Absent dreams

"I'm in a band, but, we kinda suck.."
"Oh you do now do you? Let me be the judge of that. I'll see you at seven.."


29. don't stop is my bitch

Chasity's POV

I woke up in someone else's bed, in someone else's clothes, and definitely in some random guys house. Man I fucked up. I pray to god I didn't fuck anyone last night. I looked around the room again, adjusting my eyes to the light coming in through the window just above the bedpost.

I was in Luke's room.

I was in Luke's tee shirt.

And definitely in Luke's house.

Well the guys' house that is.

I sat up trying to read the clock next to his bed, only to be hit with a mass headache as soon and I tried to sit up. I groaned and looked around the room for any medicine at all.

Placed on the dresser next to the tv was a glass of water and 2 little white pills. I got up and went over to them, my legs feeling weaker than usual. I realized I had only a tee shirt on, no pants, and panic rushed through my mind.

Please tell me we didn't fuck. I mean, man that would be amazing but we were both drunk and I don't remember it if we did.

I could hear talking downstairs, but it all ceased as soon as the front door was clearly slammed against the wall behind it.

"Where is she"

"In my room, sleeping still"

"Lucas I swear to god I'm going to hurt you"

"For what? Taking care of your sister? Not letting her go home alone last night?"

"For taking her out in the first place!"

"Woah how was I supposed to know you said no, she told us she convinced you to let her go"

"Listen to me Luke, if she comes home drunk later on I'll slit your throat"

"She's not gonna be drunk, she was just barley drunk when we left last night"

"Last night? You mean at 1:30 when you guys finally got home, and you didn't call me let me add"

"Look man, where else would she have been? Of course she was with us wether we went out or not she was most likely going to be with us"

"Michael stay out of this, I told Luke here to keep her out of trouble and then I find out BY THE PAPS that you guys were out clubbing? Not your best idea"

"It was her idea Holden, we know you care about her and all but so do we, we'd never do anything with her that could possibly hurt her"

I don't know when and I don't know how, but I ended up at the bottom of the stairs, looking from through the doorframe at the five boys arguing in the living room.

"Luke, I know she trusts you and all, but I swear to god if she comes down here in one of your tee shirts because the two of you fucked last night I will be livid"

I looked down at myself, wearing just his tee shirt. I went to run upstairs and grab a pair of sweats but Holden's voice cut me off.

"Chasity please tell me that isn't you..." His voice sounded softer than it was before, almost as if he was afraid to hear that it was me and he was probably right about everything he said.

I turned on my heel and bit the inside of my cheek, slowly poking my head around the corner of the doorframe, meeting eyes with Holden.

"Home. Now"

"You're such a fucking dad" I rolled my eyes, "I'll be over later for my stuff, thanks for watching me last night Luke" I smiled sarcastically at Holden and walked outside, slamming the front door behind me.

I walked home, not in the mood for Holden's bullshit at the time. I went straight up to my room, locking my door and turning on my 5sos playlist.

The music quieted out for a second, signaling that I had gotten a text. I threw my hair up in a messy bun and put on my Nike joggers, pulling out the bag of m&m's in my desk drawer.

I picked up my phone to see the message was from Calum.

Best friend😜♥️

Hey you ok? I've never seen Holden so protective over you, how was the ride home?


I walked home before he even came out the front door. He's so frustrating all we ever do is fight I wish he just never brought me here I wouldn't have to deal with him. As of right now I'm glad he left me all those years.

Best friend😜❤️

I know you really hate him right now, but take a look at where you are. If you never came here you'd never have met the guys and I and you wouldn't have the worlds greatest friends😏

I laughed before typing my response.


True you guys are amazing and I actually am glad that I got to come

Here and all that with you guys but, I could definitely do without Holden and the stick up his ass

Best friend😜♥️

He does this all the time, you just gotta give him time to cool down don't worry it'll be fine by the end of the night💙 were having Chinese tonight if you can convince Holden to let you come you're more than welcome :)


Thanks cal😋 I'll be over in a few hours I'll just leave I'm not even asking him😂

I heard the front door downstairs close and knew Holden was probably home by now. I took a deep breath and got myself out of bed, going to my door to go down and talk to Holden.

"I didn't sleep with him" it surprised me probably just as much as him that I had even said it.


"Luke, I didn't sleep with him."

"Please don't lie to me"

"I'm not, you'd think by now you could trust me hanging out with him, any of them actually" my voice was calm, not trying to start anything else with him.

"It's not that I don't trust him, I just want to know Chasity, I know you like him. It was evident before you even got here. Spending the past three months with him probably hasn't made that go away, it made it stronger"

"I don't like him"

"I'm not mad, just tell me if you get into anything with any of them okay, I don't need any more secrets than the ones I left back home"

"Holden, there is nothing with me and him, with any of them"

"Are you trying to convince me or yourself? It sounds like a little bit of both"

I bit my lip and looked over at him, laughing and pulling the milk out of the fridge.

"Speechless, huh?"

"I don't need a relationship right now Holden you know what just happened with Tyler we definitely don't need any more of that"

He just laughed. Pouring the milk into his bowl of cereal he placed two pills on the counter.

"I already took stuff, it's not that bad anyways. Sorry I got drunk though"

"It's your meds"

My mouth formed an 'O' shape and I took them, grabbing a bottle of iced tea from the fridge and downing the little green pills.

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