Absent dreams

"I'm in a band, but, we kinda suck.."
"Oh you do now do you? Let me be the judge of that. I'll see you at seven.."



Chasity's POV

"So uh.. You guys um like watched my video today you said..?" I nervously bit my bottom lip, silently begging that Luke himself didn't see it.

"I just wanna, ugh Luke, daddy fuck.." Michael started, earning a giggle from Ashton. Fuck I just wanted to tell him how cute his giggle is.

"Yeah yeah whatever that's the last of my videos I'll ever make about you guys now" I laughed and sat down on the couch, Holden on my right, Calum to my left.

"What? Wait why that's what your whole channel is isn't it? You can't be done you like have so many fans. Chas are you crazy?"

"Holden I'm not crazy but I'm not gonna make stuff like that with these goons around, especially when they could walk in on me filming at any time and people would go freaking crazy. Plus I know they're watching so.." I felt my cheeks heat up as Calum let out a small laugh beside me.

"Well then let's give the fans something to freak out about" Luke turned to look up at me on the couch, Ashton and Michael on the floor on either sides of him as well.

"Are you serious?" I probably had the worlds biggest smile on my face right now, and I didn't even care. Luke looked to his left, then to his right, then up at Calum next to me. They all shrugged their shoulders in a 'why not' kinda way.

"Yeah, I'm serious" he smiled. God dammit his smile.

"Ok I'll go set up my real camera instead of doing it on my phone because then quality is gross and as much as I love low quality pics of you gu- I mean psht so that the video is clearer duh"

Holden let out a chuckle next to me.

"Come on mister big shot over here I need your help" I grabbed Holden by the wrist and pulled him up. "Plus I don't know what house is yours, er well ours yet"

I ran towards tho door, turning in excitement before I walked out the door and sent a wave at the boys. "Be at our place in ten! Bye" I could tell I was smiling extremely wide.

As soon as the door was closed I jumped onto Holden, tackling him to the ground in a hug. "Best fucking day of my life"

He laughed and sent a smile up at me.

"Hey don't swear!" I heard Ashton's giggle erupt from the front door of the house we just exited, all four of them standing in the door laughing at us, probably amused with how excited I was.


As soon as we got home I changed into a black crop top and a pair of white high waisted shorts, I was beyond ready for this.

"Gooooood morning all you wonderful people of YouTube" I let out a giggle and ran my hand through my hair, pushing it off my face.

"So I know I just posted a video but I'm making another one because I already love it here in Sydney and I just wanted to share all the excitement with you guys" I smiled and turned my head towards the door, Holden came through it with a goofy smile on his face.

"They're here" he whispered in my ear.

I nodded, "I'm ready, tell them to just be natural and I'll keep doing my thing"

He gave me a nod and left the room again. "Sorry haha well I wanted to tell you guys about how my life has been going since I got here, I'm extremely jet lagged and probably won't be able to sleep tonight so I'll do a Q/A and you guys can tweet me questions!"

I heard shuffling outside my door and smiled to myself, here we go.

"My brother has a few friends here and they're really great," I heard my bedroom door open in the background and just played it of as if I didn't notice, "so naturally he let me meet them today and they're such amazing people and god my Holden's probably gonna hold this against me for the rest of my life" I giggled.

"Cute giggle" I heard Luke in the background, as he casually walked around the room, I could tell by his voice that a smirk was definitely present on his face, and I could feel myself blushing a little as I realized that Luke just told me I had a cute giggle, wether it was for the camera or not he still said it and oh my god what am I doing to myself.

"Hey thanks" I turned to him and laughed again, as if it was totally normal that Luke ducking Hemmings was just chillin in the back of my YouTube video.

He winked at me.

Good fucking lord Holden basically has ruined my life by bringing me here oh my god.

"So anyways, I met these really awesome goons when I got here, credit to my brother for being amazing and making my day- sorry my life I mean"

"Luke? Luke where are you" I heard Ashton call from what sounded like the next room over.

"I'm in Chasity's room" he yelled back.

I head a small giggle escape from Ashton as he entered the room. "Oh hey man Ive been looking for you all over"

The did that stupid thing guys do where they like grab hands and then pull it in for a hug. Not really sure why guys do that but I mean, my two favorite people just did it in the background of my video.

I could hear them making small conversation as I kept going with my video.

"So now I have four new awesome best friends, I hope, sorry Natalya! Haha I love you but these guys are awesome!"

"Thanks babe" Michael slung his arm over my shoulder, sitting next to me on my bed. Oh god I'm gonna pass out this is just so... So.. Ugh I don't even know I just love them.

"Yeah yeah get outta here I'm trying to make a video!" I laughed and made a 'shoo' motion with my hand. "All of you! What are you guys doing in here?" I laughed some more, when Calum entered the room, a puppy in hands. Where tf did he even get a puppy? They don't even have a puppy,

"No no I think we should be in your video" Luke say on the other side of me, rather close might I add.

"Yeah I think we make a good addition, the people on the other side of the screen are gonna love this" Michael pointed at the camera, giving me a smirk.

"And you probably love this too" Ashton sat behind me now, Calum to his left behind Luke.

"Yeah yeah you guys are awesome now shoo!"

"But if you're gonna tell the world about your awesome new best friends I think we should be here-" Ashton started, before Luke cut him off.

"Yeah, introduce us babe" he winked at me, again. What did I ever do to deserve this life?

"Oh fine only for you," I smiled at Luke. Then I turned to my right, pointing to Michael. "This is Michael, he's a rockin dude, the black hair is killin it by the way" I laughed.

Then I pointed behind him, "and this is Calum, he plays bass in some group idk he's not very good.." I made a face as if to say 'sorry but..' And he pretended to be hurt and started fake crying.

"Awe now you've gone and made Calum cry why'd you gotta do that for?" Ashton nudged me forwards and we all laughed.

"This is Ashton," I paused to laugh, "he kinda sounds like a kangaroo so I don't think I'll ever have trouble distinguishing your voice" we both giggled.

"And that's all my new fri-"

"Hey wait what about me?"

"What about you?" I but my bottom lip, pretending to be confused.

"You gotta introduce me, I'm the most important one here" he placed both his hands on his chest, acting as if he was offended.

"Eh I mean I wouldn't say most important but"

"Fine I'll do it myself" he turned completely now, so that his body was facing mine. "I'm Luke, Luke Hemmings" he turned to the camera now, "but I'm guessing you already knew that" he used the same line he said to me earlier.

"Oh Luke Hemmings now are you?"

"Yeah, lead singer and killer on guitar"

Michael nudged me from the side, pushing me into Luke a little more.

"I'm In a band, but, we kinda suck"

"Oh you do now do you? I'll be the judge of that" I laughed and so did he. Wow what a great friendship I already have with all of them oh my god I might die.

"Welp since you met all my goons of friends I have that's all for this video"

"Goons? I'm offended"

"Sorry Calum, do you prefer idiots?"

"No, no, ok goons is good I like that"

That caused a laugh from all of us, "ok well I guess this is goodbye for now, say bye you goons"

They all repetitively yelled 'bye' obnoxiously, I just laughed and waved, bringing my hand down to cover over the camera lenses and pressing the 'stop record' button.

"Ready for all of our phones to blow up?" I asked, looking at all of them.

"I'm honestly so used to it by now"

"I guess that's right, I mean even just me, I tweet you guys and Instagram you all the time" I let out a laugh and the realized what I just said. "Oh my god you guys probably think I'm a crazy psycho fan oh my god I'm so embarrassed" I said, feeling my face heat up all over.

"It's cute" Luke said, pulling me into his side in a hug.

"Luke I called you da-"

"Daddy? Yeah I know it was really funny, we all were waiting for your arrival, and I owe all of them 15 bucks because you didn't loose your shit" he laughed, letting go of me.

"We totally were gonna play it cool like we didn't know who you were and then just subtly drop things you've said in your videos into a conversation but I gave up when I saw your face as soon as you walked in" Michael said, trying to re-enact my 'holy shit it's my favorite people in the whole world' face.

"Nooooo don't do that, oh my god I totally regret every video I've ever posted now" I laughed and buried my face in my hands.

"It's fine were used to it, besides, with everything you've said I'm surprised you're not having a mental breakdown right now"

"Especially because Luke is holding you right now" Ashton added, a tiny giggle slipping by his lips.

"Whatever" I laughed and grabbed my camera, setting it up onto my laptop to edit and post it.

Xx wow super long chapter oops buuuuut I enjoyed writing this :)

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