Recordings Of The Insane

I do not suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it. So take a look, inside this book, if it is your mind that you want shook.


7. 11/28/15_Saturday_3:41PM_FatherBear-Part2

       I felt warm liquid fill me, some dripping and and then suddenly I was empty again. Father Bear redressed me and picked me up. He placed me back in the closet, he turned on a record. It was the song "You Are My Sunshine" he closed the door. It was dark and that was all I could hear. I stayed in that closet for a week. I had begun to sing the song, and rock back and forth. I haven't slept in a week and a half, I haven't eaten in a month, and I did my buisness in a whole in the closet floor. I heard my bedroom door open and footsteps toward the closet. I just continued my action of rocking back and forth, singing the song. Suddenly the door opened and I looked up, there stood a man in a strange uniform I did not recognize. He looked at me in shock and horror. "W-who are you? Are you okay?" He asked, I stopped singing, I stopped rocking. I looked him square in the face, "I am Johnny. I think I'm alright." I said, "Did a man in a bear consume take you here?" He asked, "No. I was raised here by a bear... Father Bear." I said, a smile finding it's way to my lips. "He left me in here about a week ago." I said, "Kid how long have you been staying here?" He asked, "Father Bear raised me." I said, "He loves me and takes care of me, I'm his little boy." I said, smiling and giggling. "How old are you?" He asked, "Thirteen." I said.

       "Tell me about Father Bear." He said, "Father Bear looks a bit scary, but I know he loves me. After all before he left he gave me some medicine since I was sick." I said, "What were you sick with?" He asked me, "He didn't quite say. But he made me feel so much better." I said, "And how'd he do that?" The man asked, "He put his willy in me and gave me his treatment through my entrance. It was warm and some spilled out, he told me that was okay." I said, "He put his willy inside you?" The man asked, "Yea, I still have the medicine in me. It's dried though." I said, "Do you know what sex is?" The man asked me, "No." I said, tilting my head in confusion. The man told me that Father Bear had sex with me, that I was not sick, and that he was a pedophile. But they claimed I was mentally insane because I still said I loved him. So they put me in a special place and I had a white padded room.

       I got a roommate, his name I'd Danny. Danny and I are very close, "I love you." I said, holding his hand, "I love you too, Johnny." He said, kissing my forehead.


       I was up late one night and Danny had drifted off to sleep and I was remembering my good times with Father Bear. When something bad would happen or we'd expirience an inconvience he'd always look over at me and say, "Nothing gold can stay." I asked him what it meant, all he said was "It means that you can't always have it your way, things will change and time goes on. It is what it is." I guess I understood it... Suddenly I felt possessed, I don't know why. But I began to sing the song that played when I was in the closet, I started to walk over to Danny's bed. He was soft asleep, I got on top of him on my hands and knees. I looked down at the man I loved so much, running my hands up and down his beautiful and perfect body, Father Bear would be so happy that I've found a husband as perfect as Danny. I placed my hands around Danny's neck, his eyes shot open and he looked at me. "Please don't take my sunshine away." I sang, he looked at me - terror in those beautiful eye of his. "W-what are you doing?" He struggled to say, as I began to squeeze my hands around his neck. I leaned down and kissed his forehead, as tears started to make their way down Danny's beautiful face.

       I leaned down further to his ear and whispered, "Nothing gold can stay." As he struggled for air, I looked into his eyes and watched him die. Once I felt his go limp I took my hands away. I got up off of my dead lover and walked over to the mirror in our room. I looked at my reflexion, "Nothing gold can stay." I whispered, taking my long, uncut fingernails to my throat and digging them in, pulling them down slowly. I gasped as blood filled my lung and I couldn't breath. I fell to the floor and looked over at my dead lover, "Nothing gold can stay." I choked out, before I closed my eyes and accepted death. It got COLD and EVERYTHING went BLACK.


      They found Johnny and Danny dead in their rooms and on the day of Randle (Father Bear)'s execution his last words were, "They took my sunshine away, but I know nothing gold can stay. That's all folks." Then he was injected and killed. But to this day no one knows for certain where Johnny or Father Bear came from... Well no one who's alive anyway....


                                                                                                               We're safe.... For now...

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