Absent dreams

"I'm in a band, but, we kinda suck.."
"Oh you do now do you? Let me be the judge of that. I'll see you at seven.."


26. I'm not good @ titles

Chasity's POV

My girlfriend's bitchin cuz I always sleep in

The words rang through my stereo speakers, I still almost died everything Luke said Bitchin. It's weird to me, he doesn't swear that often as it is, yet the whole world has heard him say Bitchin.

"Chasity I needed those forms a while ago, it's August in a few days, the school needs them" Holden came into my room without knocking.

"Well good morning to you too grumpy pants" I rolled my eyes.

"Good morning, I need those papers" he spat.

I sighed and pointed towards my desk from where I was seated on my bed, my laptop on my lap, open to tumblr.

He went over there and groaned when he picked them up. "You didn't even fill them out"

"Well duh, why would I fill them out I'm not going"

"Why are you so stubborn? Huh?"

"I don't try to be you just make me mad"

"Oh trust me, soon you'll come crawling back to me when you figure out what the fuck is going on at home"

He grabbed the pile of papers quickly and left my room, leaving the door open.

"Close my door! Uh I hate when you do that" I rolled my eyes and got up from my spot in bed, and Lemmie tell you how comfy I was.

"Can you just Come fill these out and we can talk about what you're going to do"

I groaned and grabbed my phone before going downstairs.

"Holden, can't you let me do anything for myself, I'll do it wen I feel like it ok? I'm 17 I can do what I want"

"You just turned 17 in June, you're not making any life decisions for yourself as of right now. You can't even make yourself dinner"

I rolled my eyes and walked into the kitchen where he was standing, with all the boys. "Ok literally I swear you always try and get me as worked up as possible when they're here just to make me look like I'm the bitch of the family"

"I think we both know that mom is the bitch of the family, now fill these out right now so I can register you"

"You make me so mad"

"It could be worse, you wouldn't be lasting more than two days if you were still home"

I tried as calmly as I could to reply, "I'd maybe have some friends if I was still home"

"Don't play poor chasity, you have friends here"

"They" I paused to point between all of the boys, "don't count"

"Funny, the Chasity I left at home would say otherwise"

"The Chasity from home disappeared when you abandoned me"

It came out faster than I had expected, and I had no time to stop it before the damage was done.

I looked at him, he was giving me a stern look. "I didn't mean it like that, well I did but it wasn't something I needed to say I'm sorry, ok?"

"Call me when you find the old you because this one probably isn't even on meds anymore" he dropped the pen he was using to try and fill out as much of the forms as he could and left the room. Why was he so hooked on me going to school, he dropped out when he left and he's doing fine.

"I swear you guys are here at the worst times" I stated blankly.

"He's not wrong, ya know"

"Look Ash, I get it, you guys care, but I'm not even sure why. You guys have only known me like two months so why does it matter to you what I do"

"Because in the past two months, you weren't the only one who made some new friends, we like having you here, but he's told us before, if you're going to be resistant to everything he will send you back, and I dunno what you know about the situation but I don't think home is where you want to be right now"

"What's going on at home..?"

They all looked back and forth from one another until Luke broke the silence. "Look, we're not going to say anything because if he wants you to know I'm sure he'll tell you, but just take a minute and think about where you are right now"

I paused and looked at him.

"Come on, tell us Chas"

I sighed. "Living in Sydney with people who I dreamed of even meeting once, who now apparently think of me as a sister and do almost everything with."

"There is is, I know you don't want to go back to where you came from, and we don't want you to go either, I mean we'd miss you" Cal smiled at the end.

"Don't get all mushy gushy on me here I know the real you" I laughed, earning a laugh from them as well.

"Fine I'll fill them out, but don't think I'm doing this for Holden"

Ash got up and opened the microwave, pulling out a plate of pancakes. He slid the plate over to me along with a bottle of syrup.

"We were told not to give these to you unless you gave in"

I smiled and fake gasped, "You guys were gonna starve me? I'm so offended"

"Hey, I like your shirt" Mike laughed.

"Is it yours? Sorry haha I found it in the laundry" I was playing dumb, it was Luke's and I 100% knew it, It was his black Nirvana shirt.

"Luke's actually, but he probably doesn't care"

"Hey I can speak for myself" Luke laughed, joining in the conversation. "And no it's fine I don't care, as long as I get it back its my favorite one"

"Probably because when you wear it half the world has a mental breakdown"

"Ok little miss, you seem to know more than you let off" Ashton grinned.

"Ok so maybe I knew it was yours and maybe I took a few selfies in it because I wanted to see your whole fandom freak out about it" I bit my lip and let out a giggle.

"You just wanted to wear it because it's his"

"Dude, if I had found Michael's IDIOT shirt first I woulda worn that one too" I laughed and took a bit of my pancakes.

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