*possible trigger warning*
Living with an upsetting home life and a not much better social life, Julia struggles with major depressive disorder. She's had it for quite some time now, but is only just coming to terms with it. She finally finds someone who can help her handle her feelings and become more comfortable in her own skin, but they carry this monster with them too. Can the pair conquer the beast together, or will the war be lost?


1. Chapter 1

I wake up every morning with a heavy dread of what the day will bring. But, a smile remains pasted on my face in the sloppy fashion of an elementary aged child's artwork. If I don't have that smile plastered in between my nose and chin then people ask questions, and nobody likes questions. Or maybe some people do, but what's the fun of explaining everything that's not-so-fun? Living with this monster inside of me who doesn't pay rent isn't always easy. I still have to go to school and be productive like the average human being. I have to remember that technically the average human being lives with this same monster, and I'm not his only victim; but sometimes, it just feels like I am. I'm constantly fighting a war and I am set on being the victor. I used to think I had no one, and no one could save me from myself, and my life was headed nowhere but failure but then I realized; it doesn't have to be like that. But that feeling still remains deep inside me, and the monster still resides in the marrow of my bones and in the breath in my lungs and is coursing through my bloodstream for each moment I'm alive. I constantly ask myself why me? Why would this monster chose me to live it's life in? What if I did this thing differently? Maybe he wouldn't have picked me then? My life is a constant replay of why's and how's and what if's. I'm always there when someone needs me, I care about everyone, maybe too much. And that's one of my flaws. I can be anyone's hero. But no one gives the time of day to be mine. 

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