Absent dreams

"I'm in a band, but, we kinda suck.."
"Oh you do now do you? Let me be the judge of that. I'll see you at seven.."



Chasity's POV

"Rise and shine sweetheart" the lights were flicked on without warning, brightness immediately filling the room. I groaned and pulled the blankets back up over my head.

"What the hell Holden" I didn't have to look at him to know it was him.

"When you didn't text me and tell me you were staying over there last night I got worried, but when you tried to sneak in at 1 am? Now that was a different story"

I rolled my eyes, flipping my comforter down and stretching my arms above my head. "I came home didn't I?"

"Not soon enough, so lucky for you, you get to spend your last week of summer grounded"

"Last week?"

"You have school next week, and don't try and pull any of that crying shit on me, if I knew you were gonna be Whitney about everything I woulda given you to Michael as soon as you got here"

"I wish you had" I rolled my eyes again and dragged myself out of bed.

"You have a week to either get a car or find the hundred dollars to pay me back, you have a parking spot at school. You're welcome"

"I'm grounded how am I supposed to get a car"

"Well then I guess you owe me some money don't you? And you better find a ride"

"So what exactly do you mean by grounded?"

"You're not leaving the house unless I tell you you're allowed to"

"Will you at least take me shopping"

"What? No I'm not an idiot, you don't get to shop you're grounded remember?"

"Pleeeeease, Holden mom always takes me back to school shopping for new clothes come on!"


"Holdennn" I dragged out the 'N' to give more emphasis.

"Stop complaining"

"Someone's on their period" I muttered, getting out of bed and running a hand through my tangled mess of hair.

"You best find a ride to school then, and I'm not shopping with you but if you can get like Ashton or someone to go with you be my guest but if I find out you went anywhere other than the mall you'll never hear the end of it"

And with that he left.

I sighed as I walked over to my mirror, starting my daily routine of hair and makeup. Dialing Ashton's number in the process.

I put my phone down next me and hit speaker, hearing three rings and then a tired 'hello' from the other side. (Yes I did just do that and I'm not even upset about it)

"Shit did I wake you?"

"Uh no no I mean I was up"

"Fuck no you weren't" I laughed. "Sorry I didn't mean to"

"No it's fine" he let out a sleepy laugh, "what are you doing up so early anyways?"

"Holden thought it would be fun to torture me, anyways, I'm grounded and Holden is all up in my grill but I really need to go back to school shopping and he said I can only go if I bring like you or someone with me and I just figured you're the oldest so he would probably be more comfortable with it being you who takes me?"

"As much as I'd love to spend the day with you I'm recording today, as far as I know none of the other boys are doing anything today though"

"Okay well thanks then, and sorry I woke you up haha"

"It's totally fine" he laughed, "I might actually get up and start my day saying I'm already awake now"

"Lemmie know how that goes" I laughed.

"Will I see you by the house later?"

"Nope" I said, popping the p at the end, "I'm under a not-allowed-to-leave-the-house grounding until I start school" I sighed.

"Alright well, I guess I'll see you around this week then if I'm over"


"Bye Chasity"

"Goodbye Ashton"

I laughed and hung up. If I ask Luke Holden will just think it's an excuse for me to spend the day with him but if I ask Cal or Michael then it'll probably be awkward all day, I feel most comfortable around Luke and Ashton and I can't figure out why.

After about twenty minutes of thinking and trying to get ready, but failing to do so since I was too distracted by the music coming from my stereo, I decided I didn't really care what Holden thought because he wasn't my parent and I could very well get up and just go home.

I pulled out my phone and scrolled through my phone until I found the contact I was looking for.

The hot one🔥

I clicked on his name and waited for it to dial, not even through the first ring he had already answered.

"Hey what's up?"

"Wanna go shopping?"

"Uh sure?"

I laughed before replying, "sorry, Holden won't let me out of the house and I need to go shopping before school so he said as long as either you or ash was with me I could go"

"Makes more sense, uh yeah when?"

"I'm almost ready now so I guess whenever you're ready"

"Okay uh," there was a pause and I could hear the shuffling on the other end, "I'll be over in like 15 minutes if that's enough time?"

"Perfect! Thank you"

"Any time Chas, see you soon"

He laughed and hung up. I smiled to myself. A day out with Luke. As much as I deny how I feel about him, I couldn't help but be excited to spend the day with him. None of the rest of the boys there to have any snide comments or ruin the fun.

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