Absent dreams

"I'm in a band, but, we kinda suck.."
"Oh you do now do you? Let me be the judge of that. I'll see you at seven.."


23. Tyler woah plot twist

Chasity's POV

"Yes I know I miss you too"

"You don't call as much anymore"

"I know, I've had a lot going on recently I'm sorry I just-"

"It's tough hanging around with four guys isn't it?"

"Excuse me?"

"Chas, I do see your tweets and all your Instagram posts, I watch your videos, you're awfully close with all of them, don't even tell me I'm wrong because you know I'm not"

"Babe, look they're the only people I know here, besides a few others, what am I supposed to do? Sit alone in my room all day?"

"Hang out with Holden, didn't you say he's the reason you're there in the first place"

"Tyler, why are you being like this?"

"Being like what, Chas? Protective over my girlfriend. I don't even get to see you, I haven't touched you in so long. Not a single hug, no kisses, I'm lonely. And I'm here on the other side of the world, watching you be all buddy-buddy with four insanely attractive guys"

"Tyler what are you talking about? Yes, I miss you too and yes, I'm lonely without you as well-"

"That's just it though, you can be lonely all you want, but you have five shoulders to cry on. How many of them do you think wanna get into your pants? I'm sure if you gave yourself up they'd all jump. I love you, and I'm here watching in isolation as you grow closer and closer to four more boys, who aren't me"

"Tyler, there's nothing I can do, I'm not just gonna stop hanging out with them-"

"Right, this is your dream, the four people who meant the most to you when you lived back home, yeah I know. I used to sit back and laugh watching you film those videos, but who's laughing now? What's his name, Liam-"

"It's Luke" I studdered out.

"And there goes my point, it is so hard to watch you interact with them and know I have no control over it. I bet none of them even know about me-"

"Tyler you can't hold that above me, Holden never approved of you and you know it"

"Maybe not me, but I bet he would approve of each and every single one of them."

And then he hung up.

I flung my phone across my room, bouncing it off the door as I let a tear fall from my eye.

"WHAT THE FUCK DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS" I screamed. It was only 4 o'clock, but I was sure as hell ready for bed.

I went over to my dresser and pulled a sweatshirt out of it.

My infamous 'Jack Hemmings wouldn't treat me like this' one. I threw it on and went to the door to pick up my phone and play my 5sos playlist, that being the only thing that could really calm me down.

I picked up my phone and instantly cried some more. Under the shattered glass that lay over the top of my iPhone, I read the message as best I could.

From: Tyler♥️

'Babe, look I'm sorry I'm over reacting and I know that I am I just get so worried that I'm not there to stop anything. I love you, but every time we talk, if it's going to end in a fight, then I don't want to do this anymore..'

I opened my room door and threw my phone down the stairs. It landed with a thud.

"Chas? You okay?" Holden's voice came through the doorway that connected the stairs to the living room.

"I need a new phone screen. And a new life"

Then I closed my door, going over to my shelf and pulling my iPod off its charger. I opened it up to my music app and selected my 5sos playlist. Hitting shuffle and climbing into bed.


It's been two hours. My playlist hadn't ended yet, but I know it well enough to know that it would any minute now. Currently, 'Too Late' was playing.

When there was a knock on my door, I was to miserable to even respond.

"C'mon Chas, it Holden please open the door" his voice sounded sincere, like he knew what was going on. As if.

"Chas, I'm not mad, I want to make sure you're okay"

"There's nothing to be mad about, you don't even know the half of it"

"I do, I have your phone, please open the door we need to talk"

Panic struck through me as I came to realization to what he said. He has my phone. Fuck. He definitely read that message, definitely.

"Are you gonna yell at me for being with Tyler" I said, my voice just barley loud enough to be heard over the music playing.

"No, sis I'm not mad, I know how you felt about him, I wasn't home wen it happened. I left you and I'm sorry. Please just open the door. I'm not mad"

"I don't really wanna talk about it"

"Don't make me send one of them up here, I know you don't want them to see you, if you open the door I'll keep it to myself"

"I don't want to talk to you about it"

"You don't want to talk at all? Or just to me? Chas come on, talking about it helps"

"Then send one of them up here I could care less! I don't want to talk to you, all you're going to do is yell at me and say 'I told you so' because you told me he was going to hurt me and I didn't listen" I was yelling now.

"Pick your match Chas"

"I don't even care"

I heard his footsteps descending down the steps.

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