Absent dreams

"I'm in a band, but, we kinda suck.."
"Oh you do now do you? Let me be the judge of that. I'll see you at seven.."


12. help me out here

Chasity's POV

I pulled my phone out of my back pocket, unlocking it and opening up to my contacts. I clicked on the one that said 'Holden' and waited for the screen to change, signaling that it was now calling him.

Three rings and an answering machine. Fuck. Well now I'm standing I my front yard alone and with nowhere to go, and the boys could probably see me too. Even better.

Just then a car pulled into the driveway, thank goodness, it's probably Holden.

As soon as it parked I went to the drivers side, only to be met with a jet black head of hair.

"Oh this is awkward, you're not Holden"

He laughed, "the names Michael," he stuck out a hand for me to shake, "Michael Clifford, mikey for short. And you are?"

"Yeah yeah" I laughed, "I was hoping you were Holden, he isn't answering me and the rest of the guys are here and as much as I love them I just don't wanna hang out with them. I was gonna go into town and try and find some girls my age and try to make friends but I don't know where to go"

"You want me to show you around? I mean, I have nothing else to do beside hang out with the goons inside- wait why are we here if your brother isn't home?"

"Me and Luke were hanging out earlier then Ashton showed up so.." I thought back to what happened nearly an hour ago.

"Makes sense, wanna go get some lunch then I'll show you around?"

I smiled and nodded, "if you'd be ok with that"


"Ok Lemmie go bring Calum's keys back inside, then I'll be right out" he smiled and nodded, getting back into the drivers seat of his car.

I opened the front door and threw Cal's keys back into the stand by the door, "Cal I don't need your car anymore but thanks! Bye guys"

Then I slammed the door again, not even waiting for a response from any of them.

I went back out to Michael's car, getting in the passengers seat, "so where to driver?"

He laughed, "there's a café in the center of town, if that's fine?"

"Fine by me!" I laughed, and he backed out of the driveway again, turning back the way he came.

Luke's POV

"Who do you think just picked her up? She doesn't know anyone besides us yet and we're all here.."

"Michael" Ash and I answered In unison.

"Where was she planning on going? She doesn't know anywhere in this town yet, unless she like did research" cal laughed.

"Who knows, she probably knows this town inside and out only because we live here and she wanted to find us" ash added.

"No I don't think she's that crazy about us, if she's as much of a fan as we think then she definitely would have left us alone if we were out, it gets tiring when people always come up to us"

"And that, my dear Luke, is called being famous"

"Yeah Ashton I know, but she probably thinks we get sick of it I mean, we do and you know it"

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