His little brothers are a giant snake and an eight-legged horse, and he's pretty sure his sister is a rotting corpse. His mother holds the gambit over sadness, and his dad is currently chained to some rocks for second-degree murder. If Fenrir was a little distrusting of people, well, who could blame him?

(Rating for the occasional swear.)


2. Here There Be Monsters


Odin is a self-righteous asshole.

I make this assumption the very first time we meet. I'm barely able to hold a human form so I don't, and I am completely convinced that none of the deities watching over our meeting are aware that I am more than a beast to be tamed. They have already spread out my siblings, and only I have been allowed to remain in Asgard's golden halls. Odin has been talking for hours, but I'm certain he hasn't really said anything other than what I am destined to do. I cannot express how much I do not care, so I simply sit in front of him and watch the clouds from the window beside his throne.

I was supposed to kneel. Both Loki and the guards had informed me of this several times, but I refused. Odin wasn't my king, and he certainly wasn't my god. I would never kneel to anyone I felt was unworthy of me, and I had told them this. The guards called me foolish, but Loki seemed impressed. I didn't insult either of us by calling him father.

"-And that is why you shall remain here," Odin finished, and I blinked lazily at him. We both knew I had heard nothing, but he dismisses me anyways.

My freedom is a loose idea.

I'm not allowed to leave Asgard, and I must always be accompanied by a guard wherever I go. They all hold the same glare that the guards who collected me from home had, and it would be funny if it weren't for the fact they held swords and spears. Even as a kid, I knew weapons and shaky hands weren't a good combination. No one talked to me- aside from the constant spiel I got from Odin. I honestly don't think any knew I could speak, though it couldn't be the strangest thing they've seen.

This is disproved when I meet Tyr.

He's several generations my senior, and I don't understand why he sought me out. Unlike Odin, Tyr doesn't expect me to be grateful to be brought into Asgard. The first thing out of his mouth when we meet, me surrounded by three guards and he just returning from a trip to Midgard, is "This must suck."

Though the words are strange, the guards don't even question it. They also don't question when Tyr offers to take me off their hands for awhile.

Tyr is all about bravery and honor. He talks of warriors I've never heard of and decisions I could never make. He talks of places that I wish I could see with my own eyes, and he talks of emotions I'm too young to experience. He talks to me as if I were anyone else, and it's the first time I ever enjoy a minute in Asgard. And that's what it feels like- a minute. Before long, out conversation winds to an end and I'm handed over to soldiers not eager to be in my presence again. Tyr promises to see me again, and I doubt the truth of his word. Though I had barely spent anytime in the world of the Æsir, I already understood Loki's words better than I should have.

The next time I see Tyr, it's because I'm hungry and the gods are idiots.

They still treat me as if I'm some stray dog, and they all act as if one of them has to feed me. Odin refuses to bring me food because he is a king, and kings do not pander to dogs. Frigga offers, but Odin will not allow his queen to behave in such a manner either. Thor, for all his bluster, says that he is allergic to dogs and cannot come near me. Frey and Freya outright admit that they think I will take a bite out of them instead of whatever they bring. Loki is out doing who knows what, and no one else can be bothered. So Tyr, of bravery and honor, brings me a plate of food.

It's nothing special, just some dried meats and a few pieces of fruit- which I ignore- but it's more than I was going to get waiting around for anyone else. Tyr finds it funny that I didn't go to the kitchens on my own, and he finds it funnier that I don't know where they are. I haven't told Tyr about the fact that I can take human form, but I feel it isn't something I should share. He comments on the fact that I have grown since the last time he's seen me which is ridiculous. He talks more of the nine realms as I eat, and I tell him of my memories of Jötunheim and my brother and sister. That is when Tyr tells me of another child of Loki, a son of Sigyn. It isn't surprising, and we don't talk about him anymore.

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