Absent dreams

"I'm in a band, but, we kinda suck.."
"Oh you do now do you? Let me be the judge of that. I'll see you at seven.."


24. turn up

Holden's POV

"Holden Holden Holden!" I heard Chasity come running down the stairs. She ran into the living room where I was currently watching something pointless on tv. She didn't even say hi to the rest of the boys before she started to half yell her words in a rushed matter.


"Chas chill out for a second" I laughed. "Ok try again, a little quieter and slower this time"

"Ok well I was wondering if you had like maybe 400 dollars I can borrow because I really wanna go to this concert but I don't have money and like I'll even go alone because it'll be cheaper than two tickets and you probably don't wanna go anyways and I have only like two friends"

"What concert, if it's honestly worth it I'll go and yes I'll pay" her face lit up like Times Square.



"Sorry..." She but her lip and looked up at me.

"It's fine just stop yelling and tell me who you wanna go see" I laughed.

"I wanna go see 5sos because oh my god I jus-"

"Wait wait wait hold the phone" I cut her off.

"Chasity you basically live with us," Ashton started laughing and rested his head back on the side of the chair. "Why in the hell would you pay to go see us"

Her face turned bright red and she slowly turned on her heels to be face to face with Ashton and Michael, who were sitting on the couch parallel to where I was.

"When did you guys get here"

"Like three hours ago" Michael laughed, "you were having a party all by yourself up in your room, I almost came to join you"

Her face turned even redder, now she knew we could hear her the whole time. She probably thought it was just me down here, whoops. She had the boys' songs on full volume for the past two hours.

"I didn't know you guys were here.."

"We knew you were here" Ashton laughed. She turned a new shade of red, she was coming more comfortable with them all being here lately, but this past week just hasn't been in her favor.

To start it off, the boys either stay over or show up in the morning before Chasity gets up, but of course she doesn't know that like I do, I mean she's only been here almost 2 months, so when she comes downstairs for breakfast half naked because it's hot in her room, it's awkward to see how she reacts with them. Then there was Luke's birthday, a few days ago. I swear the two of them are dating behind all of our backs because bloody hell it was awkward. And now this, it just hasn't been her week and she's figuring it out just as well as I am.

"Chas if you wanted to go why didn't you just ask us?"

"Tickets aren't even on sale yet, I just wanted to be ready right when they came out"

"Kid, next time just ask us, you do know we have a lot of control over all that stuff, we could hold a front row seat for you, better yet why don't you just be backstage with us" Ashton laughed.

"Yeah why wouldn't you just ask them" I added, not breaking my gaze from my phone.

"Well I just didn't know if like that was okay and sometimes I'm still shy around you guys and I dunno I guess I feel like I'm still just another fan to you guys"

"Chasity I've seen you topless, you're not just another fan-"

"Excuse me?" I was sitting fully upright by now.

"No no no Holden you're taking it the wrong way he walked in on me by accident"

"Ashton I swear to god I'll hurt you-"

"No man, no I didn't sleep with her are you nuts? Plus, she's a minor it's illegal"

"Or else he would" I heard mike say under his breath.

"What was that?" Chasity said, sounding a bit annoyed.

"Nothing" he smiled.

"Holden we didn't sleep together ok, now can you drop the dad role it's getting old" she rolled her eyes and sat down on the other side of Ashton.

"Anyways," ash turned his head to look at her again, "you're not just a fan to us you're like a sister by now" he laughed.

"I just feel weird still, like I'm not fully used to you guys always being with me" she sighed. "Idk sometimes I feel out of place but sometimes it's just normal"

"You probably coulda just asked Luke" Mike said, raising his eyebrows at her.

Her face turned slightly red and she shook her head, "fuck off"

"Why would she ask him?" I know she's gonna get mad at me again but I don't think I fully trust these guys around her just yet.

"Holden, stop being my dad!"

"There's nothing going on, we just think Luke likes her"

"He does not"

"Does too"

"Ashton, he doesn't"

"Who doesn't what?" Luke walked into the room. Well this is gonna get awkward.

"Nothing" she spat out quickly.

"Chas, I might be wrong about that, but tell me I'm wrong if I say you do" Ashton smiled a cheeky grin at her. Please say no. Please say no.

"Not now Ashton"

"OH SHE DOES SHE TOTALLY DOES" Michael stood up and started yelling.

"ANYways! Chas we will talk later, I'm not done with this conversation"

She groaned and threw her head back before sinking down lower so her head rested right under Ash's arms.

"Back to the earlier conversation, you can honestly just come to all of them"

"Ashton stop talking you'll get her hopes up"

"What do you mean? I think she should, some of us would like it a little more than the rest so it's a win for everyone"

"Except me when I have to be a dad. Plus she'll have school"

"Not during the summer, plus-"

"I'm not going to school"

"Not this again oh god" I rolled my eyes and saw her looking at me, a smirk plastered on her face.

"What are you guys talking about?" Luke asked, sitting next to me.

"Tour, next summer, I was gonna buy tickets to the Sydney show"

"Why didn't you just ask one of us if you could come?" Luke laughed.

"A little late on that conversation" Mike laughed, "we already told her to go to one of us if she wanted something like that, more specifically you"

Now both their faces were red as a tomato.

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