Absent dreams

"I'm in a band, but, we kinda suck.."
"Oh you do now do you? Let me be the judge of that. I'll see you at seven.."


22. here's another :)

Chasity's POV


'@chasTITY411: #tb with the bae❤️ IMY @natalyaaa'


I hit post and immediately had 700 likes. My phone was blowing up nonstop, it was actually so annoying.


"Guys go like my pic" I giggled and took a bite of my ice cream.


"Why would I wanna do that"


"Because I'm amazing and you love me"


"I wouldn't go that far"


"Can it Hood, you know it's true" I said, everyone laughed.


I smiled to myself, "where's Luke?"


"I think out to lunch with his mum and Jack, he should be back soon, why?"


"Well Mr. Irwin, you're looking at the queen of party planning" I smirked.


"Where are you going with this sis?"


"Holden, you of all people should know how much I love parties, I was thinking we throw Luke the best 18th birthday ever!"


"Well shit, that's tomorrow isn't it?"


"Calum how long have you known Luke?" I laughed.


"Apparently not long enough"


"It's as if I've known him longer"


"Well, as much as I want to believe you know all this stuff about him because you two grew up together, I'm sorry to say that it's only because you loooove him"


"Whatever Mike, I don't loooove him" I said, mimicking his tone. "But it's the least I could do, he held my hair back while I puked, that's something even Holden wouldn't do" we all laughed.

"Besides, I'm totally up for a party"


"You still love him"


"Yeah, look it isn't a secret that you were totally in love with him before you even met us, there's no way in hell that went away, you've been with him almost everyday" Ashton butted in, I flipped him off and took another bite of my ice cream.


"I don't love him"


"Who don't you love?"


We all turned to see Luke walk in the room, keys in hand. "Oh uh, when did you get here?"


"Just now, whatcha talking about?"


"Yo-" Holden put his hands over Michaels mouth, restraining him of saying anything more.


I shot him a look that had 'thank you' written all over it and glared at Mikey.


"Nothing" Calum said. Thank youuuu Cal.


"Mmm sure" he laughed.


He made his way over to me, sliding behind me and leaning over the counter next to me, stealing my spoon and taking a bite of my ice cream. "Mm peanut butter, my favorite"


"Lucas you asshole that's mine" I giggled and took my spoon back from him.


"Yeah but that's my favorite kind"


"Mine too, now go like my picture and ill get you some !" I laughed and turned around, getting the tub of ice cream out of the freezer.


I opened the drawer next to the fridge, pulling out a spoon, "anyone else want one?"


I heard four 'nope's, then I shut the drawer with my hip and put the tub and spoon on the counter.




"Mm?" He said, a smirk present on his lips.


"You ate all my ice cream"


"I know"


I laughed and took the lid off the tub of ice cream, taking my spoon, once again, from Luke and taking a bite.


"No but I'm serious about what I said before" I said, looking around at everyone except Luke.


"And so am I" Ashton said, a grin in place of his smile, causing laughter from everyone in the room, Luke looked over to me, a confused look on his face.


"Not now Ashton, and you're wrong I promise"


"'I promise' my ass" Michael said laughing.


"Ok whatever, I'm over all of you" I rolled my eyes playfully and threw my spoon in the sink, leaving the room.


"What was that about?" I heard Luke ask.


"Michael Gordon I swear to god if you say anything I'll tweet about what you said yesterday"


"You wouldn't" he gasped.


I stuck my head around the doorframe of the kitchen, "oh I would," I giggled and walked towards the stairs.


I went upstairs and pulled out my phone, scrolling through my contacts until I found the person I was looking for.




I clicked on his name and hit the 'FaceTime' icon. It took a few rings, but soon enough it said 'connecting...' At the bottom of the screen. And then his face popped up.


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