Absent dreams

"I'm in a band, but, we kinda suck.."
"Oh you do now do you? Let me be the judge of that. I'll see you at seven.."


27. I dedicate this chapter 2 u

Chasity's POV

"I'm over this, I'm over you, I'm not gonna waste my life away" he strummed his guitar and looked around the room, his eyes meeting mine.

"Well well, what have we here? Chasity Ray in my room?" We both laughed. "What's up?"

"I have a favor to ask"

"Oh no, should I be worried?" He smiled.

"Possibly, ok so you know how you guys have your album coming out soon"

He put his guitar next to him on his bed before looking up at where I was standing in his doorway, "Yeah"

"Welllll I've definitely heard you guys during writing hours and I was wondering if I could possibly get any of the songs when they're finished" I bit my lip in anticipation.

"That's a big favor" he pretended to think before laughing and motioning for me to come in.

"I know I know, I just need something new from you guys because I just can't wait any longer"

"That's not too fair to the rest of the world"

"Oh come onnnnn, for me?"

"You can't tell the rest of the boys, they actually specifically told me not to leak anything to you, but when was the last time I listened to them anyways?" We both laughed and he patted the spot next to him on his bed.

I sat next to him, my head resting against the wall being his bed, with my legs stretched out in front of me. He picked up his phone and went into his music.

"Pick one" he handed me his phone, a list of eleven songs were on the screen, "they're not all here, but they're not all done that's why"


"Oh jeeze okay you ready? This is a good one"

It started and I already knew it was gonna be good. It started with Luke's voice and I think I woulda screamed if he wasn't in the room.

By the end of the song I was almost in tears.

Luke broke me out of my trans by laughing, "you good?"

"I don't think so, damn that was so good"

"Don't tell them or they'll kill me" he laughed.

"Ok I won't" I giggled.


"Pinky promise" I held up my Pinky and Luke locked his with mine.

"We should do something today"

"Like what?"

"I dunno, it's only," he stopped to look at his clock next to his bed, "three ish so we could really do anything I guess"

"Let's go clubbing"

"Chasity Ray wants to go clubbing? Huh, never saw that coming" he laughed.

"I'm serious, there's gotta be some around here somewhere right? I'll even get all two of my friends to come with us please oh please Luke it'll be fun come on!"

"Fine, I suppose we can go"

"Yay! Okay I'm gonna call Kate and Chloe and go get ready!"

I giggled and jumped out of his bed, practically running down the hallways and put the front door, running full sprint to my house.

I ran inside and mikey and Cal were on the couch, "we're going clubbing tonight go get ready! And someone tell Ash he isn't at your house I don't know where he is"

"You were with Luke weren't you" Mikey smirked.

"Yes but that's beside the point, I only needed a favor from him anyways, go get ready come one come one! We were bored so we decided to go clubbing come on it'll be fun!"

"Woah there sis, slow your roll" Holden walked into the room, a glass of soda in his hand. "You and clubbing don't go together, you're not allowed to get drunk, plus I don't trust these nuckle heads"

"Oh come on Holden it's not like it's just gonna be the three of us, ash and Luke are both coming and Katelyn and Chloe!"

"You're not even old enough to drink"

"Who cares" I rolled my eyes and ran upstairs, texting in the croup chat I had with Kate and Chloe that we were clubbing with 5 seconds of summer. Fucking dream come true.

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