Each day Katie goes to school and gets bullied, no one knows her secrets


1. chapter 1


First time writing smut so if it's bad I apologise, enjoy :)

Katie's pov

Another day walking through the doors of school, everyday I keep my head down hoping they ignore me but it never works, I walk to my locker and put my bag inside and head off to my first class, the day drags, finally off to my last class art,

"Hey fat ass move" a guy say barging past me him and his mates just laugh,

I ignore them and take my seat like I do every day, and then walks in the guy who's bullied me since 4th grade,

"Hey fat ass" he says taking his seat beside me

"Leave me alone calum" I mumble

"Or what" he pokes me

I stay quiet

"Didn't think so" he pokes again

I went to say something but mr.jar

Came in the class room,

"Okay class we're starting our new art project today, I'll put you in groups" mr jar says

He is calling all the groups out,

My stomach drops when he say

"Katie,calum, luke and michael"

Great I'm stuck with calum fucking hood,

"You have to work together to make a master piece on one big canvas" mr jar announces, my group moves to a table where we can all sit,

"So I have an idea but we can't do it at my house my parents will kill me" calum speaks up

"Can't go to my house, my mum will have a melt down" mikey speaks up

"I kind of told mum I was staying at mikeys for a few days so" luke mumbles

they all stare at me

"I guess you's can come to mine" I mumble

"Great that's settle we are going to fat arses house" calum laughs

"I can drive you guys if you want" I mumble

"You drive" luke asks

"Yes" I mumble

"Great I'll get a ride" he replies

"Me too" mikey mumbles

"Yeah I'm in I had to walk today so" cal mumbles

"Okay class dismissed" mr jar announces

I leave and walk to my locker to grab my bag, I walk outside and they are waiting for me, I lead them towards my car, they get in, I start driving

"What's this" calum asks holding a a dummy

"It's a dummy" I reply

"I know what it is why do you have it" he asks

"It's my brothers" I reply

"fay arse has a brother" he replies

I stay silent the rest of the way home, we head inside,

"Okay where should we set up" luke asks

"Out the back" I reply

We head out the back and set up,

"Do you guys want a drink" I ask

They nod

I head inside and grab some bottles of water, I pause in the door way before walking out listening to their convo,

"I wonder where her parents are " luke asks

"Maybe they ditched her" calum replies

I walk back out with an angry look on my face,

"Here's your fucking water" I yell throwing a bottle at him

"What's gotten in to you" cal jumps to advoid it

"I'm sick of you calum every fucking day you tease and pick on me I'm sick of it, you want to know where my parents are, they died they left me here alone, my baby brother is in care because I'm not eighteen and we have no one else to take him in" I break down

And run inside crying, I sit on the couch crying, I hear foot steps I look up to find calum standing staring at me,

"I'm an asshole, I'm sorry, I didn't know " he say sitting next to me

"Why do you hate me so much, every day you make me feel worse than I already feel, I can't take it anymore" I sob

"I don't hate you, I just do it to feel better about myself to fit in, I'm sorry I didn't know, I'm sorry" he sounds like he's gonna cry

"Im sorry I threw a bottle at you" I mumble

"No I deserve that, you can slap me if you want" he relies

I punch his arm

"Ok I'm feeling alittle better now" I reply

"Why the hell did you learn to punch that hard" he says rubbing his arm where I punched him

"My dad, he boxed " I replied

"Okay I'm not gonna piss you off anymore, I am sorry you may not believe me but I am" he mumbles

"I'm sorry I blew your head off" I reply

"Its ok I forgive you, how olds your brother" he asks

"He's two " I reply

"How old was he when it happened" he asks

"He just turned one" I reply

"Im sorry how often do you see him" he asks

"I look after him on Friday through to Sunday" I reply

"By yourself" he asks

"yes" I sigh

"I think I need to meet this little guy" he mumbles

"Calum what are you getting at, one minute your horrible to me and the next your being nice"i reply

"I want us to be friends" he replies

"Friends" I mumble

"Yes friends" he says

"I don't know calum " I reply

"C'mon you won't regret it" he whines

"Ok friends, we should get back to luke and michael"i reply standing up

He stands up and hugs me, we walk back out side,

Luke jumps up and hugs me,

"What was that for" I ask

"You were upset and I like giving hugs,are you okay"he replies

"Yeah im ok" I reply

"So are we going to get started now or what" mikey asks

"Yes, calum what did you have in mind"i ask

" Well it involves these" he says holding up a packet of water balloons

"Really" I ask

"Yes, we feel half of them with paint and the other half of the packet with water, we pin the paint ones to the canvas and then throw the water ones to pop them, and then we spray paint" he replies

"Fine you guys set it up" I mumble

They set it all up and ready,

"Okay everyone ready" cal asks

We all nod and start throwing making the paint explode on the canvas,

"Okay we have to go,can we come back and do it tomorrow" mikey asks

"Yeah sure " I reply

"Bye katie" luke says pulling me into a hug

"Bye" I say as they leave

"So what's for tea" cal mumbles

" tea" I ask

"Yes I'm hungry" he replies

"I was going to order pizza" I reply

"Great I'll order" he says grabbing his phone,

I sit on the lounge, he comes and sits next to me

"Shouldn't you be going home" I ask

"Nope, I'm good here" he replies

"Why" I ask

"Cause I'd rather sit here with a beautiful girl then sit at home board" he replies ,

Did I just hear him right did he just call me beautiful,

"You must be high or something" I reply

"whys that" he say raising an eyebrow

"Cause you called me beautiful, I'm not beautiful" I reply

"You are" he replies

"I'm not, I'm gonna go get changed" I reply standing up and heading to my room,

I quickly get change into my black croptop and a pair of black pyjama shorts and head back out, calum stares at me

"Wow why don't you wear that kind of stuff to school" he asks as I sit down

"I can't wear pjs to school" I reply

"You should,you know you shouldn't hide under then sweaters" he mumbles

"Why so I can get teased more" I ask

"What no, no one is going to tease you anymore" he says

"But they will calum, im suprised you haven't started on me again" I reply

"I'm not going to tease you any more, im sorry I put you through hell" he replies

"We'll see how long it lasts " I joke

"Okay I get it you don't trust me but you will" he replies

There's a knock on the door so I answer it an collect the pizza,

"Here eat" I say putting the pizza down

We eat the pizza in silence,

We finish and calum breaks the silence

"So you don't have any other family" he asks

"No only family I have left is my brother" I reply

"What's his name" he asks

"His name is Reilly " I reply

"Do you miss him" he asks

"Of course I miss him, but I get to see him every week end so it's ok I guess" I reply ,a tear escapes my eye

Calum places his hand on my face and He wipes it away with his thumb,

"Im sorry" he mumbles

"Don't be it's not your fault" I reply

He removes his hand

" I shouldn't have been so mean to you" he mumble

"Its ok really I'm used to it" I mumble

"That's the thing you shouldn't have to be used to it" he mumbles

"Well I am" I reply

I'm shocked when he crashes his lips to mine, I kiss back we move in sync,

I break away

"I have to go" he says getting up and walking to the door

"Ah yeah ok bye" I say as he leaves

I go and lay in bed, I just think ,What the hell was that, calum hood just kissed me the same Callum hood that has bullied me since 4th grade, what the fuck was he thinking..

I drift off to sleep

Calum's pov

What was I doing leaving straight after I kissed her, I wanted to hold her tell her it's going to be fine but who am I to say that it will I mean I made her life hell,

I like her I kind of always have, I run inside my house and go straight to bed,

I drift off....

I wake the next morning, I get up and get changed and head down stairs for break fast,

"Morning sweetie" mum greets me

"Morning" I mumble as I sit to eat

"Where were you last night" she asks

"At a friends" I reply

"Are you going to be home for tea tonight" she asks

"I don't know I'll text you, I have to go love you mum" I say walking out the door

I walk to school,

The day seems to drag, until the final bell rings, I meet luke and michael out the front,

"Hey cal" luke greets me

"So you guys ready" mikey asks

"For" I ask

"Katie's remember" luke laughs

"Um yes let's go" I say getting in mikeys car

We drive to Katie's,

We go and knock on the door,she answers

"Hey guys, I forgot you were coming,come In " she smile awkwardly as we walk through the door

"Have you got any food" luke ask her as he walks in

"Yes, there's food in the kitchen help yourselves" she replies

"You look beautiful" I whisper in her ear

"Save it calum" she replies walking away

I follow her to the back yard and sit down with mikey an luke who are shoving their faces,

"How come you don't wear them kind of clothes to school katie" luke asks

"Cause I rather live in the shadows instead of being noticed" she replies

"Okay fair enough" luke snickers

" You guys can start when ever" she says walking inside I follow her...

Katie's pov

I quickly walk inside, I need a drink, I hear foot steps behind me so I turn around when I do a pair of lips are pressed to mine, I see it's calum , I kiss back a bit then push him off

"What are you doing" I ash

"You weren't at school today" he replies

" No I had things to think about" I reply

"I'm that thing aren't i" he mumbles

"Why did you kiss me calum" I ask

"Because I like you"he replies

"No you dont" I reply

"Yes I do I kinda always have" he replies

"What" I snap

"I like you Katie" he mumbles

"How can I believe you calum" I ask

"Because you have to just trust me for once" he replies

"I don't want to get hurt" I reply

"You won't" he says brushing my hair off my cheek

"Calum I i" I'm cut off by him crashing his lips on mine again this time more relaxed I kiss back, I break away

"Please don't hurt me calum"i mumble

"I won't " he replies

"No what" I ask

"Will you be my girlfriend" he asks

"Yes" I sigh

"Great, how bout we I in a date tomorrow night" he asks

"I can't" I reply

"Why not " he asks

"Because it's Friday I have my brother to look after" I reply

"He can come we could go out for tea" he replies

"Okay" I agree

"Great I'll pick you up at five" he replies

"Guys are you gonna help" luke shouts as he walks towards us

"Yes luke" I reply

"Can't I just have a minute with my girlfriend"calum whines

luke looks at us weird

"Girlfriend since when" luke asks

"Since about five minutes ago" calum replies

"Wait until ashton hears about this" luke snickers

"Who's ashton" I ask

"One of our friends,you'll meet him one day" calum replies

"You know he's gonna tell you" luke laughs

"I know now leave it alone luke" cal snaps

"Should I be scared of this ashton" I ask

"What no he's like a big cuddles teddy bear " cal replies

"Okay so should we go paint or what" I ask

They nod and follow me as I make my way out to the back yard to find mikey already painting but it's not the canvas it's a tree,

"Why are you painting a tree" I ask

"You guys were taking too long and I got bord" he replies

"Well we're back now" I reply

"What took you guys so long" he asks

"We were talking" I reply

"Talking yeah yeah more like" luke says I cut him off

"Luke,we were not" I warn him

"What were you two doing" mikey asks looking between me and calum

"Nothing" I sigh

"We kissed again and now she's my girlfriend" calum blurts out

"Wait what,you two hated each other" mikey laughs

"I didn't hate her I've liked her for awhile I just couldn't face the truth" calum sighs

"Okay maybe I hated him a little but after last night he seem sweet" I reply

"Okay, oh shit I have to go, luke grab your shit , cal do you need a ride "mikey says jumping up and looking at his phone

"Nah I'm ok" cal replies

"Bye guys" I say as they leave

"So" cal sighs

"Do you want to watch a movie" I ask

"Yes" he replies

We go inside and sit on the couch I scroll through the movies and put one on, I lean back on the couch so I'm half laying ,cal does the same our head are in the middle,

I lay down fully, I can feel him staring down at me while I'm watching the movie,

I can feel my eyes getting heavier

"Hey I should go let you get some sleep" he whispers

"No stay please" I say grabbing his arm

"I have no clothes" he whispers

"You can borrow mine" I reply

"I'm not wearing pink" he whines

"No, I have some guys tops they should fit you " I reply

"Why do you have guys tops" he asks

"Cause I liked then and they didn't come in girls" I reply sitting up

"Well okay then" he replies lacing our fingers together

"Well it's settled your staying" I reply

"Are you going to school tomorrow" he asks

"For half the day yes " I reply

"Why only half " he asks

"Cause I pick my brother up at one" I reply

"Too bad for me then" he replies

"Do you want to come" I ask

"Really" he asks

"Yeah I mean we could go to the park or something" I reply

"Sure I'll come" he replies

"I'm going to bed you coming or not" I ask

"Shouldn't I stay on the couch" he replies

"No but if you want to you can but I'd perfect it if you stayed with me " I reply

"Okay I'm coming" he says jumping up

We walk to my bedroom

I quickly strip off and put my pjs on,

Calum just stands there wide eyes,

I crawl into bed

"Are you gonna stand there all night or are you gonna lay down" I ask

"Ah yeah" he answers he strips down to his boxers and lays down next to me

"Better" I ask

"No now in cold" he jokes

"Come here" I say hugging him

"That's better" he sighs

I drift off to sleep...

I wake the next morning to an empty bed, did he run, maybe he doesn't like me,

I get up and hear singing coming from the bathroom and the shower going,

"Calum are you in their" I say banging on the door

I hear the shower turn off, the door opens and I'm met with a dropping wet calum with just a towel wrapped around him,

"Morning,hope you don't mind I took a shower" he says

"Uh I um not at all" I stutter

"Are you ok" he asks

"Yes,ah you should put some clothes on" I mumble looking away

"Why can't I have a hug first " he asks

"Calum just put some clothes on then I'll give you a hug" I reply

"You hugged me last night without any clothes on" he replies

"Last night you weren't dripping wet with just a towel on " I laugh

I walk back in to the bed room

"What's the deal am I turning you on" he laughs

"Yes" I say under my breath hoping he wouldn't hear it

"What was that" he asks

"Yes Calum your turning me on,now put some clothes on" I reply

I turn and go through my draws for something to wear, I feel his hand snake around my waist and spin me round,

he kisses me softest,

"Calum stop we can't" I mumble as he sucks on my neck

I let out a moan,

"Calum" I moan

"Oh fuck it " I say pushing him towards the bed and on it

I crawl on top of him

"What happened to no" he snickers

I kiss him quickly

"Well if someone wasn't sucking my neck teasing me" I reply as I kiss him again

He flips us over

"You sure you want to" he asks

"Yes but we have to be quick" I reply

With that he pulls off my pjs bottoms and my panties go with them,

He takes a condom out and rolls it on his length and slams into me, he starts off slow but then he fastens the thrusts,

The pleasure,i scratch down his back,

I can feel it building inside

"Calum I" I whimper out

"I know come baby" he whisper

I let go, he thrust a couple of time so we can rise out our highs, he pulls out and throws the condom away, we lay there panting,

"We should get dressed" I mumble

"That was amazing" he mumbles

"Yeah" I sigh

" For a first time it's pretty good,why did I wait " he mumbles

"Omg calum it was your first time, im sorry I though your done it before" I reply sitting up and pulling on some new pants

"Your lucky number one" he mumbles

"I'm honoured but if I knew I wouldn't have done that to you" I say looking down at my hands

"Hey no it's fine I wanted to do it" he says pulling on some pants

"Your first time is supposed to be special not taken away like mine was" I say grabbing a pair of black skinny jeans and pulling them on

"What do you mean yours was taken" he asks

"I'll tell you later but not now" I reply

"Okay but I don't regret it okay" he says

Hugging me

"We should get dressed other wise we're gonna be late" I say pulling away

"Okay" he mumbles

"Will this fit you" I ask holding up a Rolling Stones T-shirt

"Yes thank you" he says pulling it on

"Do you think this is ok" I ask

"You don't have to change what you wear because your dating me but yes it looks fine" he replies

"I want to" I reply

Im wearing black skinny jeans with a white crop top, I let my hair hang,

"Are you ready to rock the school" he asks

"Ready as I'll ever be" I reply

We walk out the door and to the car

"Can I drive" he asks

"Okay fine" I agree and chuck him the keys

I hop in the passenger side,

We arrive at school , we get out the car and people are already staring at us,

Cal grabs my hand as we walk inside

"Everybody Is staring" I whisper to him

"I know , let them stare, their just jealous " he replies

I put my bag in my locker and we head to class,

Lucky I have nearly every class with calum, we walk in the class room and everyone stares

We take our seats at our table,

Calum hasn't let go of my hand,

"Awe what's this the ugly rat has a boyfriend" Brittany says poking my shoulder,

See Brittany is the bitch of the school she has long blonde hair all the guys think she's the prettiest,

"Leave her alone Brittany" calum speaks up

"Awe calum why don't you ditch her and date the prettiest girl in the school me" she replies

"I am dating the prettiest girl In the school, she is way more beautiful than you'll ever be atleast she doesn't have to cake on make up to make her pretty"cal yells

With that Brittany walked away

"Thank you,you didn't have to do that" I whisper kissing his cheek

"I did,I told you I'm not letting anyone bully you anymore" he replies

"Hey guys" luke says walking over with mikey and sitting down

"Hi" I mumble

"So are we working on the project after school" mikey asks

"Sorry I can't tonight, maybe you guys can come around tomorrow instead"i reply

"Awe why not tonight" luke moans

"I have to pick my brother up and I won't be home " I reply

"Fine tomorrow then but we'll be bringing ashton " luke sighs

"That's fine"i reply

The two classes I have drag but finally it's lunch and the bell rings,

"C'mon let's go" I say pulling Callum to my locker

"I'm coming" he mumbles

I grab my bag and I drag him out side to the car

"Keys please" I ask

"I'm driving" he replies

"No I'll drive there and then you can take over ok" I reply

"Fine" he says handing me the keys

We get in and I start driving,

We arrive and I jump out and walk up to the door and knock,

"Katie" mrs dot answers

"Hey, is he ready to go" I ask

"Yes I'll just get him" she says turning around to go get him, he's asleep I grab his bag off her and take him in my arms

"We'll see you on sunday" I say walking towards the car

I undo the back door and strap him in his car seat, I get in the front cause calum has taken over driving,

"Home" cal asks

"Yeah" I reply

We pull up at my house and hop out the car I un strap Reilly he starts to wake up

"Hey buddy" I say picking him up

"Kat" he whispers

I carry him inside cal follows

"Are you hungry" I asks

Reilly nods

"Food" he yells

"Cal are you hungry" I ask

"Yes" he replies

"Reilly this is cal" I say

"Hi Reilly"cal whispers

"Do you want to cuddle cal while I make some lunch, do you mind cal"i ask

"Not at all,come here little man" cal says grabbing him off me

"Why don't you guys watch a movie I'll bring lunch in" I say walking to the kitchen

I make a whole heap of mixed sandwiches and cut them into triangles and carry them into the lounge where calum and Reilly are cuddled up,

"As cute as that is lunch is ready" I say walking and putting the plate down,

"Yummy" Reilly yells grabbing a sandwich

"I was thinking why don't we go to McDonald's for tea l" cal asks

"To do you want to go macs for tea with cal" I ask Reilly

"Yus yus" he yell jumping up and down

"Ok macs it is" I reply

"Yay" cal and Reilly scream

"Eat up you two" I reply

"Ca sti" Reilly mumble yanking my top

"What was that little man" I ask

"Ca sta"he mumbles again but this time pointing at calum

"Cal stay" I ask

"Yus" he yells

"I don't know you batter ask cal" I reply

"Sta" Reilly says sitting on Calum's lap

"I can stay but I have to go get some clothes" cal replies

Reilly starts jumping up and down on Calum's lap

"Ri be careful, don't hurt cal" I reply

"We should go get my clothes now" cal says

"Yeah sure but wouldn't your mum go off if she sees your skipped school" I ask

"No one should be home she wouldn't mind anyway" he replies

"Okay just let me change him and we can go" I reply

Grabbing Reilly and go an change his diaper.

we head out and go to Calum's,..

Calum's pov

We open the door to my house and go in my nostrils are filled with the aroma of fresh cookies,

"Cal what are you doing home" my mum asks as we walk in the kitchen

"I had something to do" I reply

"Who's this" she asks

"I'm Katie calum friend, it's nice to meet you mrs hood" Katie speaks up

"She's my girlfriend" I say

"Girlfriend, nice to meet you Katie and please call me joy and who's this little guy" my mum asks

"This is Reilly my baby brother" Katie replies

"He's a cutie, would he like a cookie I just made them" my mum asks

Reilly takes a a cookie off my mum and hides in Katie's shoulder

"Say thank you ri" Katie mumbles

"So why aren't you guys at school" mum asks

"Every Friday I have half the day off to pick up this little guy, cal wanted to join today I hope you don't mind l" Katie replies

"Of course not, but calum don't make this a habit, where's your parents honey" mum replies

"Mum" I sigh

"It's ok calum" Katie says

"Katie do you want to go wait in my room it second on the left" I reply she nods and takes Reilly to my room,

"Did I say something wrong" mum asks

"I'm kinda yes maybe" I mumble

"Calum" mum warns

"Mum her parents are dead" I reply

"Awe that poor girl and boy, who does she live with" mum asks

"She lives by herself" I reply

"But what about the little boy" she asks

"She's not old enough to look after him so he is in care she has him every weekend" I reply

"Doesn't she have family " my mum asks

"She has no one mum" I say sitting down

"No she has you now and us we'll help"mum says hugging me

"Thanks mum" I mumble

"Are you home for tea tonight" she asks

"No in staying at Katie's Reilly wants me to stay,i don't know about tomorrow night yet" I reply

"Okay if you need anything just call " she replies

"I love you mum " I say stealing a cookie

"I love you too you take care of that girl" she says as I walk away, I enter my room and see Katie laying on my bed with Reilly laying on her belly,

"Hey"I say laying next to them

"Hi" she mumbles

"Sorry bout my mum"i reply

"No it's fine " she mumbles

"She said your welcome anytime" I reply

"She's nice" she mumbles

"Is he ok" I ask pointing at Reilly

"Yeah he get warn out pretty fast he loves to sleep" she replies

"I'm glad I got to know you the other day, I should thank mr jar" I mumble

"Im glad you changed your mind about me" she replies

"I was stupid" I reply

I lean up on my elbow so I can look at her

"Just a little bit but it's ok" she replies

I lean down and kiss her softly

"Your amazing" I mumble against her lips

"You should get your stuff ready" she mumbles and I kiss her again, I roll of the bed and start packing,

"Okay I'm finished packing" I say laying back down

"If I lay here any longer in gonna fall asleep" she mumbles

"How long have you been living by yourself" I ask

"Since I was sixteen since it happened" she replies

"What did you mean this morning when you said yours was taken" I ask

"We should talk about that later" she mumbles

"Ok are you ready to go" I ask

"Yes can you lift him off me so I can get up" she asks

"I'll carry him " I say picking Reilly up off her

We walk out my room

"Mum we're leaving now" I call out

"Ok I'll see you when you come back, Katie your welcome anytime" mum says hugging Katie

"It was really nice to meet you" Katie replies

"Bye mum" I say walking out the door

"Ok bye sweetie" she yells

I strap Reilly into his car seat

And get in to drive.....

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