Each day Katie goes to school and gets bullied, no one knows her secrets


2. chapter 2

Katie's pov

We just got back from McDonald and Reilly has crashed out so cal puts him in his bed for me, I sit on the lounge, cal comes and joins me,

"Okay so I said I'd talk so do you want me to tell you now" I mumble

"Yes" he replies

her goes nothing

"Okay so just after my parents died I was a mess, I wasn't thinking straight, I was invited to a party across town,this guy gave me a drink and after that one drink everything was spinning I couldn't stand up by myself, he took me upstairs to a room, I tried to push him off but I wasn't strong enough" I pause "he raped me calum" I sob

"Shhh shhh I've got you" he says pulling me into his chest hugging me

"I was so scared, I had no one the only thing that has kept me going is Reilly" I sob

"Hey it's ok now, you have me, I'm sorry that happened to you, that guy is a weak pathetic loser he shouldn't have done that" cal grumbles

"Thank you cal" I mumble

"I'm not going to let anyone hurt you like that again" he says cupping my face

"You can't protect me from everything cal" I mumble

"I can try" he says kissing my lips

"I'm glad riel lay asked you to stay" I mumble

"He's a little cutie" he replies

"He likes you" I say cuddling into Cals chest

"Most people do" he laughs

" Do you want to watch a movie or go to bed" I ask

"Well I'm not tired yet so" he mumbles

"I didn't mean to sleep but if you want to watch a movie that's fine" I tease

"Bed it is" he says hopping up quickly he grabs my hand and drags me with him,

We rush to the bedroom,

We strip off to our under wear, he sucks up and down my neck, he unclasps my bra and throws it off,

He sucks his way down and back up,he trails his hand to the edge if my pants he tugs the down and off, he starts rubbing he puts two fingers inside me moving them in and out making me moan,

"Calum please I want you now" I whimper

He stops and rolls a condom on his length he lines up, he kisses me and enters me slowly I nod to let him know to move, he start moving slowly,

"Cal faster" I moan

He quickens his thrusts, I can feel it building,

"Katie I'm gonna" cal moans

"Ah calum" I scream

He thrusts a few more times to ride out our highs, he collapses onto of me, he pulls out and throws the condom away and lays back down,

"Did you enjoy yourself" I joke

"Yes that was way better than this morning I mean this morning was great but it was rushed you know" he replies

"I know " I reply

"I could get used to this"he mumbles

"So could I but put some clothes on we can't sleep naked " I giggle

"Why not" he asks

"Cause if my little brother comes running in I don't want him to see us like this" I reply

"Fair enough" he replies

I pull on my under wear and my pjs and lay back down

While cal pulls on his boxers,

He lays back down and pulls me to his chest,

"I can't believe I hated you two days ago and know we're here together "i mumble

"I can't believe you said yes to being my girlfriend and that you practically jumped me this morning" he laughs

"You shouldn't just wear a towel" I reply

"oh really" he replies tickling me

"Stop" I laugh

"Umm no"he says tickling me harder

"Please cal stop" I laugh

"Okay I'll stop" he says kissing me

We hear the door creek open, we see rielly walking over,

"Hey buddy, you should be sleeping" I say picking him up

"Ca" he says reaching for calum, cal grabs him and cuddles him into his chest

"Well I've been replaced already" I joke

"Come here" cal says pulling me with his free arm

"Go back to sleep baby boy" I say stroking rielly a head

"You go to sleep baby girl" cal whispers

"Someone likes your cuddle" I reply

"Is he going to stay here or do you want me to put him back in his bed" he asks

"Put him in his bed please" I reply

"Okay I'll be back" he says getting up and carrying him out, I lay there for about ten minutes and Cals still not back I go looking for him, I find him in riellys bed half asleep, I knell down beside him and stroke his head

"Cal " I whisper

"Hmm" he hums

"C'mon come to bed he's asleep" I whisper

he slowly gets up, I pull the blankets over rielly and tuck him in, I grab Cals hand and lead him back to bed,

"Now you can go to sleep" I say kissing his cheek

"Hmm ok" he says snuggling in he pulls me close

I drift off in his arms....

Calum's pov

I wake to an empty bed I go in search for Katie I find her in the kitchen,

"Morning sleepy" she greets me

"Morning babe" I reply

"Would you like some pancakes" she asks

"Yes please" I say sitting down

"How did you sleep" she asks

"Good,where rielly" I ask

"He's in the lounge room" she replies

"Ca" rielly scream running to me

"Hey ri" I say picking him up

"Ri leave calum alone he's trying to eat" Katie says sitting down again

"It's ok" I reply

" How bout we go get you dress in your bather ri" Katie asks

"Ya"rielly yells

"I thought we could go for a swim before the guys show up, do you want to join" she asks

"Yeah sounds good, thanks for breakfast" I reply

"My pleasure" she replies, she picks rielly off my lap and takes him to get changed, I quickly finish my pancakes,

"Cal " Katie yells

I run up to the bedroom

" yes" I say walking in the room

"Can you do my clip up please" she ask

"Yeah sure" I say grabbing it and doing it up

"Thank you" she says kissing my cheek

I quickly get changed in my board shorts,

"Is rielly ready" I ask

"Yes he's playing in his room" she replies

"Shall we go get him then" I ask walking towards the door

"Yes in ready now" she replies following me

"You look hot by the way" I whisper in her ear

She giggles

"Ri come on buddy we're going swimming now" Katie says picking him up

We walk out side Katie puts rielly in his little floating seat, before I can get in there a knock On The door I go and answer it,

To reveal luke, mikey and ash,

"Hey guys your early" I say letting them in

"Yeah we know but we had nothing to do so" luke explains

"So where is she" ash ask

"She's out side in the pool" I reply

They all follow me out side..

Katies pov

I'm playing with rielly in the pool when the guys arrive,

"Hey katie" luke says

"Hey guys" I reply

Cal jumps in the pool,

"Katie this is ashton" luke announces

"Hey ashton" I say smiling

"Hey nice to meet you finally" ash replies

"Finally we only started dating the other day" I reply

"I know but before he never shut up about you" ash replies

"Ashton" cal snaps

"What I'm only telling the truth" ash laughs

"Who's the little guy" mikey asks

"This is rielly, my baby brother" I reply

"How old Is he" ash asks

"He's two" I reply

"He's a cutie" luke says

"Ca ca" rielly yells

Cal pick rielly up out of his seat and splashes him around, rielly giggles

"Food food" rielly yells

"Ok, how bout we go get you changed and then I make food" I say taking rielly off cal and hop out the pool and walk inside, I quickly get rielly changed,

"What do you want to eat ri" I ask

"Chippies" he replies

I quickly cook a whole bunch of chips

And make some sandwiches,

"Do you want to eat out side ri" I ask

He nods

I carry the food out side on the grass and sit down with rielly

"Do you guys want some" I ask them

"Yes" luke says rushing over

"It's food of course I want some" mikey says sitting down

Ash and cal join as well,

"Kat" rielly mumbles crawling on my lap

"You tired little man" I ask

He nods

I cuddle him and he falls asleep,

"I'll be back" I say standing up and carrying ri to his bed, I go back out and sit back down

"So Katie did calum tell you he's in a band" ash asks

"No he didn't " I reply

"Well he is he plays bass" ash replies

"I knew he could sing" I reply

"What how did you know I can sing" cal asks

"I heard you in the shower yesterday" I reply

"That's just messing around" he replies

"No what we did after was messing around, your voice is amazing" I reply

"Your amazing" he replies

"Guys I just ate" mikey says

"So who else is in this band" I ask

"We are"luke replies

"I play bass and sing, luke is lead singer and plays guitar, mikey plays guitar and sings and ash plays drums and sings" cal replies

"What's your band name" I ask

" 5 seconds of summer" ash replies

"I like it, I want to hear you play sometime" I reply

"One day" cal sighs

"That's what we have to do" I reply

"What" cal asks

"Music for our art project,welk you guys love playing and I love listen so why not music theme" I reply

"I like it,lets do it " mikey says standing up

we all follow,

"Have you got black spray paint" I ask

"Yes" cal says handing me the can

I spray a couple of music notes on the canvas

"Now silver, you guys spray the rest with music inspired things" I say

We end up finishing it and it looks pretty good, it's starting to get dark,

We head inside,

I hear rielly screaming so I run to his room he's fallen out of bed,

I quickly pick him up

"Hey are you ok " I say trying to calm him

He keeps crying

"What happened " cal say walking in the room

"He must if fell out of bed" I reply

Rielly still won't calm

"Hey little guy don't cry"calum says stroking his cheek, rielly reaches out for him so calum takes him and he calms down straight away

"How the hell do you do that" I ask

"Gift I guess" he jokes

"Are you ok ri" I ask

He nods

"How bout we go watch a movie with the guys" cal suggests

"How bout I order pizza" I ask

"Yes" calum Says quickly

Calum take rielly out with him while I order done pizza, I quickly chuck on some sweat pants and a crop top and head out, riellys on the floor playing with ashton and luke,

Cal pulls me on his lap

"Thank you" I whisper

"For" he asks

"Calming him down" I reply

"No problem"he replies

"I'm gonna see him every second weekend from now on, I just can't handle it, I love him calum but it's just too much to handle at the moment" I whisper

"You sure" he asks

"Yes as much as it kills me yes, I need to, once I turn eighteen he's gonna be here all the time" I reply

"I get it, you need to live your life too" he mumbles

"I'm still going to see him but just not look after him every weekend" I reply

"I think it's the right call for now" he whispers

"Your amazing " I say kissing his cheek

"Does that mean you can come to this party on friday" he asks

"What party" I ask

"Ash is having a party" he replies

"I don't know, the last party I went to you know what happened" I reply

"That's never going to happen again I'll be by your side" he replies

"Okay I'll come" I whisper

"Okay guys what movie do you want to watch" mikey asks

"Spida ma" rielly yells

"Spider-Man it is" mikey agrees

We put on Spider-Man, about five minutes later the pizza showed up, we all eat,

I get rielly dressed in his pjs before we watch the rest of the movie he snuggles up on calum and falls asleep,

"We better get going" ash says standing up

"Yeah" mikey says

"Well it was nice meeting you ash" I say standing up going to shake his hand

"We don't shake we hug" he says pulling me in for a big hug

"You guys were right he is a big cuddly bear" I giggle

"See you guys Friday night" ash says walking out

"Bye, see you guys at school" luke and mikey say walking out

Cal goes and puts rielly down in his bed,

I go into the kitchen and clean up a little, I feel two arms sneak around my waist and him lay his head on my shoulder,

"Ash seems nice" I mumble

"Yeah he's a good lad" he replies

"So you couldn't stop talking bout me aye" I tease

"ashton also has a big mouth" he snicker

"I think it's cute" I reply

"What ashton big mouth" he jokes

"Cheeky" I tease

"So about what you said before about rielly are you sure you want to" he mumbles

"Yes I've been thinking about it for awhile, just until I finish school and get my life together" I reply turning around in his arms to face him

"You know I can help right"he mumbles

"Calum it's the right thing to do I can't rely on you we have only just started dating your a teenage boy you shouldn't have to" I reply

"But I want to" he mumbles

"I know but it is the right decision, it's just too much at the moment, I go to school come home and I study and do home work and then on the weekend I look after a toddler I never get time for me to have fun the last couple of days I've been the happiest I've been for along time, it made me realise how miserable I've been and I need to fix it I nee to fix me" I sob

"And I caused half of your pain"he replies

"No cal you didn't with everything's that's happened to me ,you did nothing compared to some people" I reply hugging him tight

"How are you so brave" he mumbles

"I'm not brave never have been im just good at hiding it" I reply

"What can I do to help you" he mumble

"There's nothing you can do except be there for me when I need you and give me cuddles" I reply

"I can do that" he mumbles

"Are you coming to bed" I ask slipping out of his grip

He nods and follows me, I get change into my pjs, I climb on the bed into Cals arms and he cuddles me

I drift off to sleep...

I'm woken by calum and rielly jumping on me,

"Wake up wake up" the yell

"Hmm what are you to devils doing" I yawn

"We want cuddle" cal says laying down

"Cuds" rielly yells

"Okay come here" I say holding my arms out

Rielly jumps into my arms and I cuddle him cal wraps his arms around the both of us

"What time does he have to go back" cal asks

"Eleven" I reply

"We better get ready then" he replies

"Why what's the time" I ask

"Ten thirty" he replies

"Shit, c'mon ri let's get you changed" I say jumping up

"I'll change him you get ready" cal says taking rielly

"You sure" I ask

He nods and they walkout the room, I quickly get dressed I throw on a pair of shorts, my batman tank and a pair of thongs, I quickly brush my hair and brush my teeth,

"Hey Katie" cal yells

"Yes" I say walking out the bathroom

"Doesn't he look cute"he say pointing to rielly, he's messed up his hair

"Omg two days and your turning him into you" I joke

"I'm gonna get changed now, we leave in five" he says kissing my cheek, I grab rielly and take him out to the kitchen and get him some breakfast,

"Okay I'm ready" cal says walking in the kitchen

"Yeah he's just finishing his breakfast" I reply

" Speaking bout food, do you want to get lunch after we drop him off" he asks

"Yes that would be great"i reply

"Great get to spend some time with my girl before I head home" he replies kissing your cheek

"Do you really have to go home" I fake pout

"Yes as much as I want to stay I think my mum would kill me if I didn't" he replies

"Ok I understand but the next time your over I want cuddles" I reply

"You can have all the cuddles you want" he replies

"Good now we should get going" I say cleaning rielly up

"I'm driving" calum says grabbing the keys

We head out to the car I strap rielly in and get in the passengers side and we drive,

We stop and get out the car,

"Ok rielly say goodbye to calum" I say

"By" rielly mumbles

"Bye rielly see you soon bud" cal says kissing his forehead

I walk rielly up to the door and knock,

"Hey mrs dot" I say as she opens the door

"Katie,hey rielly" she says taking him

"Okay ri I'll see you soon ok" I say kissing his head

"See you in two weeks Katie take care" she says as I leave and return to the car,

"Okay let's go" I say getting in

"Are you ok" he asks

"I'm fine"i reply

"Im thinking burgers is that ok with you" he asks

"Yes anything really" I reply

We get some burgers, they were some good burgers too, it's time to take cal home tho,we pull up in front of his place,

"You want to come in hang for a little" he asks

"Sure, your mum won't mind will she" I ask

"No she's good" he replies as we get out of the car...

Calum's pov

"Mum I'm home" I yell walking in the front door dragging Katie behind me

"Hey cal, Katie" she greets us

"Hi mrs hood" Katie mumbles

"Mali" mum yells

"What" Mali says coming into the room

"Mali this is Katie Calum's girlfriend" mum announces

"Hi Katie I'm Mali Calum's sister" Mali says hugging Katie

"Nice to meet you" Katie replies

"Ok we're gonna hang in my room for a little" I say dragging Katie towards my room,

"Your sisters nice" Katie mumbles as we sit on the bed

"She can when she wants to be" I reply

"So for this party on Friday what should I wear" she asks

"Nothing to fancy, I mean it's at Ashton's house so" I reply

"Well I've got this little black dress I brought ages ago and I've never worn it will that do" she asks

"We'll see on Friday when I pick you up"i reply

"So how big are these ashton parties" she asks

"Pretty big" I reply

"Can I get drunk" she asks

"If you want to" I laugh

"Maybe I'll get you drunk" she jokes

"Sweetie you don't have to get me drunk to get in my pants" I joke tickling her sides,

She laughs

"Stop calum" she laughs

"Okay I'll stop" I say crashing my lips to hers

The kiss starts to get heated,

"Cal cool down" she says breaking the kiss

I suck down her neck making her moan,

"Cal I have to go" she says pushing me off and standing up

"Wait no" I say pulling her on my lap

"I have to go sometime calum and I'd rather leave now before you turn me on more" she replies

"Just a little longer please"i fake pout

She nods and I kiss her again I rub my hand up and down her thigh

"Hmm no" she mumbles against my lips

"Why not" I groan

"Causes your family's out there" she mumbles

"So, we can be quiet" I say sucking her neck

"hmm uh no cal" she hums

I keep sucking he neck leaving small bites

she pulls away and stands up panting,

"I'm going, I'll see you tomorrow"she say peaking my lips

I stand up and grab her ,

"Fine, I'll see you tomorrow" I say kissing her again

I walk her out,

"Bye" she mumbles

"Bye baby girl" I say as she leaves

"Cal" mum yells

"Yess mumma" I say walking in the kitchen

"Teas ready is Katie still here"she asks

"No she just left she said to tell you goodbye" I reply

"She's a nice girl calum, don't you hurt her" she warns

"I won't mum relax" I reply

"Eat your tea you devil" she replies

"Where's Mali" I ask

"She's gone out" she replies

I eat all my tea,

"Thanks for tea mumma " I say cleaning my plate

"No problem" she replies

"I'm gonna go to bed" I say kissing her cheek

"Ok good night" she replies

I walk to my room shut the door and flop on my bed, I pull out my phone and text Katie,

To Babes: you should of stayed I want cuddles ๐Ÿ˜˜..

From babes: hey mr, you better get a teddy bear to cuddle then ๐Ÿ˜‚

Ps :I want cuddles too ๐Ÿ˜˜

To babes: I have my cuddle teddy right here but yours is better ๐Ÿ˜˜

From babes: hell yeah they are ๐Ÿ˜˜

To babes: did you have tea? ๐Ÿ˜˜

From babes: yes cal I had tea, I had noodles ๐Ÿ˜˜

To babes: good, whatcha doin??? ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

From babes: I'm laying in bed texting you ๐Ÿ˜˜

To babes: you should go to sleep ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

From babes: so should you ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜‹

To babes: I'll see you tommorow baby girl, sweet dreams (about me), goodnight ๐Ÿ˜˜โค๏ธ

From babes: good night, see you tomorrow hood โค๏ธ๐Ÿ˜˜

I smile at her calling me hood I usually hate it but I don't mind it when she says it, I put my phone down and slowly drift off to sleep.

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