Absent dreams

"I'm in a band, but, we kinda suck.."
"Oh you do now do you? Let me be the judge of that. I'll see you at seven.."


13. it killed me too

Chasity's POV


"Wheeeen was this photoshoot oh my god I might actually die"


Michael just laughed. We were almost into the center of town now, and I had been on Twitter trying to find some good questions to use for my Q/A video I gonna do later, and an update account posted the boys' new photoshoot. And oh my god they're all just so..


"Which one?" He said, his tone stating that he knew exactly which one I was talking about.


"Don't play dumb Clifford you know exactly what I'm talking about"


"Last week" he laughed again, "I looked good right?"


"Hey dont be gettin cocky on me here"


"Sorry sorry, but you can't deny it right?"


"Of course not but" I paused to take a breath. "You know my lane right? But oh fuck why'd Ashton have to look so good in this"


"I'm offended"


I giggled, "you look good too bud don't worry"


"Here," we were stopped at a traffic light, he took my phone and went into my contacts, putting a number in.




"Ashton's, how many times have we done a photoshoot and you wanted to just tell one of us how good we look eh? So do it, it'll make his day as much as yours"


He entered the number and gave me back my phone, so I put in his name.




"Thank youuuuuuu Michael"


"Yeah yeah"


Just then we pulled into a parking lot, the building was small, but it looked cozy.


"Are fans gonna like attack us?"


"If they recognize me, so probably"


When we got inside a few girls came up to us, asking Michael for pictures.


"Wait aren't you Chasity? Guys she really does know them!" She turned to her friends, waving them back over.


"I've seen it everywhere about some famous 5sos vlogger who met them but I thought it was fake!"


I laughed, "nope not fake, my brother knows them so I met them when I got here"


"Can we get a picture with you guys?" The smile on her face was breathtaking, it reminded me of how I would act if I had ever met them, before I actually met them that is.


Her eyes were so full of hope, I looked to Michael who shrugged his shoulders, "yeah why not!"


I smiled when he answered.


After they left we went to a table, I immediately pulled out my phone, texting Ashton.



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