Absent dreams

"I'm in a band, but, we kinda suck.."
"Oh you do now do you? Let me be the judge of that. I'll see you at seven.."


14. (cont. again)


"I like that he just assumed it was me" I laughed, looking through the menu to see if anything stood out to me.


"This place is so cozy"


"Great isn't it? We come here every once in a while, everyone is always so nice"


I smiled. They're literally just normal people. It's so cute.




Two hours had passed before we decided to leave, Michael made sure to thank the people working here.


We were heading out to the car when, "CHASITY?"


I whipped my head around, recognizing the voice.


"KATELYN? NO WAY" I ran to her, engulfing her in a hug.


"When on earth did you get here? I miss you so much oh my god"


"A few days ago, I missed you back home, I never thought I'd see you again!" I smiled and hugged her again.


"You two know each other?"


"Yeah I used to go to school with her back home, oh my god I'm so sorry where are my manners, Kate this is-"


"Michael Clifford, trust me I know" she laughed.


"Well Michael this is my friend Kate" he laughed and held out his hand, but of course she went for a hug.


He laughed, hugging her back, "it's nice to meet you Kate"


"I can say the same to you"


I looked down to see that I had 9 texts from Holden and 3 missed calls, whoops.


"Ok well we gotta get going but it was nice seeing you again! I'll text you later and we can hang out"


"See ya!"


We departed on our ways, "why in such a rush?"


"Ashton said he'd tell Holden I went out if he ever came home but the 9 missed calls from him tells me the message was never delivered"




"Thank you, for uh.. This" I laughed.


He smiled at me, "no problem, I had fun, you're pretty chill"


"Wow you're the second person that's told me that today"


"Well you are"


We got back in his car and started the drive back to my house, he let me plug my phone into his aux cord, everything was all fine and dandy until 'hey everybody!' started to play. At first I just started singing along, as I normally would, and then I looked over to see Michael smiling to himself. That's when I realized what happened.


"That's so embarrassing" I laughed.


He started singing along. "This song isn't even on iTunes yet how do you have it?"


"Well... I might have illegally downloaded a bunch of songs last week.."


He just laughed at me.


"Stop laughing!" I playfully punched him in the shoulder, "it's not funny I can't even believe that this just happened I was avoiding playing any of your songs"


"Yeah but you got to hear me live"


"Yeah and so did everyone on snapchat" I giggled and posted the video I took of him.


We got back to my house and I hesitantly opened the front door. Four pairs of eyes landing on us.


"Chill I just went out with Michael, you would know if you could learn how to answer your damn phone"


"Chas you can't just up and leave I didn't know where you were I was getting worried! Why weren't you answering my calls??"


"Well I bumped into an old friend and we started talking and-"


"So you just turned your phone off?"


"What? No it was on silent like it was the whole time we were out! I didn't wanna be rude and have my phone keep going off during lunch!"


I could feel all four of the boys eyes burning into me. Wow how freaking embarrassing.


"You didn't think to call me back when you saw I called?"


I just ignored him and walked upstairs, stopping at my door before going fully into my room, "sorry dad, next time I'll be more responsible." Then I slammed my door shut.


"Chasity get down here were not done talking!"


I opened my door again, standing in the door frame, "oh what? You gonna yell at me again for going to get lunch with someone who you should totally trust enough for me to be out with? Sorry didn't know it was against your rules to have friends" I rolled my eyes.


"You're making a scene you should be embarrassed"


I just laughed, "pretty sure you're the one who started this. I'll be in my room if you need me. Try not to need me" then I closed my door again and locked it.


a/n Xx im sorry I haven't uploaded in a while I had a lot going on and THEN THEY DROPPED THE ALBUM ITS CURRENTLY ON LOOP IF U WANTED TO KNOW ALso I want to say thank you for getting this to 2K reads<3



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