Recordings Of The Insane

I do not suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it. So take a look, inside this book, if it is your mind that you want shook.


6. 11/28/15_Saturday_3:40PM_FatherBear-Part1

       My name is Johnny and I was raised by a bear. I called him Father Bear. Father Bear was very happy and very tall and very strong. When I made Father Bear angry and locked me in a dark closet. He would not feed me or let me use the bathroom. But when I made Father Bear very, very angry he would tie my hands up, cut me, slapped me, scratched me and much much more. But I deserved it... That's what I though anyway. Father Bear grew scarier and scarier over the years, he grew less friendly, and stronger. By the time I was 13 years old he was terrifying, his fur was matted in blood and dirt. His eyes were darker and hanging off of his face. He had rips and tears all over his body and his skin grew saggy and looked wet constantly. His left ear was ripped off and his right was sewn back on. His voice grew terribly raspy, like his throat was torn and sore constantly. I was still nice to him though, I only showed minor discomfort. But still he began touching me in strange new ways.

       He would caress my face and grope me all over. He even stuck his fingers inside my entrance a few times. He would tell me to grope him as well, he made strange noises and said some really weird things... But I never thought anything of it. I never went school or left our yard... At least not without Father Bear. I didn't eat much, Father Bear told me I shouldn't eat more than 3 times a month. I wore very little clothing, just some tiny red shorts and a black toboggan with a red ribbon around it. Then I woke up this morning with a terrible feeling in my stomach, telling me something was wrong. Father Bear came into my room, "Little boy, go sit in the closet." He said, I nodded, "Yes, Father Bear." I said, kissing his cheek and going into the closet. He closed the closet door and told me to stay put. "You'll get a reward if you do as told." He said, I smiled and nodded, "Yes, Father Bear." I said as he left the room. I heard the front door shut, but still I stayed put. I did not want to disobey Father Bear, after all he raised me and I should be grateful for his wisedom and guidance.

      It was a long while before Father Bear returned, he opened the closet door and saw me. "Oh Little Boy, you are so good! I'll give you your reward." He said, he picked me up and sat me on my bed, he put me on my stomach and told me to stay still no matter what. He said if I disobeyed the conciquinces would be horrible. So I did as told. He gagged me and he propped my backside up on my knees, I was confused but I still obeyed. My shorts were pulled down and I felt him shove his fingers inside my entrance, I cried out but it went unheard. My legs shook and he began to move his fingers, stretching me. I was experiencing quite a bit of pain, but also a strange feeling I had never felt before... It was good though, I liked the feeling quite a bit. Still I had a strange feeling in my stomach that something was wrong, but I didn't know what it could be. Then suddenly he pulled his fingers out, I felt empty. I didn't like that feeling at all. I felt something outside of my entrance, the tip was pulsating against my entrance. Suddenly Father Bear took the gag out of my mouth.

      "You may speak." Father Bear said, "Okay, Father Bear." I said, nodding. "W-what's against my entrance Father Bear?" I asked him, "My sweet little boy, it's my willy." He said, "Oh. Okay. Father Bear." I said, "It's going to make you feel better." He said, I smiled, "Okay Father Bear." I said. I felt Father Bear's willy begin to go in my entrance, it was very very big. So much so that I started to bleed, "It gets better." Father Bear whispered, I nodded, "Okay, Father Bear." I said. "You're quite tight, Johnny. That means you need my medicine." He said, "Oh.. D-do I need to let you go get it, Father Bear?" I asked, "Oh no, Johnny. I already have the ingredients, I'm. Preparing it right now. Don't you worry." He said, "Oh thank you, Father Bear." I praised, "Only the best for my little boy." He said, kissing my back. I felt Father Bear's willy moving in and out of me, it hurt a bit at first. But it felt much better after a while, I moaned and groaned. Father Bear praised me for my noise, his willy began going faster and pushing deeper. Then he hit a certain spot and I cried out.

      "W-what was that?" I asked, "That was your sweet spot, it helps you feel better." Father Bear said, "Oh, okay, Father Bear." I said. He continued on and I begin to notice that I was sticking up. "F-Father Bear, I'm sticking up." I said, he put his hands around to feel and he began to massage the area. "Oh that means you're very excited and happy. It's a sign that my treatment is working." Father Bear said, "O-okay, Father Bear." I said. I felt my spot being hit again and again. Soon I felt my insides getting incredibly warm and I was whining, whimpering, screaming, and moaning. "W-why are my insides a-all w-warm Father B-Bear?" I asked, "You are almost cured." He said, "O-okay Father B-Bear." I whimpered, then one more jab at my spot made something strange happen. I felt amazing and white, warm liquid squirted out of me. The feeling was very very good and I really, really liked it! "F-Father B-Bear I s-shot warm w-white s-stuff." I stuttered, panting. "G-good! W-were almost d-done." Father Bear said, I nodded. "Y-yes Father Bear." I said, calming down. All this time his willy was slipping in and out. What cam next was a surprise...


To be continued...

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