm" he moans

"Cal we're gonna be ok aren't we" I ask

"Yes we're gonna be fine" he replies throwing his boxers on, he hands me his too so I can wear it, he pulls me to his chest

"I don't care what time it is I want you to call me when ever your free" I mumble

"I'll call you everyday and if I can't call I'll text, and we can Skype" he replies

"Good"i giggle

"Im gonna miss that too" he replies

"I'm sure luke can fill my spot" I joke

"He can try but no one will replace my girl" he replies

"I love you, get some sleep babe" I say kissing his cheek

"I love you, night baby" he says kissing my head

We drift off....

(The next morning)

"Cal wake up" I yell as I get changed

"I'm up" he moans

"C'mon we have to leave for the air port soon" I yell

"Babe calm ya farm" he replies

"I'll be in the kitchen come out when your ready" I reply

I walk out to the kitchen and cook some pancakes, I just finish cooking when cal wonders in,

"Pancakes" he yells

"Eat baby" I say as I place our plate on the table

"I miss you already" he sighs

"Six months will go fast" I mumble

We eat our pancakes and the. Head to the airport and meet the guys , I stand back while cal says good bye to his family, ash and mikey come and hug me goodbye, luke comes and stands next to me, I hug him tight

"Please take care of him luke" I whisper in his ear

"We'll be back before you know it, we'll take care of him" he replies

I let him go and he goes back to his family, cal comes over to me,

"It's time" he mumbles

Tears start to stream from my eyes

"I'm gonna miss you, I love you" I reply

"I love you baby girl, I'll be back before you know it" he replies wiping my tears away

"You have to go, no matter what happens I will love you" I reply

He pulls me in for a hug and holds me tight

"I love you, I'll call you when we land" he mumbles

He kisses me passionately

We lean our foreheads together

"I love you" I say pecking his lips one note time

"I love you,bye baby" he says walking away

I watch him walk away till I can't see him any more, I rush out of the airport and to my car, I quickly drive home, I go to bed and cry until I can't cry anymore,

I drift off to sleep....

Calum's pov

I'm sitting on this plane trying not to cry, I'm suppose to be a man, I'm not ment to cry,

"Hey we'll be back before you know it" luke says

"I'm going to miss her" I reply

"It'll be ok" he replies

"Will It tho" I sigh

"Yes it will, six months will go fast, she'll be back in your arms in no time" he replies

"Thanks luke" I mumble

"No problem, get done sleep mate" he replies

I sigh

And drift off.....

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