Each day Katie goes to school and gets bullied, no one knows her secrets


3. chapter 3

Party time,

Katie's pov

This week has gone fast I've been spending a lot of time with calum, luke, michael and ashton this week,

I'm getting ready for Ashton's party, I put on my short black dress and my heels I put on a little make up,

I hear a knock on the front door so I answer it,

"Hey" I greet calum

"Hey whoa" he sighs

"What is it too short" I ask

"No it's fine you just look really good, hot " he mumbles

"Thank you, you don't look bad yourself " I giggle

"Ready to go" he asks

I nod and follow him out,

When we arrive the place is packed all ready we push our way threw to the kitchen, we see luke ,mikey and ash standing there talking,

"Hey hey" luke says hugging me

"Hey lukey" I say pulling away

Mikey pulls me into a hug,

"Here drink this" ash says handing me a cup of liquid

"What is it" I ask

"Vodka" he replies giving me a hug

I chuck the vodka back I can feel it burning,

"Here babe" cal say handing me a beer

"Thank you" I mumble

Cal keeps talking to luke, mikey and ash,

"Here drink this" mikey says handing me some more vodka

I quickly drink it

"More" I ask

He hands me another cup,

I need to pee so I quickly go to the toilet and come back but when I do Calum's not there,

"Where's cal" I ask ash

"He went out side for some air I'll help you find him" he replies

We walk out side and I see cal and Brittany kissing,

"Are you fucking kidding me" I yell as I turn away tears falling down my face

"Katie"i hear calum yell

I quickly push through the people and make it out the front door I start walking,

"Katie please" I hear calum yell behind me

"Calum leave me alone" I sob

He catches up to me

"No please listen, she kissed me she took me by surprise please believe me " he yells

"Why should I believe you" I yell

"Because I love you"he says grabbing my arm

I stand still saying nothing shocked he said he loved me,

"Please say something" he says wiping my tear away with his thumb

I crash my lips to his, he kisses back after a few seconds

"I love you too calum" I say breaking away

"You do"he sounds shocked

"Yes, I'm sorry I freaked"i reply

"No I'm sorry she kissed me"he replies

"No she should be sorry not you, let's go back in to the party I want to dance with my boyfriend" I reply grabbing his hand and dragging him with me,

Brittany's waiting as we walk up the path

"Awe cal come back for more"she says trying to touch him

I slap her across the face

"Stay away from my boyfriend, now get out of here" I yell

She runs away,

"Fiesty" cal mumbles

" Can you get me a drink babe" I ask cal as we walk in the house

He nods and walks off,

"Are you ok" ash ask walking up to me and hugging me

" I'm ok" I mumble as he let's me go

"Good, if he hurts you let me know I'll kick his ass" ash replies

I laugh

"What are you laughing about" cal asks handing me a drink

"Ash offers to kick your ass if you ever hurt me, isn't he sweet" I reply

"I give you permission ash to kick my ass if I ever hurt her ok" cal replies

"Good" ash replies walking away

"I love you" cal whispers in my ear

"I love you" I reply pecking his lips

"Shall we dance or do shots firsts" he asks

"Dance and then shots"i reply

He leads me to the dance floor and we dance we'll sway and grind on each other,

"I want shots" I yell over the music

He nods and leads me to the kitchen, he pours me some shots, I drinks them all, I can hardly stand anymore,

"More shots" I slur my words

"No babe I think your had enough" cal says

"Awe cal your so cute"i slur

"I think we should get you to bed" cal replies

"No" I say stumbling towards luke,

"Katie"cal warns

"Look at him cal he's so cute like a little penguin" I slur picking Luke's cheeks

Calum's pov

Katie's drunk I mean real drunk she just called luke a penguin,

"C'mon Katie let's get you to bed" I say stepping towards her

"Mikey" she yells jumping on him

"Whoa she's had a lot " ash states

"Help me get her to bed" I ask

He nods

"Katie" ash says walking over to her and peeling her of mikey

"Ashie tell cal I don't want to go to bed" she whines

he whispers something in her ear

"Cal you's can stay in the spare room" ash says handing me Katie

"Cal baby I love chu" Katie slurs

"I love you too" I say picking her up and carrying her to the bedroom and placing her on the bed, next thing she strips her dress off, I take my top off

"Her baby out this on" I say handing her my top

"Cal fuck me" she slurs grabbing my jean loops

"No, babe put the top on and lay Down" I reply

She puts the top on

"Cal your spinning"she slurs

"Shhh baby lay down close your eyes" I reply laying next to her

next thing I know she's passed out, soon after I do the same...

Katie's pov

I wake to sun blaring in my eyes, my head is thumping, "argh" I moan

I roll over and find calum asleep,

I poke his cheek and his eyes flutter open,

"Morning" he mumbles

"What happened last night" I mumble

"You got really drunk" he replies

"Did I do anything bad" I ask

"No not really, I'm mean you called luke a penguin and pinched his cheeks, you tackled mikey and jumped on him" he laughs

"Oh god anything else" I ask

"You were running from me cause you didn't want to go to bed" he giggles

"How did you get me to bed then" I ask

"Ash whispered something in your ear and then you let me put you to bed after You tried to make me, well you told me to fuck you" he laughs

"It's not funny cal" I fake pout and hold my head

"It was last night" he laughs

"Atleast I'm a happy drunk"i reply

"C'mon let's get you some drugs" he says standing up pulling me with him, we walk out to the kitchen, ash is in there cooking,

"Hey ash" I mumbles sitting Down

"Hey guys how you feeling"ash asks

"I'm fine but Katie's in pain"cal says laughing

"It's not funny calum my heads killing me" I mumble

"Here take these" ash says handing me some panidole

"Atleast someone cares" I joke

"Sorry babe but you did it to yourself " cal replies

"Well I'm making breakfast it should be ready soon" ash says

"What happened to luke and mikey" cal asks

"Their in the lounge on the blow up bed " ash replies

Me and cal walk in the lounge,

"Hey" luke mumbles as we walk in

"Mikey wake up" cal says tugging at his ear, he moans

"Fuck off cal"mikey grumbles

"I'm sorry bout last night "I say

"It's fine just don't tackle me again" mikey moans

"Why not" I say jumping on him

"Argh get off" he says pushing me off him and over to luke,

"Fine I'll cuddle luke then" I joke

Luke wraps his arms around me

"Hey don't steal my girlfriend luke"cal whines

"Too late" luke jokes

"Come here cal,we can all cuddle" I say opening my arms

"I'll just cuddle mikey" cal says laying down and grabbing mikey

"The fuck you will you woke me up" mikey snaps

"Yeah but if I didn't wake you I couldn't tell you that ash is making us breakfast" cal mumbles hugging mikey tighter

"Really" mikey perks up

"Yes but if you don't cuddle me you get none" cal laughs

"Move over and we will all cuddle" mikey grumbles

"Yay" I say as cal moves into my arms and mikey follows behind him

We all lay there cuddling until ash comes in with food,

We all eat,

"What are you guys doing today" I ask

"We have nothing planned" asks replies

"What do you want to do babe" cal asks

"Watch movies and sleep" I reply

"Shouldn't you get some fresh air" cal asks

"What do you have in mind" I ask

"We could go play soccer" cal suggests

"You guys can play and I'll sleep on the grass" I joke

"I'm in" luke says

"I'm in" ash says

"I'll come but I'm not playing" mikey replies

"Fine I'll play for alittle but then I'm sleeping, but I have no clothes" I reply

"You can borrow pair of my trackies if you want, cal can borrow one of my tops so you can keep his " ash says

Ash goes gets me a pair of trackies and cal a top,

I pull on the pair of trackies and tie them up so the don't fall down, I tie up the back of Cals top so it looks like a crop top and grab my flats out of the car and put then on, we go to the park..

Calum's pov

We've been playing soccer for about 15 minutes and Katie's bailed already she's laying on the grass with Michael, me ,luke and ash keep playing for alittle and then bail to lay down so I do the same,

"Why did you guys let me drink that much" Katie moans

"Maybe we should get you home" I reply

"No,no it's ok you play,talk to your friends I'll sleep here" she replies

"Nah I'm taking you home" I reply

"ash what did you whisper in my ear last night" Katie asks

"You don't remember" ash replies

"She doesn't remember a thing I filled her in this morning" I reply

"Well I told you to go fuck Cals brains out" ash laughs

"So your the reason I had to fight her off" I reply

"It got her to bed didn't it" ash replies

"Wait you turned her down" mikey laughs

"Yes I wasn't going to take advantage of my hot drunk girlfriend" I reply

"Awe baby, I would have let you" Katie giggles

"I know but I rather you sober so you can actually scream my name without throwing up" I joke

"I love you" Katie replies

"I love you too baby girl" I laugh

"I'm not drunk now"she giggles

"I think we need to go" I reply

"Okay" she says jumping up

"We'll see you guys later" I say standing up

"We'll pick up the car later ash" Katie says grabbing my hand

"Bye" the guys say in unison

We start walking hand in hand,

"I can't wait to get you home" she whispers in my ears

She runs her hand over the front of my tackies, she's trying to tease me, we walk in silence till we get to her front door...

Katie's pov

Ready to tease him some more, I unlock my front door and walk in, he tries to kiss me,

"Sorry babe, I'm hungry" I say walking to the kitchen, I hear him groan, he follows me,

"I'm not playing your little game" he pouts sitting down on the stool,

"What game " I ask

"This little teasing game, it's not gonna work" he huffs

"I'm not teasing babe" I whisper in his ear

"You are" he crosses his arms I stand behind him

"Nah if I was teasing I'd do this" I say kissing his neck and running my hand over his trackies rubbing his length through them, he moans,

I place my hand in his pants and grab his length and run him slowly,

"I can't take it any more" he say yanking my hand out of his pants and grabbing me, he kisses me hard,

"You lasted longer than I thought" I giggle

"I want you now" he mumbles

He pulls my pants down, I pull his down revealing his length,

"Jump" he whispers in my ear,

My back is placed against the wall, he slams into me,

"Mm cal" I moan

He slams into me again and again,

"Babe I'm gonna" he moans

"Me too" I moan

My orgasm takes over,

"Ahh cal"i scream

He thrust a few times to ride out our highs, we collapse on floor me on too of him,

"I love you" he says kissing by head

We lay there panting

"I love you baby" I whisper

"Round two" he jokes

I gently get off him and slip my pants back on

"Cal fuck, we didn't use a condom" I snap

"Fuck, sorry" he mumbles

"Argh in going to have a shower" I say stomping off ,

I don't know why it's not his fault,

I start the shower and hop in, I stand there for awhile, I get out and get dresses in some new clothes, I open the door and see calum sitting on the bed waiting for me,

"I'm sorry" I say sitting next to him

"No don't be sorry , im sorry" he replies hugging me,

"I love you cal" I mumble kissing his cheek

"I love you" he replies

"Cuddles" I ask

he nods

we lay down together and cuddle,

"I could stay like this forever" he mumbles

"Your so cute" I mumble.

"I have some thing to tell you" he mumbles

I sit up and he does the same

"Let me guess you want to break up" I sigh

"What no,i love you, your my girl" he replies

"So what then" I ask

"Me and the guys have been invited to be the opening act for the one direction tour" he announces

"Omg cal that's amazing" I scream jumping on him

"I didn't except that reaction" he laughs

"Babe this is your dream,of course in happy" I reply

"I love you" he says pecking my lips

"Wait how long do you go for" I ask

"6 months" he replies

"When do you leave" i ask

"We leave in three months" he replies

"So the next three months we can have nonstop sex until you leave" I joke

"That's one way to put it" he laughs

"So three months till we break up" I sigh

"What no way, I'm not letting that happen, I'm not letting you go" he replies

"Cal your gonna be on tour,you'll have girls screaming over you,you won't need me " I reply

"It doesn't matter, the only girl I want and care for is here with me today,your the only one I want,i love you only you" he replies

"I love you too" I say giving him a kiss

"We're not breaking up ok" he mumbles

"Okay" I reply

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