Absent dreams

"I'm in a band, but, we kinda suck.."
"Oh you do now do you? Let me be the judge of that. I'll see you at seven.."


9. don't know what to say

Chasity's POV


"Yeah yeah don't get your panties in a twist I only met them just barley three days ago" I laughed as I set my phone down on the counter and hit the speaker button.

"Chasity this is huge, you're friends with them? What the fuck? God forbid you go to Australia and now you've made new best friends, I feel so replaced"

I laughed again, "Ari I'm not replacing you, my brother met them somewhere along the lines when he moved here and he brought me over there the day I got here, he's friends with them it's inevitable I have to be too"

"God Chasity, you're making it sound like a bad thing that you're friends with the best people in the world" Luke plopped himself down in the seat next to me, pretending to be hurt at what I was saying.

"Chas, no way, who just walked in? its obviously one of them spill now!"

"Ariana chill haha it's just Luke he ca-"

"Just Luke? Just Luke? Chasity this is the boy that you've practically devoted your spare time to for the past three years, how are you not freaking out about this?"

I felt my face heat up as Luke let out a chuckle beside me.

"Ok I'm taking you off speaker I can't even believe you just said that" I laughed and picked up my phone, holding it to my ear as I continued our conversation.

Luke opened the fridge door, pulling out the lemonade asking if I wanted any. I nodded my head 'yes' before listening to Ariana ramble on about how lonely she was without me back home.

A minute later Luke handed me a glass of lemonade, with ice. I mouthed a 'thank you' and he smiled in return, sitting back down and going on his phone.

"Yes yes I promise I'll try and come home soon I miss everyone!" I laughed at myself, wow I'm pathetic.

"Ok and if you have sex with one of them, I NEED the details" I literally actually spit my drink out. And I'm guessing even though my phone wasn't on speaker, it was still loud because Luke just about did the same.

"Next time you call I'm going outside my god you're so loud" she laughed on the other end. "Remind me to kill you next time I see you" I laughed and hung up, looking over at Luke to see he was already looking at me, still laughing at what Ariana said.

"I'm so sorry about her oh my god she's so embarrassing"

He just laughed even more, "nah it's cool, I'm guessing from the sounds of it that she's just as much a fan as you are?"

"Oh, compared to her I'm not even a fan, she cried herself to sleep the night after your concert, saying that it was 'all too much I need to sleep before I have a breakdown'" I did my best impression of her, earning a giggle to escape both Like and I's mouth.

"Yeah ok, say what you want but you love us and you know it"

I took a sip of my lemonade, a smile present on my lips, avoiding what he had said, he was right and he knew it. The grin on his face told me exactly that.

"Chas, for fucks sake you were wearing a sweatshirt with my initials printed on the back of it" he laughed, "we don't even make those"

"Okay okay you caught me" I giggled.

"Yeah but, wouldn't you love to be around us all the time? You're going to be so I'd prepare yourself if I were you"

I avoided his question once more.

I got up from the stool I was sitting on in the kitchen and eased towards my living room, "what are you doing here anyways? Holden isn't home"

"I know, but I knew you'd be home so I figured I'd come hang out with you" I smiled.

"You wanted to hang out with me? Ha funny, did he send you here so I wasn't alone all day?"

"No honest, I knew you were home so I came to hang out, you seem chill"

"'Chill'?" I used my fingers to make air quotations around the word, "if you see it that way then sure" we both laughed.

I sat down on the couch, him finding a seat next to me, throwing his arm over the back of the couch. Holy Frickle frackle were so close to each other.

"Holden?" Someone shouted from the kitchen, Ashton I think.

I was proven right when he walked in, scanning the room, a smirk present when he looked at me and Luke.

"And what did I just walk into, eh?"

"Luke came to hang out, Holden isn't home if that's who you're looking for."

He nodded, taking a seat on the opposite side of Luke.

The room went quiet, it got very awkward.

"Uh I'm gonna go uh.. Shower? Yeah shower" I heard Luke let out a small chuckle next to me, obviously catching on to the fact that I was uncomfortable.

I stood up, making my way to the stairs. As soon as I took the corner I practically sprinted up the stairs and into my room.

Xx sorrrrry for the long wait I've been busy wit cheer and stuff.

{oct. 22, 2015}

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