Recordings Of The Insane

I do not suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it. So take a look, inside this book, if it is your mind that you want shook.


8. 2/13/16_Saturday_12:03PM_I-LOVE-YOU!

       My family was perfect, it was. My mother was a stay at home mother and my father worked countless hours, but was still a very good father. My mother was a wonderful woman. Sure she was quite strict, but I loved her. Everyday after work my father would come home, pick me up and we'd have father-son bonding time. Everything was perfect... Until the incident, my father fell off of the roof of a house he was constructing, he was paralyzed from the waist down. I loved my father so much, but we weren't perfect anymore... My mother had to go out and work now while my father stayed home and got workers compensation. On my tenth birthday my father committed suicide and my mother moved us to a house in Florida, I missed Oklahoma, but I knew it was best for my mother mentally. After that we were struggling financially, my mother met a man, Dave. I hate Dave. He smiles at me and is nice and all that, but he is not my dad and it pissed me off that he acted like he was... So on his thirty-sixth birthday I poisoned his drink, he died a week later. No one suspected the twelve year old step child.


       But in the time they were married they had a child, he was two when I was twelve. I didn't like him much, he was annoying. I let him live though, until he was four. That was when we were playing in the garage and he was holding a hammer above his head, but he dropped it on his head and it smashed his head in. Well that's what I told them. What actually happened was that I smashed his skull in with a hammer and then faked cried and I screamed for my mother, I pretended to be upset and scared, but when she wasn't looking I was smiling. I was so proud with my work. His skull just caved in so perfectly, it was beautiful. My mother was screamed and crying and when she asked what happened I lied and told her what everyone believes to be the truth to this day. Little ol' Richie wouldn't hurt a fly! Oh no, not Richie the mama's boy!

       On my fourteenth birthday I finally figured out how to keep my mom from getting hurt ever again, it was perfect. She would've wanted me to end her suffering and pain. So on the night of my fourteenth birthday I snuck into her room with a hammer tucked into the back of my pants, "Mommy, I had a nightmare." I said, she got up and smiled simpathetically at me, "Oh Richie, do you need to come sleep with mommy?" She asked, I puffed out my bottom lip and nodded. I may have been 14 but I've always been immature and ignorant for my age. I climbed in bed with her and she rolled over, I waited thirty minutes after she fell asleep and crawled on her stomach, "Goodnight Mommy, goodbye... I love you." My mother opened her eyes as I wrose the hammer above my head, her eyes showed fear and pain, I was going to make it all go away. She screamed and I said, "I love you." As I swung the hammer down onto her head. After a few smashes I knew she was dead, but I couldn't stop myself. I just kept smashing and smashing as I kept screaming "I LOVE YOU!" Over and over again.

       They put me in solitary confinement in one of the few insane asylums left. When they asked me about all the deaths I admitted to it, they said my smile was sickening and that I deserve the insanity. So now my mind is starting to go... I know there isn't much human left in me.


Observer : He claims to see his younger brother, step father, father, and his mother... He claims they aren't dead. He says that he just wanted his mother to feel better.


*Two weeks later*


Observer : He does not speak normally anymore, he's completely lost it... All his does is rock back and forth, refusing to eat or drink anything as the only thing he will utter is repeated screamed of, "I LOVE YOU!" With a sickening grin on his twisted face. 



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