Absent dreams

"I'm in a band, but, we kinda suck.."
"Oh you do now do you? Let me be the judge of that. I'll see you at seven.."


36. permanent vacation

Chasity's POV


"I'm sorry"

"No don't be, I just, I don't" I paused to think for a minute. When I realized no words we're going to come out I did both of us a favor, tangling my fingers in his hair and pulling his face back down to mine. Crashing his lips agains my own again.

"Get a room Hemmings!" I heard a half yell, half squeal come out of a car that passed by. I laughed and detached my lips from his.

"Who was that?"

He looked up for a minute, scanning the car before meeting his eyes with mine again, "old friend from school" he shrugged.

"Wait a friend from school! Introduce me so I'm not alone all day!"

"No trust me, he's not someone you wanna be friends with, besides don't you have Kate and Chloe?"

"Yeah, and Ariana, she should be flying in today so who knows if she's gonna be in school though"


"My best friend from home, I'm surprised I've lasted this long without her and Natalya, Holden said she could say with us until she finds a place, so basically she's moving in forever because she's just as lazy as me" I giggled, reaching down to grab his hand and intertwine my fingers with his.

I smiled up at him, standing on my tip-toes to plant another chaste kiss on his lips.

"Hey uh, wanna like.." He stopped, looking into my eyes as if he was at a loss for words all of a sudden. "Do you wanna go out for ice cream or something?"

"I'd love to" I smile.

He returned the smile before leading us back towards his house to grab his jacket and keys.

"I think you have a small pile of clothes in the main bathroom, mostly what you've left here" I nodded and detached our hands, running upstairs to find a clean pair of pants and hopefully another shirt I can wear, seeing as I was still in Ashton's shirt that I slept in.

I smirked when I saw the light grey sleeve sticking out of the pile on the shelf in the corner. If I know Luke then I know it's his old sweatshirt from high school, before he dropped out that is. He was a sophomore but at that point he was no shorter than I am right now. I pulled it out of the pile and slipped it over my head, grabbing a pair of my black jeans and sliding them on. I ran a hand through my hair and put my moccasins back on.

"I believe that's mine" he laughed, putting his shoes on in front of the door, waiting for me.

"and I believe you said the pile was my clothes, and I found this in the mix of it so I believe it's mine now" I laughed, following him out the door. I gave the boys a wave in the living room and got a smirk in return from Ashton and Calum and a quite obnoxious "don't do it in his car" from Michael.

"Luke you know wherever we go were gonna probably get mobbed right?"

"Most people are used to me in town, I grew up here. I guess is depends, if it's rush hour then there's gonna be a whole bunch of people there"

"So there's a possibility this could actually be like a regular date"

"Date?" He raised an eyebrow at me.

I felt the heat pressing to my cheeks, "I just figured.."

"If that's what you want this to be then it absolutely is one" he laughed, placing his hand over mine in my lap, his eyes never leaving the road.

"Then yeah, date." I smiled. I had a date with Luke Hemmings. And I was absolutely head over heals for him.

"But yes, there's a slight chance it could be nearly empty and we won't get mobbed like we did at the mall"

I was silent for a few minutes. "Hey Luke?"


"What if like, what if people don't like this?"

"What if they don't like what?"

"Like, us as a thing, I guess you could call it"

"A thing?"

"Well I mean like, what is this? What does this all actually mean?"

"It means that I finally got the girl I wanted, I hope, and I'm rather happy about it"

"Well it all depends" I laughed.

"On what?"

"Where are we going right now?"

"I was thinking Dresser hill" he looked over at me, looking for approval I assume.

"Then you absolutely got the girl you wanted" I smiled. "But I'm serious"

"Chas, don't worry okay. You already had millions of people who loved you for you and it only boosted when they realized you were friends with us, if they didn't like the thought of you being with any of us I think you'd know by now"

"Yeah but, I was just your like, best friend until now I guess. What if they don't like us as US" I said, putting extra emphasis on the last 'us'.

"Chasity, before we were even a thing people loved the thought of us, I'm sure they'll be more than thrilled" he gave me a reassuring smile.

"Well.. Not everyone loved it" I rolled my eyes, thinking back a few days to when Luke and I were out together.

"What do you mean?" He laughed.

"I'm gonna assume I was the only one who actually heard the mean ones?"

"If people are being mean to you just like, I dunno flip them off you're obviously better than them" he was trying to lighten the mood, though I appreciated it, it wasn't really working. I've always had a problem with feeling like people didn't like me. I never wanted to be someone that was disliked.

I brushed off the topic as we pulled into a space out front of the ice cream shop.

"2 peanut butter please, one in a cone and one in a dish"

"I'm impressed you know I don't like cones"

"I figured it out along the way" he laughed, handing the girl a ten and telling her to keep the change. She was in awe, batting her eyes and repetitively brushing the hair out of her face.

We got our ice cream I started laughing as we walked away, leaving Luke to give me a confused expression as we sat across from one another at a picnic table.

"What's so funny?"

"She clearly knew who you are, she was totally flirting" I laughed again, talking a bite of my ice cream.

"I don't see it"

"You're probably used to seeing at all the time, it's probably just another face to you"

"No, I was just to busy looking at you"

"You're so fucking cheesy Hemmings" I lightly shoved him back, leaning in on my elbows and taking another bite.

"Thanks, I try hard" we both laughed.

"Excuse me? Hi uh, I know you probably get sick of it and I think you guys are on a date but I was wondering if I could get a picture?" I turned to look at her. She stared back a me, looking no more than twelve years old, her eyes hopeful.

"Oh my god are you talking to me?" I smiled when she shook her head up and down really fast. I heard Luke let out a chuckle across the table before standing up and taking the girls phone to take the picture.

"Thank you! Hi Luke!" She beamed before slipping away back to her mother.

"'What if they don't like me' 'what if they don't like the thought of us'" he mocked me, "I think otherwise" he laughed.

"Oh shut up you" I rolled my eyes playfully.

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