His little brothers are a giant snake and an eight-legged horse, and he's pretty sure his sister is a rotting corpse. His mother holds the gambit over sadness, and his dad is currently chained to some rocks for second-degree murder. If Fenrir was a little distrusting of people, well, who could blame him?

(Rating for the occasional swear.)


1. Prologue


The air is frigid and unforgiving, but it's familiar. Fenrir barely feels it as he dashes through the snow with Hel and Jörmungandr laughing on his back. The sound wasn't foreign in this realm.

For every derogatory slur thrown toward Jötunheim, it was a generally friendly place. At least, it was to its own inhabitants. No one who was born in Jötunheim considered it the wasteland that the Æsir did. Yes, the winters were impressively devastating, but that was only one part of it. There was the stunning sunrises and the powerful winds that could make you feel like you were flying, and there was always the sharp smell of earth that always made Fenrir feel happy. It was the kind of place that felt too good to be true, but maybe that was just Fen.

He was still a pup when they came. He and his siblings had just come in from playing in the snow when they were met with armed guards and fearful glares. Their mother's own expression was one of hatred, aimed at the man Fenrir hadn't seen since Hel and Jörmungandr were born. To his credit, their father did look upset by the whole thing, but he did nothing to stop the guards from taking the children from the only home they'd known. From the only parent who had tried to raise them.

Loki didn't even spare them a glance, but he did offer some advice once they arrived at Asgard.

"Careful, children. Here there be monsters."

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